Friday T&A: Pierogi Edition

This week's edition of everyone's favourite series features a lady that caught my eye a long time ago, and who actually featured as part of an ensemble lineup from last year. She was (and remains) very attractive indeed - so much so that her photo got a spot in the Best of 2017 collection.

Now, normally I try not to repeat a particular lady (or thot, as the case may be), because repetition is boring. But in this case, I'm willing to make an exception - partly because I only ever used one of her photos, and mostly because she is Polish and very pretty.

So here are a bunch of photos of Joanna Krupa, who may well be a confirmed thot - married at least twice, prefers career over kids, definitely well past her prime, and very much interested in Hollyweird fame & fortune - but does at least have the looks to make up for her other shortcomings.

Happy Friday, lads. Shoot some guns, drink some beers - NOT at the same time, might I add - and get some good rest in preparation for the coming week.


  1. In Honor of Poland cancelling National Children's Sodomy Day

    1. That wasn't my original intention, but... now that you mention it... good on the Poles.

      They are a stolid, sensible people most of the time, from what I have gathered during my (admittedly limited) interactions with them.

    2. I did a little research as to WHY people considered Polacks 'stupid, and I found two basic points.
      1: in world war 2 they fought against the Nazis. They couldn't do it, because they were still using black-powder muskets and cavalry charges against early tanks and fixed machine gun emplacements, but they did it anyway... showing off, simultaneously, their enormous and uncompromising bravery and petty much all of their internal organs.
      2: Polacks stubbornly insist on doing things a certain way. Soviet Tanks were a classic example of this... If a polish guy thought that pressing the LEFT pedal to go left made more sense than pushing the RIGHT track control, he re-rigged it that way... and it worked. This, of course, Drove the soviets bugnuts, because work or not, it was not the 'approved' way to do things. The Polish were constantly doing stuff like that, back-asswards compared to the 'accepted' methods because it suited them better, which gained a completely unearned reputation for stupidity.

      Uncompromising stubborn competence and insane bravery? I LOVE the poles. I have repurposed all of my Polack jokes to refer to liberals, and they are much funnier because now they are TRUE.

    3. Yes. The Poles have a reputation for hard-headedness, competence, and a marked intolerance for blasphemy, anti-Christian rhetoric, and assorted globalist stupidity. There was this great compilation of images from last year in which the Poles simply gave the entire PC establishment a giant middle finger.

      They're a fun bunch, as long as you don't go drinking with them. Their women are beautiful, if a bit too Westernised in the big cities by now, and their culture is heavily and devoutly Christian.

      My kind of people, really.


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