When women just ask to get punched

This is a rather interesting video that was banned by the SJW set that appears to be firmly entrenched within YouTube, for "promoting hate speech". In reality, it does precisely nothing of the sort:

The basic point of this video is that, when women act like men, they should not be spared on account of their gender. And in this matter, there is a point to be made.

For the last 50 years, women have been ripped off and lied to, systematically and pervasively, by the media and by politicians and, worst of all, by us men. Those of us who were stupid enough to believe the utter nonsense of feminism enabled the downward descent of women, to the point where they have become the foul-mouthed, provocative harridans portrayed in that video.

The problem is that every man has a limit to how far he will be pushed before he reacts. And women, these days anyway, comprehensively fail to understand just how vast the difference in physical strength is between men and women.

Let me put this into perspective. As I have stated before, I spar regularly with women. I was, in fact, sparring with a girl that I must have outweighed by at least 60lbs on Saturday morning. When you account for the fact that men have, on average, 36% more lean muscle mass than women of the same height and weight, it is fair to estimate that I was roughly 2.5 times stronger than the girl I was boxing with.

Yet I never once loosed more than a third of my full power and speed. If I had done any more than that, she would simply have been flattened.

Now, if she had been foolish enough to go full speed against me, she would have deserved whatever she got. But she did not. She very sensibly kept her own speed and punching power to a level where she was comfortable and able to develop her skills.

Didn't stop me from tagging her regularly, though.

And that is the lesson that modern women just don't seem to learn. If they insist on provoking men to and beyond the point of no return, they should no longer be surprised when they suddenly find themselves bleeding, concussed, and stunned on the floor.

To be clear- I DO NOT condone the initiation of violence toward women. I do, however, believe in the martial code. And that code states very clearly that ALL opponents, regardless of size, gender, or skill level, are to be respected and treated as threats for as long as they insist on acting aggressively. That code also specifies that mercy lies in dispatching an overmatched opponent as swiftly and painlessly as possible.

What the women in the video above- and, in my experience, FAR too many women in everyday life- fail to realise is that, for us men, there is nothing so dishonourable and distasteful as hitting a woman. But, if we have to do it- if we are left with no other choice, and we are provoked beyond all restraint and reason to do so- then women will virtually ALWAYS be the losers in such an exchange.

And if women insist on acting like men with no sense of honour or restraint, then they should not be surprised when they find themselves staring up at the ceiling, wondering what kind of truck just hit them.


  1. I am deluged by the messages that there is 'never a reason to hit a woman'. This is utterly false. There are approximately just as many reasons to hit a woman today as there are to hit a man.
    If a woman expects to be treated like a man, she can and will receive the same treatment as a man. If a man punches me full strength, I will respond with full strength. The fact that her full strength does not come close to mine is a reason for her to avoid fighting with me, NOT a reason I should allow her to abuse me.

    Violence is usually the last resort, but I do not believe in egalitarianism. When she states by her actions that she is not a female, I will not treat her like a female. People like to claim that it is solely physical strength that sets men and women apart... it is strength, motor reflexes, endurance, decision speed, fight/fligh/submit reflexes, and a willingness to commit violence that sets men and women apart (among a vast number of other things) If she chooses to engage my fight response, she will reap the benefits...and in today's world, it's safer to kill someone who assaults you than it is to prevent them from assaulting you.

    1. If a woman expects to be treated like a man, she can and will receive the same treatment as a man

      Yes. The martial code is very simple. It teaches that any opponent, regardless of size or skill, must be taken seriously. A direct consequence of this teaching is that if a woman attacks a man, she should not be afforded any special privileges on the basis of her gender. If she initiates aggression, the only merciful thing that a man can do is to stop her- whatever that might entail- with the minimum amount of force and damage.

      in today's world, it's safer to kill someone who assaults you than it is to prevent them from assaulting you.

      I rather like the American way of putting this: "I would rather be judged by twelve than carried by six". Makes a lot of sense to me.


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