When the dishwasher breaks...

Just make sure you get her a nice big hot cup of Black Rifle coffee so that she can get her butt out of bed and do her job:

I mean, yeah, she might get pissed at the fact that you just called her by the name of a major appliance, but, really, that's how we men show our wives that we care. It might not seem like that, but ladies, take it in the spirit that we intended.

Of course, this will probably work better in more traditionalist "red" parts of the Union, where women actually bother to take care of the home. However, those are the same parts of the country where private ownership of firearms is actively encouraged, especially for women- as is right, good, proper, and sanctioned by the Almighty.

So you might get your ass shot if you use this line on your wife, particularly if she's from, say, the great state of Texas. Just sayin'.


  1. Just ordered some this weekend.... let's see how it is.

    On the one hand, it's expensive as coffee goes, OTOH, I tried some killer bees honey that Peter Grant had mentioned, and while expensive (easily 2x the cost of the more expensive store-bought stuff even at Trader Joes) it was amazing. Well worth it as a "gotta have the good stuff" expense.


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