Three guesses as to whodunnit...

Explosions reported on the St. Petersburg metro's blue line:
Two nail bombs on the metro in St Petersburg ripped through train carriages killing at least 10 people today. 
The incident occurred at two separate locations including Sennaya Ploshchad train station leaving at least 50 injured including children. 
Eight ambulances are said to be at the scene and there are pictured emerging of bodies strewn across the platform.
Given that this happened in Russia, and given what all is going on with their foreign policy right now, I'd say we're looking at two likely sets of suspects.

The first guess would be Ukrainian nationalists, pissed off over Russia's intervention (whether legitimate or otherwise- not my call) in the Donbass region in the east of Ukraine. This isn't a conflict that the West understands particularly well- which is not even the least bit surprising, given how poorly the Anglosphere powers seem to understand Russia in general- but Russia's support of pro-Russian separatists in the Crimea is nothing new or surprising.

I'd put the likelihood of Ukrainians being behind the bombing of a train in St. Petersburg at roughly on par with the probability that you and I will be struck by lightning simultaneously tonight.

The second most likely guess would be... what are they called again? Moose limbs? Who worship something called Allie? And believe that someone named Mo Hamm dreamed up their particularly noxious ideology?

Could be that my hearing is going sour in my old age, but I think that's what they believe in...

Look, in all seriousness, my thoughts and prayers go to the innocent victims who were injured and killed in the attack. And, rather more importantly, I suspect that Russia's equivalent of the God-Emperor- who actually is, basically, a god-emperor, since Russians don't really understand this whole concept of "democracy"- is going to be quite swift and extremely ruthless in prosecuting those responsible for the atrocity.

See, the Russians don't have the same rose-tinted view of Islam that so many of the suicidally-inclined nations in the West do. Russia has had to deal with the depredations and savagery of Islamic expansion for virtually its entire history as a nation, going all the way back to the Viking Era.

There is a reason, after all, why the "Slavic" peoples have that name. They aren't named after a synonym for "slave" for nothing.

Now obviously, I could be hopelessly and completely wrong about the general characteristics of the culprits of this very specific attack- though I'd go so far as to argue that they probably hail from a region of the world known as Chechnya, where Russian troops have had more than a few difficult entanglements over the last twenty years, and are probably Sufi Muslims.

(Don't for one moment believe that old horseshit about Sufis being peace-loving Islamic "mystics". The Sufi tradition may be more steeped in mysticism and poetry than other schools, but it's still an Islamic tradition. Which means that, when rubber meets road, Sufis are just as warlike and dangerous as the Hanbali or Maliki adherents of Sunni Islam.)

And this is one of the few times that I'd actually like to be wrong about something. It would be nice to live in a world where Islam wasn't responsible for the overwhelming majority of the internecine violence that plagues relations between fellow men.

But that isn't the world we live in. The real world is harsh, unforgiving, and brutally intolerant of silly idealism.

If the culprits were in fact Muslims, then this episode will serve as a deeply painful reminder that no part of the world is safe from Islam- and that, whether you like it or not, the Long War requires you to choose a side.

Shariah or Reconquista. That's it. Those are your options. Both lead to war, suffering, misery, and pain- but only one preserves Western Christian civilisation.

It's your choice. Make it before the ability to do so is removed from you by the course of history.


  1. We shall soon see... The Russians are justly renowned for their responses to goatfucker adventurism in the past... I am looking forward to seeing if Putin has a little of the old Russian blood still pounding in his veins.

    Hopefully the UN comission on human rights will be shrieking like someone put their balls in a garbage disposal.


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