Crossing the Rubicon

Up until fairly recently, the #Gamergate thing was one of those routine storms in a teacup that flares up from time to time between those of us who like a bit of order and sense in the world, and those Morlocks* among the "social justice" set who stand for... well, they don't even fully understand what they're for, they just know what they're against, so let's just call them "Chaos spawn" for now.

There might be one or two of you who are not familiar with #Gamergate- though personally I don't see how that could be the case, since I have good reason to believe that most of the 25 readers (judging by Feedly numbers) of this blog are also avid readers of both Vox Day and Keoni Galt, and they've been all over this issue since it first popped up.

For those of you who need a refresher course- I'll let Good Old Badd Popp fill in the details:

This whole thing started when a "game developer" probably slept around with a bunch of guys who happen to write for gaming websites and magazines. She was outed by her ex-boyfriend, who provided evidence to back up his claims, for doing so.

And then, unsurprisingly, all hell broke loose.

Real gamers- guys like me, who play HALO and Gears of War and Starcraft and the Arkhamverse Batman games (which are EPIC, by the way) and Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri- reacted with outrage when we saw that an SJW "game developer" who was more interested in delivering Big Important Messages About Society in her games than actually making fun engaging content-heavy and feature-rich games was possibly sleeping around in order to gain publicity and favourable reviews for her games.

The gaming news establishment responded by calling us every ugly name there is. They called us racist, misogynist, angry, nerdy white virgins- which is exactly what the vast majority of us are not. They called us bigoted and stupid and evil, and far more besides. They turned what should have been a minor issue about possible cuckoldry, which was and remains a private matter between individuals, into a far bigger issue about the ethics of gaming journalism.

And until not very long ago, both we and they were content to fight this with words and ideas.

They could see that the inherently antifragile movement created by the angry backlash from the gamer community is not going to be silenced quickly or easily. In desperation, they resorted to writing ridiculous nonsense claiming that "gamers are dead as an identity", and that the fury that we gamers have vented over their (lack of) ethics is just yet more evidence of privilege and hate and bigotry.

They even managed to get the mainstream media onside- and predictably, the media did nothing whatsoever to even bother looking into the other side.

And we were winning. We still are. The entire gaming journalism establishment has been exposed for the seedy, crooked, ethical swamp that it really is.

Then they decided to change tactics.

They declared OPEN WAR.

As of right now, we know of at least three separate "swatting" incidents related in some form to #Gamergate, where those of us who are in favour of outdated things like truth, integrity, and just plain good old fun games have been targeted:

Expect more of the same to come. This issue, restrained as it was at one time, has been rapidly escalated, by their side.

These incidents, and several others like them, are being traced back to the SJW types who can see that they are losing the original debate over ethics in gaming journalism. 

And they're still losing.

So now they have done exactly what the Morlocks do when threatened: they have turned to the use of force to intimidate and silence their opposition.

Of course, being cowardly creatures terrified of sunlight and transparency, and lacking as they do in integrity and virtue, they have not the will or the strength to confront us in person. Instead, they run and hide under the skirts of the State and beg it to do their bidding, as any immature child does when he runs to his mother and begs her to stop the mean kids from picking on him.

They are effeminate, spineless, and pathetic.

And in this war,


Those of us who love real games, with real plots and real content and real ideas and real innovations, will not be silenced. We will not be told what to play and what to think. We will not accept their demands and we will not tolerate their attempts to tell us what is right according to their warped and twisted worldview.

If we want to spend cash on the latest installment of the greatest game franchise of all time, in which one of the main characters is a very attractive digitised blue naked woman with frankly epic tits, that's our business.
I wasn't joking about her jugs
If we want to buy fighting games involving ridiculously hot chicks in bikinis where the game developers built an entirely separate physics engine just for the breast jiggling, that is between us and the game developers. The Morlocks have no business butting (heh) in.

Kasumi Hotties1.jpg - The Dead or Alive Wiki - Dead or Alive, Dead ...
This is why God gave us jiggle physics
If we want to play games with hyper-masculine, badass heroes who spend their time blasting and/or mauling the ever-lovin' bejeezus out of countless hordes of faceless aliens that the SJWs interpret somehow as representing other races or cultures, that's our choice and the SJW types can take their fluffy vegan-friendly tofu-burger so-called "balls" and go play somewhere else. We don't want them and we don't need them.

Marcus Fenix.png
Pictured: A hyper-masculine badass
If we want to spend Sunday mornings zerging each other over, or playing Advanced Squad Leader with our friends, or creating online mayhem in TitanFall, or playing 8v8 deathmatches in Call of Duty, that's how we want to spend our time, and as far as we're concerned, people like John Scalzi and Nick Denton don't have a damn thing to say about it.

We will not retreat. We will not give in. We will win this war because they need our money, and without it, they have nothing. Our most powerful weapon is one that they cannot take away, no matter how hard they try- because they cannot make us buy what they're selling.

Finally, we will win because, as is always the case with progressive idiots, we are strong, and they are weak. They believe in an ideology that is completely bankrupt, that preaches equality over reality, and that has been proven a false god more times than I can even begin to count.

We stand for the inalienable and God-given right of game developers to write, code, and develop games as they see fit, and for the right of gamers to play the games that we want to play, the way we want to play them. This right is known in the United States of America and other once-free nations as "the right to free association", and it is not up for negotiation, discussion or debate. It is what it is, and those who seek to take it away must be stopped, by physical violence if necessary.

And yes, I did just say that physical violence is necessary in this case.

Let's be very clear about this- those who initiate aggression are in the wrong.

But when it comes to #Gamergate, we did not initiate physical violence- they did. They used the power of the State to try to silence those that frighten them.

Now it's high time they got a taste of their own medicine. Let them come, for we will destroy them and their foundationless temple.

They cannot win this war because, when it comes to physical violence, quite a few of us gamers are thoroughly in favour of private gun ownership, have martial arts training, and aren't exactly physical weaklings. They will lose this new stage of the war for the same reason that they've lost the other stages- they're using centralised state power against a decentralised, leaderless, amorphous entity that attacks them everywhere and anywhere, and cannot be put down.

They crossed the Rubicon carrying arms, attempting to occupy our citadel and impose their will upon us. But because all they can bring to bear is their hatred of us, rather than any real physical or moral strength, they will not succeed.

They brought us war. And we will give it to them.

No quarter given, no mercy shown.

Prepare for battle.

*With apologies to the most excellent Mr. Wright


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