The Cost of the Red Pill, Pt. 2

I posted a while back about the effects that imbibing the Red Pill can have upon you. The cost is often severe, but I maintain that it is absolutely worth it. Having Truth thrust upon you is often painful, but in this day and age it is truly necessary. If you have been imbibing regular doses of Truth over time, the temptation is to share that truth with other men of your own age, and to be as politically incorrect as possible with young women around you whenever possible. I strongly encourage both.

Do not, however, be surprised if you encounter serious resistance in the process.

As it happens, brainwashing takes a LOT of time and effort to undo. Deprogramming yourself from the Matrix is not at all easy. Last night was a bit of an eye-opener for me in this regard. I went out for a few drinks with a couple of colleagues to a whiskey lounge near where I work. For those who are interested in upscale, quiet places with great atmosphere and amazing drinks and food, this place is perfect- it is one of my favourite drinking spots anywhere in the world. This is no watering hole. It is where an introvert can go to recharge, without having to shout over loud and obnoxious music, in the company of a trusted few companions.

Over time the discussion turned from work and the challenges we face every day to politics, history, and religion. And it was remarkable to me just how poorly educated my fellows were in all three fields. It is all too common these days to find young men of my age who still believe that government is somehow not evil, that democracy is a good idea, that men and women are not fundamentally different, that Christianity is not about making yourself feel good, that gun control is not a fundamentally stupid and dangerous idea.

Yet that is exactly what I found last night. Young, highly educated, highly intelligent men are blinded and trapped by the society around them, unable or unwilling to think for themselves because the pain that comes with freeing their minds is so great. That is literally what one of my colleagues said to me late last night- that he didn't want to accept these truths, because it was just too difficult for him to accept that I was right.

At an earlier point during the evening's discussions, the topic of the War Between the States came up- what you Americans absurdly refer to as the "Civil War", as if there was anything civil about a war in which the rights of Southern states were removed at gunpoint by the imperial overstretch of the North. One of my colleagues had gone to university in California and had travelled in the South, and was shocked to hear me agree with many of the sentiments that Southerners to this day hold regarding the War Between the States (or as they call it, the War of Northern Aggression). I outlined my reasons why, quoting almost verbatim from various points of Thomas DiLorenzo's outstanding book, The Real Lincoln. (That book should be required reading in every single high school history class; that it is not simply shows how deep the indoctrination has become.) Like many introverts, my colleague was not keen on conflict or argument, so eventually he simply gave up debating me and said that I would never convince him, and he would never convince me, and left it at that.

At another point, the question of government power and the vision of the Founders came up. One of my colleagues asserted the utterly absurd notion that the Founders intended for America to be a democracy. The reality is that they intended for absolutely nothing of the sort. The Founders, from Jefferson to Adams to Franklin to Hamilton to Washington and onwards, were almost to a man deeply sceptical of mob rule, and designed the American system of government to emulate the Roman Republic's basic design. They did not intend or design a system along the lines of the assembly of Athens. I noted this very point, contrasting the governments of Athens and of Sparta, and noting that even though Athens started out as an egalitarian democracy and Sparta started out as a militaristic proto-Communist slave-backed society, it was Athens that turned to conquest and empire and lost both its virtue and its possessions over centuries of imperial expansion; meanwhile, Sparta remained stable and strong by cleaving to its system of constitutional monarchy, to the point where even Philip of Macedon found the cost of destroying Sparta far too great to countenance.

And of course, when I pointed out the disaster that has been universal suffrage, that went down about as well as a plate of cold sick.

None of the points that I raised were done on a whim. All of my points are easily verified through simple readings of history and economic analysis. And all of them are nearly unpalatable to the vast majority of men today. At no point did I have to do anything other than forcefully demonstrate the logic of my statements in order to elicit reactions of horror and shock.

That is the magnitude of the task that faces us today. The numbers of our ranks are growing, yet we are still far too few. We who have rejected the lies that we were taught almost from birth have a very long and difficult road ahead of us. The reality is that many men, when faced with the truth, are terrified by what they see.

It all brings to mind one of my favourite quotes from Rollo- "save those you can, read last rites to the dying". If you have male friends who are in dire and desperate need of a bit of Red Pill wisdom- as both of my male colleagues were- then administer a strong dose of it. But do not be surprised if your patients struggle in the process. I certainly struggled when I first came across the Red Pill. Vox Day's blog was probably my first introduction to it, and I remember at first being outraged at what he wrote- but then, as I tried to attack his logic and ideas, I quickly realised that his reasoning was airtight, his understanding of history was vast, and his analysis was unimpeachable. As I came across more of the same from greats like Roissy, Roosh, and Rollo- not to mention the older and wiser denizens of the 'Sphere like Bill Powell and The Private Man- I came to realise that not only are we not alone, we are strong.

That strength comes with a cost. Do not hesitate to pay it, but do not be surprised at the pain it inflicts. That pain is what you need, to destroy the lies that have trapped you, to set you free.

Go forth, then, and seek your freedom.


  1. "At an earlier point during the evening's discussions, the topic of the War Between the States came up- what you Americans absurdly refer to as the "Civil War", as if there was anything civil about a war in which the rights of Southern states were removed at gunpoint by the imperial overstretch of the North."

    I don't know what land you hail from, Sir, but I believe you may have been a Southron in a past life. You're welcome to stop by and visit us any time you like. If you can handle the idea of drinking copious quantities of tea with ice,and maybe even bourbon in it, that is. :) Yankee bastards may have destroyed our economy and our way of life and locked us into this forcible Union so we could have the life's bllood drained out of our people and businesses for the benefit of the North's favorite sons,but we still know how to lay out a feast for an honored guest.

    1. My family, and especially my sister, considers me to be so deep-fried that I'm known as the Redneck in the bunch. Having visited Texas a few times, and interacted with more than a few Southerners, I consider this a great compliment.

      I'm most honoured by your kind words and your invitation. I loved visiting Texas the few times that I've been there, and I'm hoping to visit a few more Southern states over the coming years. There is much to like and appreciate about the South- not least the fact that, in the South, those who hold to Christian values and love their guns are still welcome.


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