Begone, demon!

Tech support as exemplified by the very first Sluggy Freelance comics, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1997:

Comic for 08/25/97

Comic for 08/26/97

Comic for 08/27/97

Comic for 08/28/97

Comic for 08/29/97

Comic for 08/30/97

Damn you, John Ringo, you insanely talented bastard! You got me hooked on this impossibly awesome webcomic!


  1. Yah.

    Thanks to Ringo I got hooked on Sluggy, as well as Schlock Mercenary.

    Also, Heather Alexander, the Cruxshadows, and a re-introduction to Metal (Dragonforce, Hammerfall, etc...)

    1. Hail and kill, fellow Minion!!!

      John Ringo is an amazing guy, judging by his writing. Incredibly versatile. Makes liberals' heads spontaneously explode. And he works MANOWAR references into his books! What's not to like?

  2. Danke.

    What's not to like? *grin* Well - depends. *I* Like it, but he's the vile sort of guy who would have the crew of a starship play Europe's "Final Countdown" when launching the first time.... and creates playlists for his books (I have one on spotify that includes 90% of his Graveyard Sky playlist)

    Oh, and the crew that saves the world from a Von Neumann machine takeover of the planet does most of their heavy thinking at the Huntsville AL Hooters. (Though I had to turn off my brain and hit "I believe" at some of the networking stuff....

    I'd seen him at Dragoncon. Also at a book signing in the Atlanta area. The guy can hold a crowd spellbound, can tell a story, and knows how to hold court in a discussion, guiding it without stomping on it. A storyteller's storyteller.

    He also takes over panels if allowed.

    If you get a chance, read up his Ravencon AAR. It's hilarious.

    Also look up "Oh John Ringo No"

    1. His taste in music is similar to mine- questionable, at best. So I suspect we'd get along great =)

      And holding a networking event at the local Hooters is a damned fine idea. When I come to power, that will become mandatory corporate policy.

      I'll check out the reading you suggested. Should be awesome.


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