Not your dad's IRON MAIDEN

I finally got my hands on the new IRON MAIDEN album yesterday, and got a chance to give it a proper listen during my usual long workout at the gym today. And I have to say... this is not at all what I expected.

This is not the IRON MAIDEN of the early 1980s. It isn't the same band that seemed, at least somewhat, to have lost its way in the 1990s during the Blaze Bayley era. (Funny thing is, I personally regard those two albums as among the greatest studio albums ever recorded, in any genre. But then, I would. I'm a rabid IRON MAIDEN fan, and I happen to be a big fan of Blaze's work.) This isn't even the same IRON MAIDEN that recorded the monumental, magnificent Brave New World back in 2000.

No, this band is now something else entirely. This is an older, more mature, more experienced, tighter, and yet more carefree band that has absolutely nothing left to prove to ANYONE.

And I can't get enough of this new album. It is totally unexpected, yet utterly brilliant in its own strange way. There is so much about it that is unusual and unfamiliar for IRON MAIDEN, and yet there is so much more that sounds exactly like the band that I grew up listening to.

The album is so different, so fresh, and so mind-bending in so many ways, in fact, that I'm willing to state, for now at least, that it could very well be their best work in twenty-five years.

And yet again, this album proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that, when Steve Harris puts his mind to it and stops cocking about with three-minute-long intros to every bloody song, he can be an absolute freakin' GENIUS:

Just you try listening to the last third of that song without jumping on your desk, headbanging like mad while pumping your fist along to that awesome chorus and machine-gunning your way through the bass lines. I DOUBLE-DAMN-DARE YA!!!

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Oh yeah, one more thing- THEY'RE ON TOUR IN 2016 AND I'M GONNA SEE THEM PLAY LIVE!!!


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