Welcome to the Great Frozen North

Look up "irony" in the dictionary, and this is what you'll see
So I landed back in the (formerly) Land of the Free last Saturday morning, after a quite painful and arduous 26-hour journey halfway across the world, jet-lagged out of my mind, to find New York covered in what looked (from 3,000 metres up, anyway) like a blanket of pristine white snow up to 50cm deep. Upon landing, I discovered that I was not, in fact, seeing things, and also that it is indeed extremely unpleasant to go from a delightfully hot and humid tropical climate with an average daytime temperature of approximately 30 degrees to an unseasonably frosty early winter with an average temperature of -5 degrees*.

And that, unfortunately, was just the beginning.

Doubtless you will have seen by now that the US just went through one of the most vicious cold snaps in recent memory; indeed, as far as I can tell, this winter is every bit as bad as, if not worse than, the winter of 2006-07 when I first came here. For those who were fortunate enough not to be anywhere near the USA yesterday, all I can tell you is that it was horrifically cold. And I was lucky, compared to my sister, who lives not far from Lake Erie. For her town, temperatures reached -40 with windchill. That's an Antarctic winter right there. Today wasn't any better until late in the evening; honestly, if I could swap out this weather for what I left back home, I'd do it in less time than it takes to phrase the thought.

Naturally, the usual crowd of useful idiots have claimed, yet again, that this is Clear and Obvious Evidence of Man-Made Global Warming. This, despite the fact that one of those same useful idiots got himself stuck in the middle of the Antarctic at the height of the summer season down under with nothing but ice everywhere. Indeed, not only did said idiot get stuck where he said there should be no ice at all, but the icebreaker that was supposed to try to get him and his crew out got stuck too:
Chinese polar resupply ship Xue Long has flagged for the first time that it may need help, after spending days among Antarctic pack ice after coming to the aid of private expedition ship Akademik Shokalskiy. 
The 15,000-tonne Xue Long notified the Australian Maritime Safety Authority on Friday afternoon that it had concerns about its ability to move through heavy ice. 
AMSA said it had placed the Aurora Australis on standby to assist, only hours after it was stood down and allowed to proceed on its resupply mission to Casey station after taking on board 52 passengers rescued from the Shokalskiy. 
Observers on the Aurora had noted that the Xue Long appeared not to have moved for days. The ship's helicopter was used to transfer the group from the Akademik Shokalskiy to ice near the Aurora.
It is very difficult indeed not to choke on the schadenfreude here. If anything, this particular bit of adverse WEATHER is simply proof that the Almighty exists, and has a very dry sense of humour.

Slightly more seriously, there is a useful lesson here about what is, and what is not, science. If something can be falsified through rigourous application of logical and empirical inquiry, if something is testable, if something can be proven wrong, then it is possible to apply the scientific method to it. It is possible, in other words, to build a science out of that topic.

If, however, an idea cannot be falsified in any way, even when there is a preponderance of evidence against its validity, and even when its most ardent proponents routinely look like complete morons when they confront those who disagree with them, then it is not, and never will be, a subject of scientific inquiry.

Global warming alarmists continue to insist, in the face of mounting and stark evidence, that the world is warming up and becoming more susceptible to "extreme weather events". They insist that an unusually hot summer is evidence of global warming- and then turn around and insist that an extremely cold winter is also evidence of global warming, and that both situations are being caused by humans simply... well, existing. Because they fail to understand basic logic, they are, of course, extremely easy to troll, and thank the Lord for that.

So do yourself a favour this winter. Go out and bring a CAGW alarmist into your home, and then proceed to push his buttons until he completely and totally melts down. Not only will the resulting explosion of light and fury let you save a bundle on your heating bills, but you'll enjoy a far better spectacle than anything you're likely to see on the telly during this nasty cold.

*(Note to my American readers: due to your country's absurd and flatly ridiculous insistence on using the old imperial system, despite having supposedly won your independence from the British Empire over 230 years ago, please note that all temperatures and most other measures on this blog are METRIC. As they bloody well ought to be.)


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