Happy HELLOWEEN 2017

It's that time of year again, folks:

Now normally I'm a big fan of HELL- er, I mean, HALLoween. (I'm a HUGE fan of the band, obviously; I've already got my ticket to see the "PumpKings Tour" in 2018, nearly a full year in advance.) I really like the tradition that exists in this country of little children dressed up in silly costumes knocking on people's doors and asking for candy. Being a traditionalist as I am, I think that this is a wonderful thing.

However, as the events of the last few weeks have made clear, there is a real, terrible, and pervasive Satanic evil at work in our culture. That evil has its roots in our entire entertainment industry, and while we have seen glimpses of that evil for many years, only recently has its true extent been revealed.

This is an industry full of ghastly hypocrites that seek to lecture the rest of us constantly about our lack of intelligence, tolerance, and open-mindedness. Yet the moment that you look beneath the lighted stage and behind the gilded curtain, you will very quickly realise that the very people who lecture us deplorables the loudest, are the most disgusting and degenerate of all.

This evil is coming to light, slowly- but there is no doubt in my mind that we have barely glimpsed the true extent of this monstrosity. Harvey Weinstein, as I and others have pointed out before, was and remains a target of convenience. His usefulness to the system that created him is gone.

The tide may, however, be turning now, with the revelations that Kevin Spacey is the same sort of degenerate freak that the rest of his kind want us to believe is a "normal" and "healthy" human being. Kevin Spacey is not unsuccessful and his usefulness to the system that created him is not ended.

More and more names are coming up- but so far, tellingly, only the names of men have been revealed. I do not doubt that at least some of the men caught up in this latest episode of the Revolution devouring its own children, who are in fact innocent of all charges. Our culture has degraded to the point where women's accusations of sexual assault and rape must be believed, no matter what- which has led to a perilous imbalance of power and has removed all sense of accountability from an already unaccountable sex.

This monstrous, ghastly evil at work within the core of our society hangs like a shadow over what should be an innocent and fun-filled night where the most innocent and precious members of our civilisation run around with no thought of any consequences beyond perhaps a mild talking-to about eating too much sugar before bedtime. That is what Halloween should be- an occasion for joy and tradition.

But now, thanks to these monsters who self-righteously seek to tell the rest of us how to think and how to act while carrying out the most depraved crimes in private themselves, nothing is sacred. Nothing is off limits. Such is the lack of backbone in our "modern Western culture".

So tonight, take your children out and have a great time with them asking for candy. Then come home, take your cable subscription, and cancel the damn thing. Refuse to buy tickets any more for the films and theatrical positions that these bastards put out. Starve the beast- the very literal beast- that creates these psychopaths.

You might get a bit of stick from your kids for not buying the latest Frozen merchandise- or whatever the current big hit Disney film is, I'm quite behind on pop-culture. But at least you'll be helping, in a small way, to keep your children safe from this evil and the people who perpetrate it.


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