One hundred forty nine

That is the total number of minutes that it took for the latest FreeStartr campaign created by our Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) to meet its initial goal of $7,500.

Two hours, twenty-nine minutes.

If the Almighty doesn't mind pardoning my French here:

Holy shit. And DEUS VULT!!!

It is, indeed, a damn fine time to be a shitlord.

Before I write anything else, let me note for public record that I contributed to this campaign myself, and I urge you as a reader to do so, in line with my longstanding policy of never asking a reader to do what I would not do myself.

Mr. Caligan and I have very little in common. I am not white. I am not married. I am not a Christian. I am not a comic book artist. I have not served in the US military. I am not American.

Nonetheless I am very proud to stand by Mr. Caligan in his time of need. I am proud to stand with our Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH).

I am fed to the back teeth of watching good and honourable men like Mr. Caligan treated like garbage by his supposed moral betters. If I can in some small way aid him when he needs it the most, I will gladly do so.

Now, the goal of the campaign was, of course, to support a disabled veteran fired by SJWs for standing up for Truth and putting a simple fact into words:

Those simple comments were enough to get a man who is a skilled artist, who has honourably served his country, and who has paid a very dear price for that service, fired from his job at Short Fuse Media Group LLC.

The fact that Mr. Caligan is a conservative, a Christian, and a straight white male (with a family, no less) probably didn't help his case at all. These days it seems as though being any one of those three things is enough to invite the wrath of the SJW hate-mobs; Mr. Caligan was all three and as such was the perfect target the moment that he stepped out of line with the approved groupthink of the day.

Once again, though, the SJWs reliably and predictably overreached.

They seem to think that they can destroy us on the Hard Right simply by removing our platforms and kicking us out of their little ideological hug-boxes. The problem with that approach is that, as our Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) has told us repeatedly, if you take away a man's platform and try to silence him, he will simply go and build his own, and then you will never silence him again.

And that, of course, is exactly what we have been doing. We have been setting up antifragile institutions, like Castalia House, FreeStartr, Infogalactic, and others, which are specifically designed to resist SJW infiltration.

But we have to go farther than that.

SJWs will never be happy until they have purged all dissenting voices from their organisations- at which point, thanks to the Law of Social Justice Convergence, those organisations simply implode because nobody with any degree of competence, skill, or imagination is left to carry out the work needed to keep the lights on.

Well, if that is how they want to play the game, fine. They picked the rules, they chose the battlefield, and they made clear what tactics they intend to use.

If you come across an SJW in your organisation- fire xim or xer. Immediately. No apologies, no confusion, no excuses, no mercy.

If you have colleagues that you suspect of being SJWs- distance yourself from zhem. Immediately. Move to other, more productive projects, or better organisations, and work hard at SJW-proofing your new team.

If you are interviewing a candidate that you suspect in any way of harbouring SJW tendencies- NEXT zher. Immediately. Let someone else deal with the headache of hiring what will inevitably turn out to be a feckless, useless waste of blood and organs.

If you have to be in a meeting room with a woman- NEVER go in alone. Always have at least one other person present. Get yourself a discreet recording device if you have to, but never take chances with females in close proximity in the workplace.

It goes without saying that if a mentally-ill person who calls ximself a "transsexual" comes to you for a job- just walk away.

If you are for any reason forced to deal with Human Resources- remember that this is where the SJW infestations will almost certainly be at critical levels. If at all possible, outsource and automate as many of their functions as possible, slash their headcount as viciously as you can, and remove them from any and all hiring decisions and put the responsibility for such things back into the hands of line managers.

SJWs have declared open war upon us of the Right. Fine. Let them. They are now discovering just how bad things will be for them when we decide to start hitting back.

Will Caligan's FreeStartr campaign, like the ALT*HERO campaign before it, is going to be an abject lesson in antifragility for the SJWs.

The Right is coming for them, and they should be afraid. Very, very afraid.


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