Friday T&A: Blatant Ripoff Edition

As you may know, my buddy Last Redoubt and I have an ongoing friendly competition of sorts to see who can come up with the best series of pictures of gorgeous women every Friday.

We share some of our readers - which is actually perfectly acceptable and normal and should be encouraged. Don't worry, lads, our blogs will not feel offended or hurt if you read other blogs on the side.

And it is those readers who benefit directly from our efforts to go out there and find the hottest thots on Instagram for our Friday segments. After all, I don't seem to hear many complaints about our little back-and-forth from any of you lot.

That being said - a few weeks ago, Last Redoubt posted up a couple of pictures that caused jaws everywhere to hit the floor. The girl involved was named Lindsey Pelas. She's 27, she's a Playboy model and an Instagram personality (so we all know what that means), and she has a whole lot of... front.

Which makes her exactly my type, if I'm honest. And she says they're real. (Yep. Uh huh. Go on then, pull the other one, honey.)

And I cannot think of a better source to rip off borrow from than my friend there. Check out his posts on Socialism - part 1 here and part 2 here - which present a perspective on the subject from someone who has actually lived through the results of that Satanic ideology firsthand.

Happy Friday, boys. By the time you read this I will be on the road traveling to meet family and old friends for a few days before I leave these shores on June 8th. I am off to Russia - yes, really - for a week, and then back to the old country for who knows how long.

If you do not mind a humble request for a good thought, then feel free to send one my way. It is hard to tear myself away from the USA, where I have lived for so long, but I am optimistic that I will return, and soon.

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  1. On a more serious note, have a safe trip and I hope we see you again soon.

    John E. Boyle

  2. Replies
    1. I move that we petition Ms. Pelas to stop by and prove whether they are in fact real.

      Any seconds?


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