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Can anyone figure out WTF this means? Anyone? At all?

Here in America it would appear that our friends over on the Left side of the aisle still have not gotten their fill of getting the shit kicked out of them by the rest of the country. That is the only explanation that I have for the fact that the chattering classes here are seriously considering Oprah Winfrey as their candidate for the 2020 Presidential election:

Winfrey set off calls for a possible run while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille honorary award at the Golden Globes Sunday night, during which she delivered a rousing speech that emphasized women’s rights amid the current #MeToo movement.

“I want all the girls watching here and now to know that a new day is on the horizon!” Winfrey said during her speech. “And when that new day finally dawns it will be because of a lot of magnificent women, many of whom are right here in this room tonight, and some pretty phenomenal men fighting hard to make sure that they become the leaders who take us to the time when nobody ever has to say ‘Me too’ again.”

At this point I do have to hedge my bets a bit, because I do not want to repeat the mistake that the useful idiots of the Left made in 2015 and 2016.

Back then, as you may recall, the elites in this country thought that Donald Trump was a vulgar, ridiculous, absurd, grotesque joke of a candidate who would never have a snowball's chance in Hell of becoming President. Late-night comedy was replete with videos relentlessly mocking the very idea that we degenerate knuckle-dragging woman-hating gun-toting redneck hicks and rubes could possibly vote for such a plainly bonkers candidate:

They were singing- well, screaming- a very different tune indeed after the election:

It is entirely possible that if we on the Hard Right make the same mistake of writing off a pop culture icon like Oprah as a similar joke, we might just be waking up on a cold and frosty early November morning to discover that the next President is going to be... Oprah Winfrey.

If that happens, then it will be the clearest possible sign that the Holy Father wants America to die a horrible, painful, burning death. At which point- if you were not long guns, ammo, beer, gold, and BitCoin before that, boy are you going to have a rough time.

However, I think that such a prediction would be premature, to say the least. (I'll give $10 to the first person who manages to get the phrase "premature predicktulation", with that exact spelling, defined and accepted at

While I certainly cannot claim to be any kind of political pundit- and, given the soul-shriveling degree of contempt in which I hold that entire class, nor do I want to be considered one- I have two major reasons for making this call.

First, if the best that the Left can possibly do is Oprah Winfrey, then that is the clearest sign yet that their entire ideology is running on empty. They are out of ideas and are now falling back to the only thing that works for them: identity politics.

Think about it. Oprah Winfrey is very nearly the ideal intersectional theorist's political candidate. She is a woman (obviously). She is fat (depending on what year and season it is), or at the very minimum, she is a "body positivist", whatever the hell that means. She is black. She is possibly a lesbian.

So she ticks off a huge number of boxes for anyone interested in playing the divide-and-conquer game of identity politics, since she is a black female body-positive LGBTQWTFISTHIS supporter.

From an intersectionalist's point of view, the only way that she could possibly be better- which is to say, the only way that Oprah could possibly score more grievance and privilege points- is if she were a black female body-positive gay Muslim ladyboy.

I leave it to those of you with more twisted imaginations, and stronger stomachs, than my good self to figure out exactly what kind of demented mutant Tzeenchian Chaos-spawn that would look like.

Pictured: Your average intersectional feminist

And that is precisely where the Left's first huge problem lies.

You see, the reason why the Left keeps tripping over themselves to elevate lies, barbarism, and ugliness over truth, civilisation, and beauty is because they have substituted the false religion of secular humanism for the True Faith in the Lord Above. Within this twisted pretense of a "religion", the sins of the faithful cisgendered heteronormative majority can only be absolved by a member of an oppressed class. And of course the only way for the cishetwhitepriv crowd to obtain absolution is through promoting said oppressed minority class to positions of power, influence, and authority- regardless of merit or actual skill.

To you and me, the whole thing is complete and arrant nonsense, but that is because we serve Truth, and we acknowledge, whether we like it or not, that the ultimate arbiter of that Truth is God Himself.

Indeed, Darth Fabulous explains this oddly messianic and quasi-religious fervour that the Left has towards Oprah really rather well in this clip:

The fundamental problem of the Left is that it is unable to see that a very sizable chunk of this country, and of the Western world in general, does not think the way that they do.

Because of their blindness to the truth, they especially cannot see the fact that most straight men, especially straight white Christian men, are fed to the back teeth of being told that we have committed a terrible crime against humanity simply by virtue of being born with a penis between our legs instead of a vagina, because we have the "wrong" skin colour, or because we believe that gender is a biological reality and not a social construct.

This blindness was severely exposed in 2016, when a definite majority of white men and a significant majority of white women made it very clear that they were not interested in being lectured and hectored any longer about their supposed deficiencies and shortcomings.

Americans had tried to atone for their supposed sins once before, and gotten kicked in the teeth for it. The election of President Affirmative Action back in 2008 was supposed to heal white America's longstanding collective racial guilt for slavery. Never mind that Islamic slave traders captured and sold millions of white Europeans into truly horrific fates during the same time as they were selling millions more black Africans into slavery to other black Africans.

But Odumbass did not heal that racial divide. He made it much, much worse, to the point where white people now have perfectly legitimate reasons to fear and distrust mobs of predatory black yoofs roaming unchecked across the inner cities of America.

