Don't be a fool...

... wrap your tool, at least if you are stupid and desperate enough to stick it in crazy:

The "I've got baby rabies" excuse
Many people confessed they lied about being on contraceptives in secret hopes of becoming pregnant whilst having unprotected sex. This woman was 'desperate for a baby'

The "Sugar Daddy Flytrap Gambit"
One person who fell pregnant with a rich man's baby spoke about the perks of having someone pay for everything 

The "My body, my choice" excuse
A woman confessed she lied to her boyfriend about being on contraception as they were fed up of getting injections 

And more baby rabies...
Another person shared how their fear of spending life alone caused them to lie in the hopes of having a baby

The "My Kids Define Me" excuse
An excited woman found motivation in seeing a positive pregnancy test after lying to her boyfriend about being on birth control  

The "Baked Beans" excuse
One woman shared the dilemma of being unable to tell the father of her baby she's pregnant after giving the impression she was on contraception

The "Douchebag Payback" tactic
Another woman chose to lie about being on birth control when her partner told her he didn't have any condoms

And, worst of all, the "Extortion Rachet"
Another mother claimed she felt child support would be 18 years of easy money

Now more than ever, men have to be extremely careful about what kinds of women they choose to associate with. It might very well be fun to go bareback with town bike- or, as Popp calls it, "raw-dogging the road whore"- but there is a very real price to be paid for doing it.

Never underestimate the modern woman's ability to deceive, to mislead, or to cry crocodile tears and accuse you of something that you patently did not do. Society doesn't give a damn about whether or not you were in the right- all that matters, to the media and the elites in Western society is that you are a man and she is a woman, and if she makes a false rape accusation or an allegation of assault, that is pretty much the end of your life as you know it.

Take every possible step to protect yourself, be safe, and recognise that women are rationally responding to the incentives that they have been given by a crumbling and decaying society.


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