A few video game fans who also happen to be master metalsmiths decided to entertain a hugely popular fan request and managed to create an actual working Warhammer 40K CHAINSWORD:

Holy shit. That is BADASS.

I have the highest respect for people who work with their hands to craft things like that chainsword. It takes years of practice at the highest level to become a master craftsman- and in that video we got to see several such men expressing their craft to the utmost level to create something astonishing.

Now if only we could go find some Chaos Marines or Orks to use it on...


  1. Well, you could always move to Britain. Whole parts of the city have been annexed by the Horde.

    1. I was there a couple of years back for a work assignment for five months. You're quite right about the Horde- they were out in force a couple of times while I was there, and judging by the sheer racket they were making, they might as well have been a full-on WAAGH!


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