Having been fooled once, they are unlikely to get fooled again*. Oprah's candidacy, never mind her election, will not bring the Left the absolution that they so crave. It will instead accelerate the already rapid disintegration of the USA into armed and openly hostile camps based around identity rather than ideology.

In 2016, a huge swath of the country's electorate got tired of the Left's games of identity politics and decided to start playing the same games themselves. That is why the Republican Party in the USA is going to become the party of white people- whether they like it or not, and it is clear that the GOPe truly hates the idea.

That is why the God-Emperor was elected- because, for the first time in thirty years, the very same white folk who built this country with their own bare hands, the same folk who had been spat upon and condemned to death by supposed "conservatives", were given a voice, and said, "ENOUGH!!!".

In Oprah Winfrey, we are presented with the anti-God-Emperor, a woman who appeals to large but very specific voting blocs within the country- blacks, women, the crowd of mentally ill freaks who make up the word-salad movement of the Rainbow Fascist brigade, and Hispanic. Will that be enough to make her President?

Well, that depends largely on whether President Trump's promise to Make America Great Again pans out.

Unfortunately for the Left, President Trump is delivering. In spades.

And that is the second reason why the Left is likely to fail in this latest misguided endeavour to heal all of America's supposed sins. They are pitting a candidate who repels the white Christian majority of the country up against a divisive but results-oriented incumbent who will likely go into 2020 with some serious momentum, thanks to a rapidly improving economy and sky-high consumer and business confidence.

Again, I could be wrong here. It could very well be that the next major credit crisis will hit in the next few years, collapsing the American economy to the point where even the Federal Reserve will not be able to inflate its way out of the problem. That collapse is inevitable at some point; one cannot print and borrow one's way to long-term prosperity, after all, and one certainly cannot continue to run a Ponzi scheme like Social Security forever.

One day, the US economy will collapse and the entire charade of its economic system will be laid bare for the world to see. Of course, when that happens, Oprah Winfrey's candidacy will likely not be on anyone's mind.

On top of which, just imagine what the rest of the world's reaction will be to President Winfrey. Russia, China, and the Islamic world have rediscovered their respect for America in the past year thanks entirely to President Trump's muscular, America-First diplomacy and attitude to statecraft- and of course, the fact that he is an Alpha male dealing with other Alphas from a point of strength has been of great help to him in this regard.

A black female left-wing President would at best be laughed at and at worst actively sabotaged by America's allies and partners, while America's enemies would salivate at the chance to attack a nation that had so clearly taken leave of its collective senses as to make such a colossal mistake.

We shall see what happens. If I am still around and still blogging in 2020, it is entirely possible that this prediction will come back to haunt me and I will have to eat some very cold, very disgusting crow.

Ultimately the fate of this nation is in the hands of the Lord Above, and we have a simple choice as His children: to live in obedience with His Law and therefore do His work, or rebel against Him and believe that "do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law".

Either way, we, and we alone, are responsible for the consequences of our actions. The Left refuses to understand that personal responsibility is the very core of freedom, and instead pretends that freedom should be restricted only to those with the "correct" beliefs and identities. Their rebellion against Truth might make sense to them now, and it might make them feel good for a little while, but like all rebellions against what is true and right, it will ultimately fail.

* Not to blow my own trumpet or anything, but how many shitlords do you know that can successfully work in a reference to THE WHO in an article taking to task the useful idiots of the Left to, and possibly beyond, the point of tears? You're welcome.


  1. You may not be willing to make a prediction but I will... Lefties may want Oprah as president, but she has WAY too many skeletons in the closet. I doubt very much she'd even get past the first round of nominees.

    Yes, she's an amazing speaker, but the media in this country is massively discredited... her worship of the media is a huge weak spot as far as voters are concerned.

    I suspect she will run, but like Ross Perot and Trump (The first time) she will get into it, realize just how much the entire process will wreck her image, and get the hell out early.

    Not to mention that leftists need REWARDS for running for president. She will gain NOTHING from it except a footnote about 'america's first woman president' as well as likely "The woman that destroyed America". She will lose enormous amounts of money from it, she will lose respect, and over half of the country will suddenly HATE her.

    I just don't see any percentage in it. She would LOSE power.

  2. Anglo German Identity9 January 2018 at 23:52

    Whoa dude.

    First, if Oprah runs she will win. That's where America and the world is at now.

    Second, the economic collapse will start next year. The Fed is withdrawing their fake money printing support in October this year of 2018.

    Third, Oprah can talk her way out of anything. If you're like most Rightists you've never read about her past. She was talking her way out of beatings, bullying, and on her way to talking her way out of Mississippi itself by the time she was 6.

    There is nothing wrong and a lot right with ethnic identity as the foundation. This American proposition nation garbage, and the idea of a nation based on concepts instead of blood, is ahistorical nonsense and thus doomed to failure.

    They didn't get the graph right with the numbers but the overlapping Venn diagram is in fact right!!! Amazing! Look at it while ignoring the numbers!

    Embrace your historical identity. Ethnicity is #1 for Identity!

  3. All good points. Now, why don't you just get in line and become a practicing Christian? You already believe; that's enough.

  4. Oh, and that identity blob up top is confusing because they made the identity circle opaque. Imagine in as transparent, and then put everyone into the one segment they can occupy. IOWs, it's diagram and code for fragmentation. I think.


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