Don't mention the war!

James Delingpole, who really bloody well ought to be nominated for a Lordship ASAFP, dares to put on the record what every red-blooded Briton is surely thinking by now:

Germany has effectively declared war on Britain via its EU functionaries. How should Britain respond? 

Well, I can see at least three good reasons for accepting their challenge. 
  1. We got in lots of practice from 1914 to 1918 and again from 1939 and 1945. Plus, unlike the Germans, we’re still pretty match fit from Iraq and Afghanistan. So the next one should be a walkover. 
  2. The German military is fat, unfit and swarming with peaceniks who have been brainwashed by an education system which for the last 70 years has been teaching them that “war is bad, m’kay?” 
  3. Free men always fight better than slaves. (See, eg: Victor Davis Hanson’s Carnage And Culture). Germans really have nothing left worth fighting for: they are ruled by an elective dictatorship; their country is no longer theirs. 
But I think if we are going to make absolutely sure of winning this one, there’s one thing we’re going to have to do first: dismantle the BBC.

Now, obviously, for a Brit to mention The War in front of a German is the very height of incivility in the modern era. And in all honesty, I have never understood why.

This reticence to acknowledge what was unquestionably a resounding victory for the Western powers is, as far as I can tell, a peculiar trait unique mostly to Western nations. They refuse to acknowledge that they won a truly appalling war against a fearsome enemy. They even refuse to acknowledge the fact that, once the war was done and the millions of dead were buried and mourned, it was the Allies that rebuilt Europe and most of the rest of the world, thanks very largely to the Americans.

Any other culture would trumpet these facts from the rooftops. The Russians do, for example; they have an entire national holiday, called "Victory Day", to celebrate the day that Admiral Donitz declared Germany's unconditional surrender and the Red Army occupied East Berlin. For them, it's a really big freakin' deal. They celebrate it by hosting the mother of all military parades every year in Red Square, with their version of President BAMF, one Vladimir Vladimirovich "Did you spill my pint?!?!?" Putin, reviewing from the stands.

And why is that? Because the Russians have a culture that they are proud of. They believe in themselves. They are not interested in letting anyone else tell them what to think and how to act.

The West, on the other hand, has spent the last thirty years shrinking away from everything that made it great, and consequently is suffering from a crisis of confidence that is shaking it to the very roots of its civilisation.

That is why Britain allowed her sovereignty to be sold away to the very Germans that previous generations had fought with such tenacity and skill. That is why they signed up to commit cultural suicide in slow motion, a form of death by a thousand administrative cuts at the hands of a far-distant tyrannical unelected bureaucracy sitting in Strasbourg and Brussels.

If the pioneers who built the British Empire- flawed but brilliant men who had fierce pride in themselves and their culture, men with names like Churchill, Mountbatten, Kitchener, Wellington, Marlborough, Cromwell, and Drake- could see what their descendants have done with what was given to them, I strongly suspect that they would have been rooting for the Axis to win in WWII.

At least then they could claim that Britain and the other Western nations surrendered their rights after being defeated by a materially (but not morally) superior enemy.

In the decades since that war, though, Britain surrendered her rights and her sovereignty to unaccountable, arrogant bureaucrats concerned only with their own power and privilege.

Now, the news isn't all bad- Brexit came as a shock to many, but it was a clear sign that the people of England are still interested in being English. But if the Germans- or, to be more precise, the German political establishment- have their way, they will do everything in their power to make sure that Britain's attempts to leave the European Union are so costly, so difficult, so drawn-out, and so exhausting, that no nation currently trapped under the EU's suffocating blanket will ever think of trying a similar stunt.

The British people have taken their first step toward true independence, and for that I hail them with the respect that is their due. But they have a long way to go yet.

And if, as Lord Commander Delingpole- for that really should be his title by now- says, there must be war to secure Britain's independence from Der Vaterland, then so be it.

Underfunded, under-equipped (though you wouldn't know it judging by the TOP GEAR episodes that involve surplus Royal Army equipment), criminally under-supported, and deeply unappreciated as it is, Her Majesty's Armed Forces actually have fought wars in recent memory. The Royal Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines have all seen repeated and bloody action in the Sandbox and the Rockpile.

Relative to fighting the RIFs on their home turf, dealing with a bunch of jumped-up Krauts insisting on preserving the integrity of a European Union that has no integrity, ought to be a stroll in Hyde Park.

Now obviously, nobody actually wants such a war. Real conservatives HATE war, especially wars that result in the nightmarish brutal meat-grinders of modern mechanised fighting. And I seriously doubt that the fight for British sovereignty will have to come to a shooting war.

But if that is what it takes in order for the rest of Europe to understand that Britain has a God-given right to determine her own destiny and rule her own borders as she sees fit, then by God, let it be done.


  1. I think I disagree. I mean, the German Army may be fat, unfit, slow, Drunk, and feminized, but they are STILL Germans. compared to an Army of screaming goathumpers that like to put the stock of their rifle against their cods while firing to get a sexual thrill, the Germans STILL have a long history of doing truly apalling and effective military maneuvers taking orders from people they hate.

    I am just saying... considering the long German history of being extremely effective, and often unethical (or excommunicated) warriors, don't underestimate them even if they are on the ass end of their effectiveness. Their Teutonic forebears terrorized Europe and the world dozens of times in recorded history.

    1. Well, yes, the Germans have certainly shown repeatedly that they can and will fight like demons. The old Deutsches Heer and its successor, the Wehrmacht, could and repeatedly did prove that they had mastered the arts of manoeuvre warfare and lethally effective strategy.

      But they were able to do so in no small part because they had the equipment required to beat their opponents senseless.

      And the Bundeswehr of the modern day is absurdly underfunded and under-equipped. Some of the Kraut battalions are training with broomsticks instead of actual guns during NATO military readiness exercises.

      Of course, comparing the British and German militaries in a game of Top Trumps is a bit silly, but I suspect that if the Krauts had to invade Britain to force them to accept the EU's terms at the barrel of a gun, they'd be swiftly and summarily beaten back.


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