God has a sense of humour

God Has a Sense of Humor

A rally in Colorado Springs designed to warn people of the effects of climate change and global warming was postponed this weekend after a snowstorm made it too risky to proceed. 

The event, organized by local environmentalist group 350 Colorado Springs, was also a protest against the Trump administration’s policies on climate change. 

However, the march was postponed until Sunday after weather forecasters predicted heavy snowfall and possible blizzards. 

Sometimes Mother Nature throws you a curveball! We know we aren’t in the business of risking anyone’s safety. Dangerous conditions and wet heavy snow in the forecast for tomorrow,” the group wrote on their Facebook page.

It seems that ecomentalists suffer from a severe irony deficiency these days. Fortunately, the Lord has a very powerful cure for such nonsense, in the form of a stiff dose of reality.

Frankly, I'd say that we could use a bit of man-made global warming right about now. It's the start of May and temperatures in my part of the world are still roughly what they were 6 weeks ago.

So all of you lot that went and bought hybrids- go and buy Range Rovers and Dodge Vipers instead. You'll have a hell of a lot more fun driving around, and you'll do us all a favour by warming up the world a little bit.

You will also severely annoy the ecoloonies who all want us to don sackcloths and eat twigs and leaves in order to purge ourselves of the terrible sin of our very existence, but that's just a bonus, really.

And you'll probably do your sex life a favour too.

After all, ladies- if any of you are actually reading this, which I severely doubt- who would you rather bang?

A sackless Beta who drives a Toyota Pious and reads you Victorian poetry while playing whale songs and weeping?

Or a chap named Clint Thrust who drives a car with a proper supercharged V8 engine, listens to proper old-school rock n' roll, and believes that the Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum revolver was an express gift from God for the purposes of hippy control?

(Extra props to the chaps who spot all of the blatant TOP GEAR rip-offs there.)

Yeah, that's what I thought.

So do yourself a favour, lads. Reach out and piss all over an ecomentalist's parade today. Buy a proper car with a proper engine, warm up the planet, make life better for everyone else (except the hippies, obviously), and enjoy your life.


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