Time is on your side

It is a known and accepted truth within the 'Sphere that Father Time affects men and women quite differently. This was probably most famously popularised by Rollo Tomassi in his seminal SMV graph:

I have seen this put a different way- and my apologies here to the author, I cannot quite remember where I saw it and owe someone attribution for it:

Women, especially pretty ones, start out rich at the age of 16-20 or so, get richer until about 25- and then get progressively poorer with time as their beauty, youth, and fertility decline.

Men, except for those genetically blessed or born with a silver spoon in their mouths, start off dirt-poor at age 18 or so. But over time, they get progressively richer as they accumulate resources, wealth, and power.

Now obviously, there is a point for every man when his age starts catching up with him. After you reach 50 or so, these days, you will slowly start to feel the Reaper's hand on your shoulder, reminding you that the passion, pride, and strength of your youth is gone.

But, as long as a man doesn't do anything particularly stupid during his twenties and thirties, and gets to thirty-five or so with his finances, health, and possessions more or less intact, then life tends to improve quite a lot.

For a man, the years between thirty and fifty are golden ones. Hell, there are plenty of guys in their sixties nowadays who are doing very well for themselves- because they were frugal, worked hard, kept their expenses down, and put real effort into improving themselves.

And as long as we take the long view, and invest in ourselves and our bodies by working out, eating right, getting enough sleep, and keeping our minds active through extensive learning, life can be very, very good indeed.

Women, however, are not nearly so fortunate.

As I have said many times before- quoting other, better thinkers than me- it is a simple fact of life that while men are expendable, women are perishable.

It is because men are expendable in reproductive terms that we simply are not worth very much in our youth. We are easily interchangeable. Throughout Man's evolutionary history, men died easily, often, and young in order to ensure the survival of their families and their tribes.

That is why pretty much every really patriarchal society, ever, from the Babylonians to the Sumerians to the Spartans and Romans and Byzantines, right on down to the Victorians, put such a strong emphasis on the idea of women giving birth to multiple sons. This is still true today in India and China.

Women, on the other hand, are biologically precious. They are the font from which new human life springs forth. (Through screaming and blood and pain, admittedly; there ain't nothin' romantic about childbirth.)

A tribe of 50 men and 50 women can probably survive the loss of 80% of its men- but the loss of 80% of its women is a death sentence.

But that is when we start out in life. And in evolutionary terms, those men who survived to middle age and beyond, due to great skill or great luck, or perhaps the great favour of the Almighty, were incredibly valuable.

Those women who survived to old age, though, would lose their value over time as their ability to reproduce declined.

And so it remains today.

A beautiful, youthful, fertile woman in her early twenties can have her pick of the men that she surveys. If she was not brought up in a degenerate and destructive culture (like, say, almost the entirety of the modern Western world), then she might choose to spend her resources of youth, beauty, and fertility carefully and wisely upon a very small number of possible partners.

And if she is truly sensible and capable of reining in her worst instincts, she will commit to one of them for as long as is humanly feasible.

If, however, she is the typically deluded Western female, she will spend her youth screwing her way through a football team's worth of men before suddenly and abruptly waking up at around 33 or so and realising that her freedom comes at a terrible price.

And if she ends up in her mid-thirties, childless and either single or involved in complicated relationships, then her future is pretty dim.

A childless woman in her mid-thirties, with a long history of failed relationships behind her, is simply not worth all that much in reproductive terms.

We modern humans may like to believe that we have evolved far beyond our primitive ape-man roots. But, as Terrence Popp says repeatedly in his book, in reality we are all merely a bunch of hairless apes obeying the same laws of biology and genetics that the Almighty handed down to us since the dawn of Creation.

So if you are a young man grinding through his early- to mid-twenties, suffering through the miseries of your early career and dealing with the unmitigated disaster that is the modern Western woman, keep your chin up and keep your eye fixed firmly upon the future.

Lift weights. Do martial arts, or at least learn to defend yourself. Learn the great wisdom of great men who passed before you. Stand tall and dress well. Learn the basics of game, and try to apply them wherever you can. Eat clean and as well as you can afford. Learn how to cook. Never bow down as a slave to anyone in the chains of debt.

That seems like an awful lot to do and remember. In reality, it all comes down to one very simple piece of advice: Be the best possible version of yourself that you can be.

And if in the process you falter and fail, well, so what? We're men. This is supposed to be our lot in life. Deal with it. Suck it up. And move on.

Life gets better for us as we go on. Learn to embrace pain and suffering now, because it pays off a thousandfold later.


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