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Monday. FFS, not this shit again.

Fortunately, this Monday we can draw inspiration from a true gentleman, hero, and legend of the film industry - back when that meant something. At Dawn Pine's suggestion, the headline for this week's Great Mondaydact Browser Buster is all about James Stewart.

Roscoe Reports: Today In History March 22nd

His birthday is on May 20th, and it seems only right and fitting to give a tribute to a sterling example of patriotism, courage, and human decency. This was a man who fought in WWII with honour and distinction in the US Army Air Force as the first major American movie star to wear a uniform in the war. He flew straight into the teeth of anti-aircraft fire as the commander of a bomber squadron of B-24s, often flying as the lead command pilot to inspire the men under his command. He refused to be sidelined because of his celebrity status and repeatedly flew uncredited missions as a pathfinder and observer on bombing runs into the heart of Nazi Germany.

This was a man who exposed himself to danger and death on a regular basis, simply because he believed in doing his duty. He never shirked, never dodged, never complained. He just got on with being a good and decent man.

His postwar film career was quite something too. I remember watching Rear Window as a teenager, and his performance in that film - along with the ethereal beauty of the one and only Grace Kelly - was something to behold.

Jimmy Stewart wasn't a fashionable man. He was a Republican - back when that actually meant something - and campaigned for St. Ronald Magnus of the Right way back in 1976. But he was fundamentally a good man, and a brave one.

Of course, no tribute to the man is complete without actually showing you what he was like, so here we go:

See what I mean about Grace Kelly?


His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, presented the Space Force flag to the American people last week:

Gene Roddenberry is spinning so fast in his grave right now, he's creating his own micro-gravity field. That's the Star Trek insignia!!!

That's pretty amazing, but the next thing that needs to happen is a direct integration of the Space Force and the US Marine Corps.



#BasedTucker is based:


Mark Dice is having WAY too much fun mocking CNNLOL's court eunuch, who continues to embarrass himself on a nightly basis for the gratification of his viewers:

Mark's helium-infused voiceover of Humpty Dumpty there absolutely MUST be re-tweeted by the God-Emperor. If His Eternal Celestial Majesty does this, it will break Twatter - so, y'know, two birds, one stone, etc.

Most High Legendary Majesty, Most Mighty God-Emperor: MAKE IT SO!!!


Jason from Blue Collar Logic gives us example number 5,472,690,138 of the lying whorenalists of the corporate (((media))) class doing what they do best - LYING:

And Dave hails a very unlikely hero, none other than Elon Musk, for reopening in the face of Commiefornia's ridiculously draconian shutdown orders:

Let's be clear about something. I don't trust Elon Musk, at all. I think he's a shyster and a con-man who sells people bullshit and gets them to pay ridiculously high prices for it. He's very, very good at selling such nonsense, and I respect him for that skill - but I sure as shit don't trust him.

And he's certainly not above using threats of firings and job losses to get his way. He made it very clear that anyone who didn't show up for work would lose his or her job. He's not quite the folk hero that some conservatives are making him out to be.

But he's still a hell of a lot braver and more sensible than any of the idiots who run the state of Crazyfornia.


Bill Whittle takes a closer look at the increasingly unnecessary nature of adolt edumacation in colleges and universities - also known as "indoctrination factories" - across America:


The Male Brain came up with a big pack of material last week, and I'm very pleased to present it here. We start with the latest trend in idiotic virtue signalling - ORC RIGHTS!!!

Can you imagine what it's like to believe everything the (((media))) tells you?

Let's take a nostalgia trip back to the 1980s:

Plenty more to come, keep scrolling down.


China Uncensored points out that much of the world has wised up, at least for now, to the ChiComs and their reliably bungled attempts to cover up the colossal disruptions caused by the Chinkin Pox:


Related - The Epoch Times reports on the (well-hidden) chaos within China's own economy caused by the worldwide economic catastrophe of the Chinkin Pox:


Paul Ramsey explains a basic truth of life:

Let's be absolutely clear about this.

If you believe that communism, or socialism, in ANY form, actually works at any level beyond the that of a medium-sized family or very small village, you are not only NOT of the Right, you are both historically and economically illiterate, and you are just about too STUPID to use the swings on a children's playground.

I would go even further and advocate that killing hardcore socialists and communists outright is simply valid self-defence, given the track record of communists in power throughout all of human history. There has been no ideology more lethal than this one.


El Razorfist absolutely shreds Arizona Senate candidate Mark Kelly over his record on a number of issues:


Jared Taylor from American Renaissance offers up a theory and an explanation as to why POCs in America, who have benefited the most at the expense of white people, are the ones who most hate white people:


Uncle Sargon tells young men everywhere, "JUST SAY NO!" to SIMPing:


Switching gears a bit, last week saw the release of HALO 2: Anniversary on PC as part of the Master Chief Collection. Unfortunately - and I do not blame 343 Industries for this - the release is full of bugs.

I do not blame 343i for this simply because I know a few things about software development. It is EXTREMELY HARD to port games built on a platform like the Xbox, which has a much older architecture and chipset than any modern PC does, onto proper 64-bit processing platforms with modern GPUs and RAM and so on. That is before we get to the fact that H2A on PC is basically a port of a port of a port.

HALO 2 was originally released for the Xbox, back in 2005. It was then ported to the Xbox 360 using an emulation layer, and that layer didn't always work very well - every time the screen went cattywampus with a "burned-in" image, you had to restart the damned thing and try again. It was then ported again to the Xbox One with a completely rebuilt aesthetic and significant add-ons and upgrades to its capabilities and gameplay, especially in the multiplayer area, because it was remastered and rebuilt using the graphics engine from HALO 5: Guardians.

