Now that's what I call a parade!

We shitlords have been calling Donald Trump the God-Emperor for nigh-on four years now, and with very, very good reason. It is a meme with two meanings, if you know your sci-fi canons. The first has to do with the WARHAMMER 40,000 sci-fi tabletop wargaming universe, which has long since transcended its relatively simple origins and become a full-fledged multimedia venture on its own.

The first interpretation of the God-Emperor title has to do with the Emperor of Mankind, who leads a Great Crusade to reunite all of humanity under a rational, benevolent, (unfortunately) atheistic creed designed to set Mankind free of superstition and fear. He fights a relentless and brutal war against aliens, tyrants, witches, and assorted filth who seek to enslave Mankind, but is eventually betrayed by his greatest and most beloved son and subordinate. He defeats his former son, Horus, in a climactic battle that leaves his physical form all but destroyed, and condemns himself to a cybernetic prison known as the Golden Throne, fighting against the forces of Chaos from within the psychic realm of the Warp.

The God-Emperor becomes exactly what he despised - a god to the uncounted trillions of the Imperium's subjects, a focus of worship and veneration, and the shining light in the gathering darkness of the Warp, as his once-glorious realm crumbles, decays, and stagnates around him.

But the second interpretation has to do with the God-Emperor of Frank Herbert's Dune universe, in which a mortal but exceptional young man becomes a human-sandworm hybrid and proceeds to take upon himself a dreadful and terrible burden to lead humanity down a very hard path, with the goal of ensuring the indefinite survival of the entire species.

He oppresses Mankind with extreme brutality, knowing full well that his repression will result in a psychological war between Mankind's innate desire for freedom and exploration, and the physical reality of peace and security that makes people soft and weak. He secretly develops, sponsors, or manipulates a number of technologies and events that will free Mankind the slavery of prescience, and willingly takes on the role of a dreaded "super-predator", at the cost of being hated and feared for all of his 3,500-year life.

In the end, his death results in an explosion of human ingenuity, power, wealth, and influence - and the threat of total extinction is forever removed from Mankind.

It's not difficult to see why the shitlords of the Maul-Right decided very quickly to leverage this meme. Large parts of the stories of both characters are reflected in President Trump's path to the Oval Office, and in his current predicaments. And, of course, there is the magnificent way in which Donaldus Triumphus Magnus carries himself. He is a deeply flawed man, a civic nationalist who cannot or will not acknowledge some rather painful truths about human nature, and a loving father and grandfather who dotes on his eldest daughter - who consistently gives him absolutely terrible advice.

None of those flaws change the fact that President Trump is, indeed, the God-Emperor.

And now an enterprising Italian has decided to depict Donald Trump exactly as he should be:

That. Was. AWESOME.

I honestly have a really hard time picking the best part of that whole parade:

The giant animatronic God-Emperor statue, complete with the flaming sword of the Emperor's truth and the lightning claw, golden Artificer Power Armour, Iron Halo, and Imperial Aquila...

The Space Marine Captain Trump walking around in Ultramarine Power Armour - WITH WRIST-MOUNTED BOLTER* AND CHAINSWORD, no less...

The backup dancers who depict highly stylised Space Marines and Adeptus Custodes and the Sisters of Silence...


I mean... DAMN. Playing "Carolus Rex" and "The Last Stand"?!?!? Could things GET any more epic?

Oh, yeah, actually, they could. The soundtrack should have included these songs:

No, this wasn't just an excuse to post up a bunch of SABATON songs - though that does come in handy, of course.

I'm simply floored by the fact that a bunch of broke-ass lazy Italians can come up with something THAT badass, all on their lonesome. Honestly, the POTUS should put that clip on both his Twitter and Instagram accounts, and watch as the Left is instantly reduced to frothing, gibbering, slavering, incoherent rage. It would be BEAUTIFUL to watch.

The only thing more beautiful than that would be... WATCHING THE DAMN WALL GETTING BUILT!!!

So hurry up, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus. Declare a national emergency, bring the troops home from all of the various outposts of the American empire, BUILD! THE! WALL!!!, and take your rightful place in the pantheon of legends as the true God-Emperor of Mankind.

Note: Technically, the Ultramarines don't use wrist-mounted drum-fed bolters, except in highly unusual cases like Chapter Master Marneus Calgar's Artificer Power Armour. However, the Sanguinary Guard of the Blood Angels do.


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