Too soon?
Obviously, I'm rather late to this particularly ridiculous pile-up on the freeway of public stupidity, but this whole story about the President of a chapter of the NAACP being a white woman pretending to be black is just too funny:
According to her 2002 lawsuit, Rachel Dolezal (who then identified as her true self: the very Caucasian Rachel Moore) believed she had been discriminated against for being white, and that this discrimination had not just cost her a teaching position and scholarships, it meant the removal of her art from a student exhibit.

The suit was eventually tossed out, and Dolezal was even forced to reimburse Howard University more than $3500 in court and other costs. There is no question, though, that in Dolezal’s mind she had been discriminated against by a historically black college for the sin of being white, blonde, and freckle-faced.

What’s a girl to do?

According to her interview Tuesday on “The Today Show,” Dolezal decided to “identify” herself as black. Even after being caught, she will continue to “identify” herself as black.

From what we now know, in the apparent belief more opportunities would open up for her, Dolezal went to extraordinary lengths to masquerade herself as a black woman. She changed her name, darkened her skin, frizzed and darkened her hair, and serially-lied in order to enjoy Black Privilege.

Until the mask was ripped off last week, from the looks of it, it worked. 
Dolezal flourished as a black woman. She became the president of the Spokane, Washington, NAACP. She earned a teaching position in Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University. She even won the chair of the Spokane Police Ombudsman’s Commission.
This is just... what the... how do I even...

It would appear that Ms. Rachel Dolezal- who is in fact the very white and very non-urban Ms. Rachel Moore underneath all of that makeup and frizzy hair- ignored Robert Downey Jr.'s sage advice and did, in fact, go full retard.

I have to admit, though, that the woman's decision to become an "oppressed minority" in order to extract the maximum benefits of her new status is a stroke of insane genius. I'm actually somewhat impressed. And it's not the first time this sort of thing has happened, either. I've rarely seen this sort of trolling done with such conviction, or skill, though.

Of course, this does set a rather interesting precedent for the rest of society as a whole.

After all, if Ms. Moore Dolezal can identify as black, when she patently is not, then there is no logical limit to the self-identifications that the rest of us can adopt.

This is terrific news! I can now identify as a SPARTAN-II!!! Never mind that the SPARTANs in HALO are completely fictional, or that I don't have a half-ton suit of customised armour worth a few billion credits, or genetic, biological, and cybernetic augmentations turning me into the perfect killing machine- all that matters is how I feel about it, dammit!

Or, better yet, I can identify as a Promethean, just like my pseudonym!!! Henceforth, you shall know me as Shadow-of-Sundered-Star, the IsoDidact and Supreme Commander and Protector of the Ecumene, defender of the Jat-Krula line against all enemies! Gaze into the eyes of my mighty form and despair!!!

I don't care how ridiculous this sounds! If you make fun of this, you are guilty of TRANSISM! And FEELBADZ! And all other manner of BADTHINK! And... and... well... AND OTHER STUFF THAT MAKES YOU A HORRIBLE PERSON! BEING TRANS-SPARTAN/PROMETHEAN IS A TOTALLY LEGITIMATE THING!!11!!


You'll have to excuse that little outburst there. Laughing at the sheer stupidity of this whole ridiculous exercise in human degeneracy and illogic has left me with somewhat lower blood sugar than normal.

As my fellow Reaxxionary Matt Forney pointed out in his take on the whole hilarious situation, the reason this is so hysterically funny to those of us who don't have a giant hole in our heads where our logic centres used to be is because this is the end result of the Left's entire ridiculous ideology:
For decades now, leftists have argued that race and gender are social constructs with no biological basis. This ludicrous line of reasoning allows the left to deny basic, observable physical differences between men and women (such as physical strength) as well as scientific data showing cognitive and behavioral differences between different ethnic groups. It has also been used to justify transsexuality: since there’s no biological basis for gender, a man who takes estrogen and gets his rocket flayed into a pocket is just as female as women who were born that way. 
By this logic, on what basis can the left condemn Rachel Dolezal? If race is a social construct, then it doesn’t matter that Dolezal is a homely white girl from Montana; if she feels black on the inside, she is perfectly justified in changing her appearance and acting black. If we’re supposed to celebrate Bruce Jenner for embracing his “true” femininity through surgery and hormones, then we should also celebrate Dolezal for embracing her “true” race.
With the revelations about Ms. Moore, the Left has been thoroughly hoisted by its own rotten, stinking petard. The Left has claimed for decades now that race and gender don't matter- yet all of a sudden, they are confronted by a perfect example of someone of the wrong race wanting to be a member of the right one, and now they have no idea what to do.

This entire episode has the Left buckling under the accumulated weight of its own hypocrisy, while those of us with a somewhat more firm grasp on reality have been granted the wonderful opportunity to stand on the sidelines howling with laughter.

As C.S. Lewis pointed out in The Screwtape Letters, one of the finest and most effective defences against evil and its attendant stupidities is laughter. And in this one particular case, despite the clearly batcrap-crazy nature of the person(s) involved, humour is indeed the best defence.

This sort of nonsense deserves nothing but mockery and ridicule. This won't be the last time we see such silliness- that whole ballyhoo over Bruce Jenner supposedly "becoming" a woman, when in fact he did no such thing, proves that American society as a whole still has a long way to go before all of the stupid gets beaten out of it.

Yet, in the face of such moronic evil, the best, and sometimes only, defence, is laughter.


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