Friday T&A

It occurred to me sometime in August 2017 that I had been doing the Friday T&A segments for very nearly a year at that point. That weekly series is, let's be honest, everybody's favourite thing about this blog- and that includes me.

However, I then realised that I had never actually bothered to catalogue the full weekly collection of hawtness that I have created through my own efforts.

Plainly, this was an egregious oversight that needed swift correction.

So, after a great deal of very hard work fun, here is the full series of Friday babes. Every edition, from latest to earliest, in order.

This will be updated every week for as long as I continue to post the series. Also, not that we need a reason or anything, but the list here is bracketed above and below by sterling examples of T and A, just to show everyone what this is all about.

Enjoy, boys.







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