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From the mouths of babes, and all that:

Obviously I am nowhere near the poet and rhetorician that, say, Heartiste is. So I'll blatantly rip off borrow a page from his book and call that a truth-shiv plunged straight into the core of every young woman's womb.

Returning to type- it is deeply unpleasant and painful for women over the age of 30 to hear that their most important and fertile years are well behind them. But then, nobody ever said that the truth had to be "nice".

The reality is that women have, essentially, three distinct fertility windows.

The first is between the ages of 16 (or thereabouts) to roughly 28. In this phase, a woman's chances of conception through vaginal intercourse are very high, and her body has the ability to withstand the tremendous strain it will undergo in conceiving, carrying, and giving birth to a human being. This is the prime reproductive age for any woman.

The second phase is between 28 and roughly 35 or so. During this phase, a woman's fertility will have declined significantly, but she will still be able to conceive naturally, though with considerably more effort and difficulty than in her younger years. Unfortunately, as a woman ages, her ability to withstand the strain of motherhood declines in inverse proportion, and arguably at considerably greater speed.

The third phase is between about 35 and, very roughly, 42. Conception during this period is extremely challenging and quite often medically assisted- which is to say, really expensive. And on top of that, trying to have a baby when a woman is entering middle age is, frankly, murderously hard upon her health and peace of mind.

These are facts of biology. One can weep and wail and gnash one's teeth against them all that one likes; the God of Biomechanics will remain unmoved.

A woman of prime childbearing age certainly has every right to prioritise her career and her pursuit of hedonistic joys over creating a family and having children. If we are going to treat women as responsible adults- yes, lads, I know it's hard to keep a straight face at that one, but that is after all what many feminists keep claiming that they want- then we must permit them to make their own choices, no matter how wrong-headed and silly.

However, no woman who makes such a choice should then be permitted to trot out the excuse that she was "just having fun" and now it's time to get serious when, at the age of about 30, she suddenly realises that she is rapidly running out of time.

The fact is that women who put off starting families, bearing children, and settling down to motherhood are not doing themselves or their societies any real good. The Western world does not need more working women- not with birth rates hovering at the civilisational event horizon of 1.6 births per woman. History has clearly shown that NO civilisation has ever recovered from a birth rate per woman lower than this.

Much of the West is already at or below this level. So is most of the Far East. That means that the two most advanced and productive civilisations in the world are being rapidly outbred by Africans and Middle Easterners, judging by worldwide demographic trends.

When seen in this light, even the more extreme conclusions put forth by many on the hard Right suddenly make a hell of a lot more sense.

Vox Day and Roosh have both argued, for instance, that it is a huge waste of time and resources to educate women. And that sounds exactly like what a male chauvinist pig (hey! that's me!) would say about the fairer sex- right up until one actually looks at the data and realises that all of the time, effort, and energy spent in educating women, and essentially filling their heads with a lot of nonsense about how they are every bit as good and strong and skilled as men, is completely wasted.

The single biggest and most important contribution that a woman will ever make to this world will not be her accomplishments in  a 30-year career in marketing or public relations or social media. It will not be the endless string of bad-boy lovers that she invites into her arms and her bed. It will not be her Instagram feed full of snapshots of all of the exotic places that she has visited.

It will be her children.

The ability to bear children is unique to women, and women alone. It is what makes them precious and valuable beyond measure.

We men are, to put it quite bluntly, expendable- you can kill us in huge numbers, send us into the meatgrinder of war on a thousand foreign battlefields, send us to break our backs in the hot summer sun in the fields and freeze to death in the most remote locations in the world while hunting for oil or coal or diamonds, but as long as there are just enough of us left, human civilisation can endure and even thrive.

But without women, and especially without women to bear children, civilisation dies.

That is the message that we need to be teaching our sons and daughters- especially our daughters. And feminism be damned in the process.


  1. Men are expendable, and women are perishable.

    The happiest, least drug-addicted older women I have ever met have all been mothers and married from a young age.

    1. Yes. From my own personal experience, the longer a woman waits to marry and have children, the more difficult the moment of reckoning becomes when she realises that she is running out of time.

      Facing up to reality at that point can be quite brutal. I've had arguments with someone in her mid-thirties who thinks that the best time to have children is when a woman is 38-42.

      I was asking myself whether I was dealing with someone merely oblivious, or truly insane.

    2. Man of the Atom21 March 2017 at 19:17

      That video will leave a smoldering hole in the heart of all but the most corrupt Third Wave Feminists, Cultural Marxists, and Vile Globalist Scum. Burn cream stocks through the roof!

    3. He's got a point. That video was... epic.

      I just shared it on FB and have like 30 hates.

    4. "Open up your hate and let it flow into me", indeed.


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