"Vibrancy is our strength"

And if we keep repeating it to ourselves often and loudly and desperately enough, and make all the right-sounding noises, maybe, just maybe, we'll begin to believe it!!! And we'll defend the idea so desperately as to shout down and even potentially arrest anyone who disagrees! After all, we're TOTALLY NOT AFRAID of the consequences!!!!!

I refer, of course, to the rather typically craven response of Britain's elites to a week of Islamist terror attacks in the heart of one of the greatest cities in the Western world:
After the attack, some of my fellow countrymen, including my MailOnline colleague Katie Hopkins, suggested this was evidence London has fallen apart. 
That this great multi-cultural city, rammed full with 12 million people from all countries, colours and creeds, has been turned into an uninhabitable hellhole of extremism because we lost control of our borders and let in – and I paraphrase - 'too many bloody foreigners'. 
For bloody foreigners, read 'bloody Muslims'. 
The vast majority of whom (one in 12 Londoners is Muslim) live perfectly peacefully here, contribute hugely to British society, and hate ISIS as much as I do. 
The same doom-mongers claim we're all shaking in our petrified little boots in fearful terror at what these nasty bearded ISIS loons might do to us next. 
They reckon Britain's basically lost its bottle. 
Oh really? 
At 8am today, I stood with my GMB colleague Susanna Reid at the south side of Westminster Bridge as Big Ben began to boom out its bells for the top of the hour. 
We stopped speaking and just turned to watch in silence. 
The sun was creeping up between the towers of Parliament as a giant Union Jack flag fluttered at half-mast. 
The bridge was closed and empty except for a few police officers. 
As each of the eight rings slowly filled the London air, my own heart began to beat with enormous swathes of anger and sadness at what this sick maniac had done. 
I hate him. 
I'm glad he's dead. 
I mourn for those he killed, and I pray for those he wounded. 
And I urge the world's leaders to do whatever it takes to eliminate these cowardly scumbags from the face of the earth. [Not a bad idea. How's about you start by deporting your current Muslim population back to their lands of origin, and blocking any more from getting in?]
Sadly, the only language they will ever understand is violence. 
They have no desire for peace, or political settlement. 
They just want to use bullets, bombs and knives to force us all to be like them as part of their demented, deluded plan for a global medieval-style caliphate.One in which gay people are stoned to death, women are subjugated into objects of sickening submission, little children are turned into zombie-eyed killers, and people caught playing rock music have their heads cut off in gleeful public executions.
Is that the best you've got, Piers? Is that supposed to convince me that Her Majesty's Kingdom actually understands what kind of a threat it has let into its own borders?

I come from a country that is 20% Muslim- a far, far higher proportion of the population than any nation in Western Europe. My people have a long, tragic, and terrible history of suffering at the hands of Islamic rulers. And yet, our Muslim population stays relatively quiet (as long as nobody is stupid enough to attempt to occupy one of their mosques).

In fact, you might be surprised to learn that many of our best butchers from back home are Muslim- and that many of those, particularly in the big metropolitan areas, don't really seem to have too many issues with cutting up and selling pork.

That is because there is a tacit understanding between "the Mozzies" and the rest of us. The simple version is: you loot, we shoot.

Not the most elegant solution, I admit. But it does bloody well work.

The British no longer understand this very simple solution to what afflicts them, and continental Europe too. If you insist on appeasing a violent, supremacist, racist, and deeply intolerant ideology in order to preserve your precious Utopian illusions about multiculturalism, you are going to get violence, racial supremacism, and intolerance in return.

If you insist on presenting a velvet glove against an iron fist, do not then be surprised when you get a mouthful of metal in return.

The British understood this once, when they colonised my country and made it the jewel of their incredible empire. They have long since forgotten that lesson.

