Book review: SJWs Always Lie by Vox Day

I don't really do book reviews anymore. They generally take rather a long time to write and are of limited interest to most people, so overall the payoff doesn't justify the effort. However, this book by the Supreme Dark Overlord of the Evil Legion of Evil is good, timely, and important enough to warrant one.

I'm not going to mess about: this is one of the most important books about politics and psychology that you will ever read.

In fact, I rank it right up there with Anonymous Conservative's The Evolutionary Psychology of Politics.

The purpose of SJWAL is very simple: it aims to give you the intellectual and psychological framework needed to recognise, confront, and destroy the "social justice" movement and its intellectually stunted followers.

And it succeeds. Brilliantly.

This book is unusual in a number of ways, not least in the fact that Vox Day goes about making his point in what, in the hands of a lesser writer, would seem to be a highly meandering and odd fashion. SJWAL starts out by documenting, in fairly precise detail, the exact nature of Vox's feud with a certain John "Hi! I'm a rapist" Scalzi. It then goes on to document the rise, and continued rise, of #Gamergate. Then it moves on to the Hugo Awards in 2015, and the massive impact that the Sad and Rabid Puppies had upon them. And finally, it wraps up with a set of points that give the reader the ability to do what independent-minded folks like Vox are so good at doing: taking on and wiping out the SocJus types, wherever they are and whatever they say.

When reading SJWAL, it is easy to think of it as being merely a condensed summary of past events. And if you are a longtime reader of Vox's blog (which I am), then you will see very quickly that this book is in fact effectively a series of Vox's past posts on all of the subjects that he has referenced in the book, pasted together with some expansions, filler, and careful editing. There are in fact several sections of the book where he has simply copied and pasted from his blog.

And if you happen to have read many of the same books that he has, you will quickly see that SJWAL essentially takes strands of ideas from a number of other writers and weaves them into what is, effectively, a counterinsurgency manual.

Drawing from an eclectic set of sources, such as Aristotle's work on rhetoric, William S. Lind's and Martin Van Creveld's works on strategy and 4th-Generation Warfare, Anonymous Conservative (aka Michael Trust) and his works on r/K selection, psychology, narcissism, and politics, and Mike Cernovich's work on self-improvement, Vox has done a remarkabe job of taking all of that wisdom, colouring it with the results of his own experiences, and providing to the reader a highly readable and extremely useful guide to handling the new Stalinist thought-police that have infiltrated every major institution and every cultural touchstone.

Vox's guide to fighting SJWs comes down to recognising that they are not normal people. They are NOT like you and me. They are incapable of arguing with reason and logic- social justice ideology is so twisted, warped, and ridiculous precisely because it is capable of taking two mutually exclusive ideas and arguing that both are simultaneously true. (Example: SJWs on the one hand argue that gender is a social construct and is therefore fluid; on the other, when faced with the "transgender" movement, they simultaneously argue that "trans" people are born with the "wrong" gender, which means that gender is static. Both cannot be true.)

And precisely because they are not normal people, arguing with them as you and I would with normal folk will not work.

Witness what happened when I stated, repeatedly, that the saturation bombing of the 2015 Hugo Awards slate was not about awards, but proving a point. The social justice nitwits over at File770 snarked and snarled, despite all of the evidence to the contrary, that we Vile Faceless Minions were simply throwing an epic tantrum that the votes hadn't gone our way; in fact, things went off largely as we had wanted.

The value that readers will find in this work comes from the fact that Vox has laid out a methodical, clear blueprint for recognising who and what SJWs are, and how to fight them. In terms of the war for the culture that we find ourselves embroiled in right now, what Vox has done is similar to what the code-breakers of Bletchley Park did with Enigma.

I am not being hyperbolic about this. The insidious nature of social justice ideology means that its followers look completely normal on the outside. It is only once you begin to decode and understand the signals that they are sending, that you realise just how dangerous they really are. But if you cannot recognise them and see them, you are likely to discover this far too late to do anything about it.

But instead of merely cracking the code and allowing us to see the signals, Vox has also drawn up an actual war-fighting strategy. The same mind that has digested and analysed (and, in some cases, edited) works of strategy ranging from Sun Tzu, Vegetius, and Caesar, through to von Clausewitz, Boyd, and Lind, has provided his readers with the blueprint needed to successfully deploy the kinds of insurgent tactics that made #Gamergate so successful.

