Friday T&A: Spanish Guitar Edition

Boys, I'm not gonna lie: this week has been a tough one. There were virtually nothing but grim headlines everywhere we looked, and it only seems to be getting worse every day.

That, of course, is why I'm here - to give you reason for hope, faith, and good cheer. And that's why I show you an Instathot once a week, to get you in the right mood for the weekend.

I wish I could tell you that things will get easier from today onward. But that would be a flat-out lie. The fact is that the COVID-19 numbers are simply going to get worse every day for the next couple of weeks. It's going to be a rough couple of weeks before things get better, and even when the mortality rate finally flattens out in a week or two, the economy is going to be absolutely shattered for months to come.

Let's be clear about one thing: the threat of this virus has been MASSIVELY overhyped in terms of the death toll. The official estimates of 100-250,000 deaths, even with preventive measures, are almost certainly about 10 times too high. The true threat of this virus lies in its power to overwhelm critical-care facilities in every location where it hits.

But all of that sombre stuff is not the focus of this latest installment in everyone's favourite series. No, the focus today is all about the Instathot in question.

Her name is Eva Padlock, age 36 from Barcelona, Spain, and she's famous mostly for being famous, and also for her great boobs personality. I don't know much else about her, but she sure looks good in a bikini.

Happy Friday, boys. Everyone stay safe, healthy, and careful out there. Have faith and hope, and never forget that we WILL get through this. There are tremendous opportunities to be had once this crisis eases and the restrictions start getting lifted off us, and once the government's boot gets taken off the throat of the economy, it's better than even money that things will start to roar back to life.


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