But even Mr. Morgan's absurd little screed wasn't as bad as it could get. Prime Minister Theresa May's response was even more ridiculous:
The Prime Minister has said the “Islamist” attack on Parliament was not “Islamic” and Islam is a “great faith”. 
Taking on the role of a theologian, Theresa May insisted: “It is wrong to describe this as Islamic terrorism. It is Islamist terrorism. It is a perversion of a great faith.” 
Speaking in Parliament, she also said the attack showed “the importance of all of our faiths working together, and recognising the values that we share”. 
Adding: “This act of terror was not an act of faith. It was a perversion; a warped ideology, which leads to an act of terrorism like that and it will not prevail.” 
Islamism is generally defined as a political interpretation of Islam. Some critics argue Islam is intrinsically political – as the Quran mandates a religious state and law – and say the term is irrelevant.MPs almost unanimously agreed with the Prime Minister, lining up to warn against “demonising” and “stigmatising” Muslims, and to condemn “Islamophobia” and “racial and religious” discrimination.
That attack was a "perversion" of nothing at all resembling a great faith. It was exactly the sort of end result that this so-called "faith" preaches is righteous and just.

For once, instead of desperately trying to avoid hurting the feelz of millions of Muslims living in Britain and the rest of Europe, it might be time to point out a few obvious facts?

This, for instance, is how a proper response to the attack is done:

Let us once and for all put this silly "Muslims are totally like the rest of us" idea to bed. They're just not.

Half of British Muslims think homosexuality should be illegal. That same survey indicated that 23% of them want shariah law- in Britain, the country that created the template upon which just about every one of its former colonies and children have based their bicameral democratic systems of government. Other polls put that number even higher, at closer to 40%.

Muslims are not "just like the rest of us".

There are plenty of good and decent Muslims who just want to be left alone, to be sure. I work alongside several.

The problem is that the vacuous fools who make the sorts of statements that you see above, don't understand the first damn thing about Islam. They don't see it for what it is because they are fooled by what Heartiste called, I think rightly, "Secular Muslim Syndrome".

Most of the people who make these idiotic claims that Islam is a "great religion of peace" have never bothered to understand the history or origins of Islam, at all. They go only by the Muslims that they see around them- and given that they live in majority-white suburbs and metropolitan areas, they have never seen the true face of Islam's bigotry, intolerance, and hatred of outsiders.

These people have never taken a walk through Shadwell, a part of London not far away from the business district over near Tower Hill and Finsbury Circus. If you're feeling brave (and you are armed, at least discreetly), I recommend trying it the next time you're in London. You will get a pretty good idea of what life must be like in, oh, say, Bangladesh.

You could also try walking through Tower Hamlets, parts of Hackney, and certain bits of greater West London. You will honestly think that you are in the Third World.

People there will not speak in English to you or to anyone else unless under duress. If you are a white woman walking by yourself, you will be made to feel distinctly unwelcome. You will find yourself looking not at schools and churches, but madrassas and mosques.

That is what Islamic immigration has done to one of the greatest cities in the West. 

Furthermore, there is no getting away from the fact that Muslims believe in a heresy of Christianity that abandons reason, compassion toward the unconverted, and respect for individual rights and property, and which treats its women far worse than any patriarchal alt-Righter would ever consider justifiable.

Islam and Western secular liberal values simply are not compatible. And in a war between the two, Islam WILL win, because Muslims have what Western shitlibs don't: they have a cause that they believe is worth fighting and dying for.

They have faith in a Utopian vision of a world without sin. The Western elites have... what, exactly? A burning desire to give us all the most organic and sustainably sourced granola that a Vegan can possibly eat?

The only way to stop Islamist attacks on Western cities is to get rid of Islam. It is just that simple.

If you are tired of watching the greatest cities of the West cowering in fear of yet another Muslim knifing people or mowing them down with a lorry or shooting up an airport or blowing up a train station- or simply molesting your women- then the answer to your problem is clear and obvious: send them back to where they came from.

At this point, the choice is indeed Reconquista or shariah.

Make your choice, and make it soon, before it is made for you by the great onrushing weight of history.


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