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One of IRON MAIDEN's greatest ever songs goes by the name of "Run to the Hills". The chorus of this most amazingly excellent song produced by THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL- er, ahem, by this most esteemed band, goes as follows:

Run to the hills,
Run for your lives!

To my considerable amusement, that might as well be the caption for the following comedy video:

There is an epigram out there somewhere- I forget exactly who came up with it- that says something to the effect that certain truths can only be told through comedy. Like the IRON MAIDEN song above, it might as well have been coined for that exact video clip.

At some point in her life, the average woman- there are exceptions, usually ones that know full well that they never, ever want children- will get hit with a severe case of "baby rabies". This usually hits between the ages of 32 and 38, which is basically a woman's third and most difficult fertility window.

It is at that point that, if she came of age in a degenerate culture and society that thinks that women should be given free license to throw their cats at any men that give them 'gina tingles, she will suddenly "grow up" and want to settle down.

And, because she spent the previous 10-15 years ignoring the basic laws of socio-sexual dynamics and instead squandered the majority of her youth, beauty, and looks on the infamous "cock carousel" that we in the 'Sphere talk about, she usually runs face-first into the reality that the guys that she wants to settle down with, generally don't want to settle for her.

The more frequently she runs into this reality, the more unsettled, irrational, and frankly nuts she becomes.

The comic example given above is, of course, taken to extremes. But it isn't actually all that far off from the truth. There was an example of this in my extended family, several decades ago

Fortunately, that particular exercise in "wife-ing up" actually worked out pretty well. But this is the exception, not the norm.

The lesson for women is simple: if you want to get married, look hard for a man who is both a good man and good at being a man. The two things are not the same and the combination is quite a rare one.  Stop wasting your time looking for perfection, it does not exist.

The lesson for men is even simpler: if you get any indication that your woman might be off-her-rocker nuts, then pull the handle and eject. Don't stick it in crazy, and sure as shit don't put a ring on crazy.

The last lesson, though, applies equally to men and women. It is one of Rollo Tomassi's most important lessons: the notion of "The One" is a myth, in dire need of busting.

The clip above pokes fun at this, sort of, by noting how fast the batshit-insane bride-to-be jumps from one guy to the next, convincing herself in record time that all of a sudden the newest walking wallet is, in fact, the love of her life. And it's quite funny to watch.

But it's just a warp-speed version of a story that can play itself out many times in a woman's life, if she is not careful.

The search for "The One" who ticks all of a woman's irrationally unrealistic boxes is doomed to failure virtually from the start. Perfection in any area, whether in terms of high-minded virtues like equality, justice, and freedom, or any other area of life, is impossible to achieve.

What a woman should do, instead, is focus on being good at being a woman- and, if possible, being a good woman as well. Just as is the case for men, these two are not the same thing.

It is a basic truism that high-quality men attract and retain high-quality women. The same is true, by definition, in reverse.

The lesson- derived from comedy, no less- is therefore straightforward: take all of the drama and effort required to be batshit insane, and invest it in being a better person instead.


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