Talk about an upgrade...

Most people would be pleased about upgrading from economy to business class on a flight. But when you're the greatest band of all time, "upgrading" your mode of transportation takes on a completely different, and vastly more awesome, meaning:
British heavy metal lagends IRON MAIDEN, whose new studio album, "The Book Of Souls", their first for 5 years, will be released worldwide next week on September 4, are taking touring to a new level using a Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jet (a.k.a. Queen of the Skies) for their world tour next year. Vocalist Bruce Dickinson is currently in training for his license to fly the massive four-engine jet, which is almost twice the size and over three times the weight of the Boeing 757 used on previous tours in 2008/9/11. 
The new Ed Force One will take the band, crew and over 12 tons of equipment more than 55,000 miles (88,500km) around the planet with concerts in six of the seven continents (Australasia, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Europe), with "The Book Of Souls" world tour 2016 expected to visit around 35 countries.\ 
Details of the precise schedule are currently being finalized and the band will commence announcements of specific dates for the different territories in a few weeks' time. 
However, it can be revealed that "The Book Of Souls" world tour will open in the USA in late February, with Ed Force One flying in for three shows before, in early March, heading into Central America visiting Mexico, followed by a much-anticipated first-ever concert in El Salvador and a return to Costa Rica. Ed Force One then proceeds into South America for concerts in Argentina, Chile and a number of shows in Brazil before flying back to the USA at the end of March for ten more cities covering the USA and, of course, Canada in the first two weeks of April. 
A long awaited return to Japan follows later in April, and then the band are delighted to be playing their first ever shows in China before heading to New Zealand and Australia for a comprehensive tour during the first half of May. Shows in South Africa, 
MAIDEN's first visit there with Bruce, will be the last port of call before Ed Force One heads to Europe for a very extensive tour starting in late May and finishing in early August. This will the first time Ed Force One has ever been used on any European Tour dates (other than Bruce's fan club trips to shows) and will provide transport there for at least for the first few weeks. 
Bruce Dickinson comments: "When the opportunity arose from my friends at Air Atlanta Icelandic to lease a 747 for 'The Book Of Souls' world tour, of course, we jumped at the chance. Who wouldn't? The greatest benefit of travelling in a 747 is that because of its colossal size and freight capacity, we can carry our stage production and all our stage equipment and desks in the cargo hold without having to make any of the immense structural modifications needed to do this on the previous 757, the extent of which fans will have noted on the 'Flight 666' DVD. Although in reality we cannot carry much more gear, the savings in complexity, time and cost make using the 747 even more practical. All we will need to do is 'paint' it and move a few seats around, with the added advantage that there is much more room for band and crew — our Krew can almost get a row of seats each to catch up on sleep on the flights! Furthermore, it is marginally faster 0.85 MACH and the range of around 7000NM (13,000 km) is much greater, which means we will not have to make the refuelling stops we needed to with the 757.
You know you're badass and awesome when you can lease AN ENTIRE BLEEDIN' 747 to ferry yourself around.

And yes, I know, the POTUS has his own very specially modified 747 that he gets to use as his own personal bus. But let's be very clear about one thing: the next person who compares the idiot clown that is President Jackass with THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME is going to learn how to fly, face-first, through the nearest window.

The best thing about this, of course, is that IRON MAIDEN are finally returning to American shores. The last time I saw these titans perform live was back in 2012- they played two shows nearby. It has been way too long since we saw this band performing live. They never fail to put on an incredible show, and I have no doubt that they will exceed all of their previous outings in 2016.

This band has been around for damn near 40 years, and they're making bands one-twentieth their age look slow and amateurish even now. And it never ceases to amaze me how stylishly they manage to do it, either.

They are also, without question, the greatest live act I have EVER seen. Here's an example to show you why:


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