Vox is not the first to make the connection between #Gamergate and 4GW- I myself made this connection earlier this year, and when I did, that article became the most-trafficked and most-commented article on Reaxxion for several weeks, so clearly there is a lot of interest in how we go about fighting the Long March of Cultural Marxism through our institutions.

And I came to many of the same conclusions that Vox has about how to fight this war. What Vox has done, which I could not do, is to lay out a clear, comprehensive step-by-step plan for taking on and destroying SJW ideology no matter where it rears its ugly head.

The most important aspect of the book is its distillation of Vox's experiences dealing with SJWs into three simple laws:
  1. SJWs ALWAYS Lie
  2. SJWs ALWAYS Double-Down
  3. SJWs ALWAYS Project

I have had ample opportunity to see these three laws in action myself, and I can tell you that Vox is right on the mark. They really are that weird.

The best parts of the book are Chapters 8 and 9. This is where the code-breaking and war-fighting bits are dealt with. Vox has done an outstanding job of presenting his ideas in easily digestible yet powerful format.

The last chapter contains a digression into rhetoric versus dialectic that most readers might find a bit difficult to follow. However, it is essential that you read it and understand it. If you do not, you will have the raw intelligence, the tactics, and the strategy in your hands- but you will not have the tools necessary to fight this war.

There are perhaps two complaints that might be anticipated about this book.

The first is one that I have referenced earlier; it is, essentially, a series of blog posts stuck together with careful crafting and editing. Personally, I do not see this as a problem, since I regard this book as a powerful distillation of accumulated wisdom and not a lazy cash grab. I also think that the way that Vox has condensed, edited, and polished his arguments more than makes up for the fact that you can find everything he has written in this book on his blog- albeit in, necessarily, more haphazard fashion.

The second has to do with Vox Day's detailed explanation of his beefs with John Scalzi. Now, many readers, especially those new to Vox's work, might regard this as an obsessive rehashing of an issue with a highly successful sci-fi writer, motivated entirely by petty personal jealousy. Certain Androsphere writers have made this charge in the past.

But the more I read of their exchanges, the less I am convinced by this argument.

Vox Day's CV reads sort of like that of a real-life Lex Luthor- he even has his own Evil Legion of Evil, after all. It is rather difficult to believe that one man has accomplished everything that he has in his lifetime, and Vox is only middle-aged right now. By comparison, the more I read of John Scalzi's antics, the more convinced I am that he is a shallow, insecure little man who has immense trouble handling criticism and seeks to deflect it by resorting to snark, sarcasm, and projection.

When faced with a real test of character, it is interesting to see the very different reactions of these two men. Shortly after SJWAL was published, fans of Mr. Scalzi published a parody of it. Mr. Scalzi was so tickled by it that he immediately provided the audiobook narration.

That book is still readily available on Amazon. It is, as of this writing, ranked at #8 in the Kindle rankings for Parodies. Vox Day has referenced it with amused interest on his own blog, and has NOT called for it to be taken down because it is libelous or offensive. It's still very much there and you can read it for yourself for just $2.99 if you're interested.

Right behind it at #9, though, is this book. And it is there because fans of Vox's work turned around and published their own counter-parody. Which Mr. Scalzi promptly requested Amazon to remove from the store- not least, one suspects, because the counter-parody climbed higher up the rankings than the original Scalzi-approved one did. And so did another counter-parody that followed it.

Mr. Scalzi has yet to comment on those other two parodies, as far as I know. Perhaps it's because he's still hiding behind his daughter's bench press. Or maybe he's trying to figure out which of his wife's dresses he needs to wear in order to show just how totally cool he is with the whole thing.

So, who is jealous and insecure and narcissistic, and who is steadfast, ruthless, yet good-humoured? Based on the actions of the men involved, I'm sure you can decide.

You can read this book for any number of reasons. Maybe you want to understand who Vox is and why he can be so infuriating (to some people- I agree with him about 97% of the time). Maybe you want to know more about these weird things called "#Gamergate" and "Sad Puppies". Maybe you are interested in fighting back against the tidal wave of filth and stupidity that threatens to overwhelm our culture. Or maybe you just happen to be facing a 12-hour intercontinental flight and need something to read to take your mind off the pain.

No matter why you read this book, I guarantee you this: you will come out of the experience with a first-class warfighting manual that will give you exactly what you need to take on the SJWs. And for that, if nothing else, you NEED to read this book.

Didact's Verdict: 4.8/5, an absolutely essential book for the neomasculine Right, and for anyone else that wants to fight the pernicious ideology of "Social Justice".

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