The rope with which we will hang ourselves

The quote that you see above, which came from the pen and the mind of one of the greatest evildoers and mass murderers in human history, was a prophetic one. When Lenin stated these words, his meaning was very clear: Communism would defeat capitalism by exploiting the greed and complacency of the Western powers through commerce, trade, and- most critically- promoting open borders and the destruction of the very notion of private property.

After all, both of the latter points are natural consequences of the 10 PLanks of the Communist Manifesto.

Now, in spite of my utter contempt for their ridiculously Utopian philosophy, I will give them their due and point out that Commies have historically been pretty good at exploiting Western capitalistic tendencies.

The Soviets did it for decades by trading their oil and gas and bartering for agricultural products to feed their decaying empire, until a certain President BAMF came along and put a stop to that nonsense.

The North Koreans did it with the South Korean chaebols for years with their "economic development zones" that allowed the South Korean conglomerates to exploit North Korean slave labour.

And anyone who has ever ventured inside a Wal-Mart can attest to the prevalence of Chinese-made goods on virtually every single shelf.

Now, obviously, the Communist economic system proved to be hopelessly unworkable right from the beginning. Within Lenin's own lifetime, starvation and economic near-collapse came thisclose to destroying the USSR. And in the end, Communism failed as an economic philosophy because it was never designed to work to begin with.

But Communism succeeded spectacularly as a cultural force by using the very economic greed and openness to trade of the West to infiltrate its institutions.

For fifty years or more, the cancer of cultural Marxism has spread throughout every single major institution of every Western power, and has now taken root so firmly that it may be just about impossible to hack out. During that time, the agenda of cultural Marxism has eaten away at the West's confidence in itself, in its culture, in its very way of life.

Today, Western nations and their people no longer understand their own history. They no longer believe that the West is, in fact, best- which it simply is. They no longer believe in keeping their borders secure. They do not understand that they are fighting a war to the death for their very survival and existence with the single greatest and most implacable enemy that the West has ever faced.

And because the West does not understand this last and most critical point, because the soul-destroying cancer of cultural Marxism has eaten out the West's vitals and the lethal poison of multiculturalism has blinded its eyes, Europe and Britain have now suffered, on average, an Islamist attack every 9 days in 2017.

The latest consequence of this terminal stupidity manifested itself two days ago at a pop concert in Manchester.

Twenty-two dead. About 120 wounded. All as a result of a self-imposed refusal to confront unpleasant facts about human nature.

Young girls and teenagers who went to a concert in the hopes of enjoying a bit of silly bubblegum pop were torn apart by ball bearings and nails. The injured were pierced and shredded and mangled by a hail of metal that buried shrapnel into their faces and deep into their flesh.

The youngest of the dead was just 8 years old.

May God have mercy upon their souls.

And may His righteous fury descend upon those ultimately responsible for what happened.

Of course, for the Lord's Justice to be enacted, most of the British and eventually Western political and media class would have to be tried for treason, lined up against a wall, and shot for what they have done to the nations of the West.

Let's be very clear about one thing. The suicide bomber who slaughtered the victims may well have fancied himself as an agent of ISIS. And ISIS itself thoroughly deserves to be exterminated- not just because it is a bastion of barbarism and evil, but because it is the most visible manifestation on Earth of the true face of Islam.

But the people who allowed this to happen, on English soil, are the same people that have preached the false gospel of tolerance, multiculturalism, and anti-racism to the West for fifty years- and who have shouted down, bullied, harassed, and even jailed those who had the temerity to disagree.

It is well past time for them to acknowledge their crimes, to beg forgiveness, and to repent what they have done.

Some of them seem to be coming around, slowly and very painfully. And even then, they still don't get it:

They do not see what the alt-Right sees. We know, because the evidence tells us, that the West is broken- never mind whatever nonsense Prime Minister Theresa May spouts.

It is fundamentally incapable of responding to Islamist attacks because for the better part of a half-century it has sold rope to the cultural Marxists- and now they are using it to hang us all.

And as that rope squeezes tighter around the West's neck, those same elites desperately try to stop their people from articulating one inescapable conclusion that just about nobody other than the alt-Right is willing to recognise:

Muslims need to LEAVE Western lands.

They need to get out, permanently- preferably voluntarily, but by force if necessary. There is no place for Islam in the West, not any more. Enough is enough.

For their own good, for their own sake, for the sake of the people of the West and of Western civilisation itself, go, and do not come back.

Attacks like the one in Manchester have become a virtual fact of life to Europeans now- and sooner, not later, they will become so to Americans as well, unless Islam and its adherents are told in no uncertain terms to leave.

I do not make this claim lightly. Several of my co-workers are Muslim. A daughter of my family's very dear friends in London is married to a Muslim. Such folk have lived for decades and even generations outside of Muslim lands.

It is likely that I, too, would be caught up in a drive to push Islam out of the West. I am not white. I come from a country with a significant Muslim minority. I dress and act and sound entirely like a Westerner, but it would not be difficult to mistake me for a Muslim.

So when I say that Muslims need to leave, I want you to understand my full meaning. It has to happen, for the sake of peace.

Make no mistake, this will exact a terrible human cost. Those affected would in most cases be even less welcome in their nations of origin than in the West.

But if the alternative is to permit them to stay, and therefore to see yet more supposedly "British" young men fall prey to the siren song of Islam and slaughter yet more innocent girls, then it is clear that the only humane outcome is to cleanse the West of Islam's taint.

One way or another, that cleansing WILL happen. The lessons of history and the facts of human nature make this outcome absolutely and unequivocally certain. The only question is how much blood will be spilled in the process.

We are not yet at the point where there will be sufficient political will to deport Muslims (relatively) peacefully. The only question is how many more Islamist attacks it will take to get to that point- and how many more people have to die in the process.

And when- not if, but when- that happens, the governments of the West will have a choice to make.

Either deport Muslims immediately and ban immigration from all Islamic nations, permanently- or face the destruction of the Western world and its collapse into homogeneous enclaves separated by race and ethnicity, followed by the very "rivers of blood" that Enoch Powell once warned about.

For if the will of the English people- note that I call them "English" and not "British"- is defied by their own government, they will eventually take matters into their own hands. You can push a people only so far before they will not take it anymore and retaliate.

And when that happens... may God help us all.

The innocent will die with the guilty in a cataclysm of fire and blood as we have never seen before. Pray God that this never comes to pass.

I take no pleasure in writing these things. Like all true conservatives, I hate war and I would give just about anything to see it avoided.

But when the Western elites insist on proceeding blindly and stupidly down a path which guarantees war, then pointing out the deeply unpleasant truth becomes an act of survival.

The rope is squeezing ever tighter around our throats. The only question is whether we will do what is right and necessary to cut ourselves free- or instead allow ourselves to be throttled into oblivion by it.


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