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Hot off the heels of Mac's most excellent stand for honesty and truth with respect to the relative stature of Serena Williams against the players on the ATP World Tour in tennis, here is a video showing what happens when men do play against women (even if it's only in mixed doubles):

The funniest part of that video can be found at the 1:17 mark, where John Isner gets questioned about the fact that he basically made Eugenie Bouchard look all kinds of stupid every time he served. That is when he comes up with the immortal phrase:

I didn't go in her body at all...

This, by the way, is what 'Genie Bouchard looks like:

Seeing that, who wouldn't want to "go in her body"? Repeatedly? Missed opportunities, there, John...

Which, of course, allows us to bring in my favourite Archerism:

Tangentially, surely I am not the only one who finds it interesting that Eugenie Bouchard is known for looking like, well, that, and pretty much nothing else? And yet she has out-earned probably any man ranked below 40 in the world?

That is the reality of women's tennis. You can have nice tits and a nice smile and a reasonably nice figure- when, as Wimbledon wild-card winner Richard Krajicek once said, about 75% of the top 100 female players are fat pigs- and not really do anything much of note in terms of actually winning anything, and yet you'll still do better than the overwhelming majority of the male players.

It's called Kournikova Syndrome, and there isn't much wrong with it. We're dudes. We like looking at pictures of hot blondes with cute smiles and perky tits. It just is what it is.

But please let's all do ourselves a favour and stop pretending that women can compete on an equal footing with men in most power sports that require speed, strength, and endurance, the way that tennis and American football and real football do. They simply cannot, and not all of the equalist whining in the world can change that fact.


  1. Dman, Isner was just brutal. He raped Bouchard on court.

  2. Just wait until hot female athletes will be replaced by fat pigs because 'equality' and then you will see a drop in female sport viewers.

    Also why do you keep calling it 'football' in America when you are using an egg and your hands? And what the fuck does 'soccer' mean? Someone has to go to jail for language rape. :P


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