Xenophobia is a Survival Instinct

I have finally been catching up on my Red Pill reading in my not-exactly-abundant spare time. It was with more than passing interest that I read a rather provocative new post from Crazy Uncle Mitch that will undoubtedly cause the Gamma Rabbits of this world to go into collective meltdown:
You see, Xenophobia is a survival instinct. A survival instinct is an instinct which is responsible for our present survival, thus existence. Let me give you an example, animals prey on other animals right? Animals had to develop Xenophobic tendencies because if they didn’t, they would be eaten and wouldn’t reproduce. Same with humans. Genetically, those animals and early humans which did not have a healthy innate xenophobic instinct had less chance of surviving and reproducing. It worked well for early humans who existed as tribal animals, those who weren’t of the tribe were feared. True, some survival instincts may be outmoded due to changing circumstances.  That is to say, as we have evolved, the need to depend on such instincts may no longer be necessary. For instance, the feast or famine instinct which drives many people who can’t control it to become obese in societies of unlimited food is, for the present, no longer necessary. Such an instinct may even be harmful if left unchecked. As we see from the herds of fatties wandering around, it is. In my humble opinion though, given what we’re seeing with the flash mobs and the huge amount of black on white crime and black on Hispanic gang violence against each other, xenophobia is still very valuable as a survival instinct. That’s why you instinctively cross the street if you see a group of blacks walking towards you on the sidewalk. 
Case in point, this past Saturday night I was making the rounds at the bars in the tourist district of the town I live in with some friends. Just as it was getting totally dark, the blacks started piling in. This was unusual to say the least because I had spent all day there and could’ve counted the blacks I saw there on one hand. I told my friends, “This isn’t going to end well, I’m staying away from anywhere they congregate” and sure enough, before the night was over, there was a huge fight and multiple arrests that took two paddy wagons to transport to jail all the blacks arrested.
I could start with the usual disclaimers that might be expected from someone who is of mixed race and has been to more places in the last 10 years than most people will ever see in their entire lives. I could point out the fact that I have close friends from like 10 different countries as proof that xenophobia is dangerous and unhealthy. I could go on for hours about how bad it is to judge people by generalities and stereotypes.

And if I were a bleeding heart liberal- which for me is code for "infinite degree of idiot"- then I certainly would. But I'm not. So I won't.

Xenophobia, as Bill Powell states so clearly, is a survival mechanism. It is born of the recognition that people are different, no matter how much the world's equalitarians would like to believe otherwise. It is based on the cold, hard truth that different races, nationalities, and tribes react differently to the same pressures and the same stimuli.

Take Asians, for instance- particularly the Chinese. In every single country to which Chinese immigrants have travelled, the immigrant population has proven to be quiet, hardworking, and almost single-minded in its determination to blend in. I come from South Asia, and if you came to my home city, you would be stunned to find people of Chinese origin there who speak the native language every bit as well as the natives, with the same accents and the same idioms. They have even adapted Chinese food to suit the local palate; whenever I go back to my home country, "Chinese" takeout is always featured as part of a big family meal. (To me and my direct family, of course, that is anything but Chinese food- but then, my family lives in Singapore and we've actually been to China, so our experiences inform and colour our tastes.) The Chinese have adapted and adopted as a survival instinct. So have Indian immigrants (not Muslim ones, though, so we're clear). They have done so to survive and even prosper as minorities in nations where the dominant majority culture makes its preferences clearly known.

The same most assuredly cannot be said of other minority races and cultures. Where Mexicans have gone, they have taken the realities of Mexico with them- heavy dependence on the State combined with an almost total lack of belief in family planning (i.e., high time preferences). Where blacks have gone, the outcomes have been even worse. Where Muslims have gone, they have gone not with the mindset of minorities seeking acceptance within the majority culture, but as invaders seeking to subvert their host culture from within as part of Islam's wider strategy to bring the entire world under the dominion of dar al-Islam. And even Chinese and Indian immigrants tend to be far more liberal and willing to tolerate the interference of government in their lives than the Westerners among whom they settle. One would have to be blind, deaf, and probably dead (or an airhead liberal- same thing, if you think about it) to believe that one's society can continuously import large quantities of immigrants without feeling the effects of the different values and beliefs of those immigrants upon the host society.

Xenophobia, in its most direct and literal translation, simply means "fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign". (Wikipedia would go farther and have you believe that such fear is "irrational"; as Bill Powell makes very clear, it is nothing of the sort.) The reality is that the values and dogmas held by minority groups and tribes within the Western world today are often openly hostile towards the very things that made the Western world the greatest and most powerful civilisation in history.

Societies thrive and grow when its members are united by ties of blood, culture, and common belief. Societies die when these ties are loosened and then undone- especially the tie of common belief. The thread of common belief that once bound this country together- the belief that America exemplified and embodied what it meant to be truly free to pursue one's destiny- has long since been sundered. It is no surprise or coincidence that this sundering came at the same time that America decided to open up its borders to millions of illegal immigrants from its poorer and far less competent southern neighbour, and to hundreds of thousands of immigrants from nations without the painstakingly built traditions of rule-of-law and limited government.

A strictly limited flow of immigrants is almost surely a net boon to society. A strictly regulated flow of immigrants that have the skills and abilities that the host society lacks, can be very beneficial to the host society. An unregulated wave of people crashing against the shores of an unprepared nation is a surefire prescription for disaster.

To refuse to acknowledge these facts, and the consequences of these facts, is the height of human stupidity. To refuse to understand what your eyes are telling you every day- that a "diverse" and "multicultural" society is also a weak and confused society- is to beg to be bent over a barrel by reality.


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