Friday T&A: Blended Smoothie Edition

Well, here we are at another Friday, and I have to admit that it has been a rough week overall. Not necessarily for me personally, but for our Christian brothers and sisters around the world. We are under attack everywhere we go, and it is genuinely hard to maintain faith in the face of such relentless, brutal, bloody warfare waged against us, and by extension our Lord.

Never forget, though, that this is exactly what we were told by the Big JC Himself would happen. It is inevitable. The small-t truth inevitably leads to the Big-T Truth, and the truth, regardless of which type you are pursuing, is, by nature and definition, offensive.

So it is worth remembering and appreciating that which is beautiful in this world, because it reminds us of what is good, and therefore of what is true.

Which brings us neatly to the lovely lady of the week.

Today's exhibit goes by the name of Bianca Kmiec, and she is quite an unusual character, judging by her biography. She's barely 21, if that, and is (supposedly) of "Austrian, Polish, German, Spanish, Native American and Italian heritage".

I have a hard time believing all of that without genetic proof, but what is unquestionable is her looks, which are... well, spectacular, really.

Honestly, the task of finding a "good" picture of her was really hard difficult for me - because I was completely spoiled for choice.

She's some sort of "influencer", whatever the hell that means, and she's an Instathot fitness model and social media celebrity - again, whatever the hell that means. But, of course, her CV is not the topic of interest here.

Happy Friday, boys. Enjoy your weekend, get some relaxation, drink some good red wine - I wish I could, but it's really freakin' HOT here - and spend time with the Three F's: Faith, Family, and Friends. See y'all on Monday for the usual linkage.


  1. Meh. Looks like a RealDoll.

    1. A little bit. Her boobs definitely have an uncanny valley. I have seen a LOT of breasts in my time and none are that perfectly symmetrical.

      Then again, notice how perfectly posed she is? Her photographer was not creative, but was extremely competent.

    2. Christ on a bicycle, but you lot are difficult to please...

      On the plus side, there should be a redhead coming up soon.


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