You cannot go through all of that, using ten-year-old code bolted onto more recent code, without introducing bugs. It's just not possible without an infinitely long software development and release cycle.

So I'm willing to cut the developers a lot of slack here - especially because I don't use multiplayer and don't care about it. As long as the campaign mode works, I'm happy.

Anyway, let's take a look at the absolute WORST vehicles in my beloved HALOverse:


Midnight's Edge investigates whether or not existing STAR WARS canon actually matters to the writing group within Lucasfilm these days:


Related - Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock notes that the House of the Devil Mouse is divided against itself, with respect to STAR WARS:


Gary from Nerdrotic takes a look at the likelihood that Deadpool 3 has been cancelled outright:

I like Ryan Reynolds, a lot. I think he's actually a pretty good actor who can play a straight role. I'm not really a huge fan of the Deadpool films that he did. They are funny, sure, and I certainly was vastly mistaken about whether or not they would be any good - I apologised for my mistake right here on my blog.

But I don't consider the movies to be anything other than disposable entertainment. Watch once, laugh, enjoy, and put away for good.

So I'm not exactly heartbroken at the thought of not seeing the "merc with a mouth" come back again to the big screen.


The Drinker is heartily sick of Westworld, and just wants it to end already:


It would appear that AHHHHHnullld may be signed on for a very very very late sequel to Conan the Barbarian as King Conan:

I seriously doubt that it will happen, both because of the changes to Hollyweird thanks to the Kung Flu, and the estate rights. I also doubt that it will be any good even if it does happen, because the track record of adapting Robert E. Howard's legendary work to the big screen is patchy, at best.

That being said - the adaptation of Solomon Kane is, in my personal opinion, very good:


Let's take a look at some Honest Trailers, which may or may not have gotten a bit better by now:


Your "Science is F***ING WEIRD" moment of the week comes from Dawn Pine as well, and concerns the aquatic spinosaurus - as if Asian Murder Hornets weren't terrifying enough:

Paleontologists in the Moroccan Sahara unearthed one of the largest intact dinosaur fossils ever found in the region: a mostly-complete tail of the first-known aquatic dinosaur.

Scientists think 50-foot-long Spinosaurus aegyptiacus sported a large sail on its back and cruised ancient rivers about 100 million years ago. The findings were published in the journal Nature last month.

The massive fin-like Spinosaurus tail is “utterly bizarre” and unique, says Nizar Ibrahim, a National Geographic explorer and University of Detroit Mercy paleontologist whose work was funded by the National Geographic Society. The propulsive organ moved the animal through the water, he says.

Spinosaurus also had a long, narrow snout comparable to a crocodile with cone-shaped teeth to catch slippery prey like fish, he says. The dinosaur also had dense bones to control buoyancy and relatively small hind limbs.

“There are a number of clues in the skeleton that tell us that this was a water-loving dinosaur,” he says. “But the tail really is the most important part because it's absolutely huge and it really does look like a giant paddle.”

Obligatory AWESOMESAUCE pic:

The First Truly Semiaquatic Dinosaur, Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus


Your long read of the week is a classic article from Reason concerning the German economic "non-miracle" and the manner in which the (West) German economy grew from a shattered postwar wreck in 1945 to the economic powerhouse of the entire European continent:

In 1946 Wilhelm Roepke, probably the most eloquent and vociferous of the school, set down a precise format for the German reconstruction. The plan was to create a new currency, to decontrol the economy, and to let the German people produce. In Roepke's words: "The prerequisite of a return to economic sanity in Germany is the radical reform of the German money system. This reform must restore the Mark as the true measure of values, as the trusted means of exchange, and therefore as the agent that harmonizes and integrates the economic process. To this end, the 'repressed' inflation must be stopped by two measures at the same time, the one hitting at repression, the other at inflation.…There would be little sense in making an end of the 'repressed' inflation if we were to retain the strangling devices of economic repression and to go on 'directing,' 'licensing,' 'prohibiting,' and what not."

Roepke proposed a central monetary authority and, as was the Freiburg belief, held to a monetarist perspective. He went on to advocate the rebuilding of Germany, not through charity—which he claimed was absurd and unnecessary if the Allies would only let Germany go to work—but through "credits and investments," that would accrue to Germany as soon as a stable political and economic climate prevailed. Roepke also advanced the radical concept of free trade—unilaterally, if need be—to put German exports back into the world market. It was economically obvious that Germany, to recover, was going to have to rely greatly on its exporting success, and reduction of tariff barriers was a logical step to improve foreign trade. Finally, Roepke called for an end to the Allied bureaucratization and, in a pronunciamento not taken as particularly friendly to the French, British, and American overseers, he propounded "a deflation of Allied administration which ought to be as drastic as that of the German currency." Roepke had proposed a currency deflation of 100 to 1!


Linkage is good for you:

And some more from Dawn Pine:

The Neo-Tsar recently signed into law a bill that will fast-track Russian citizenship. There have been a number of quite sweeping changes to Russian immigration law of late. Children of Russian citizens can now become Russians themselves without having to fulfill a 5-year residency requirement. Foreign citizens who acquire Russian citizenship no longer have to give up their original passports. And the process of applying for a Russian passport for the various Crimean republics has been greatly simplified and fast-tracked.

People who live in Russia as permanent residents now have unlimited residency - the PR permits used to be valid for only 5 years. Applying for Russian citizenship has become much easier for those people who are permanent residents and want to pledge allegiance to the Rodina.

The goal was to add up to 10 million additional citizens to the existing pool of about 147 million Russians. And it's not that surprising as to why. Russia is still in the grip of a major demographic crisis and faces a possible population collapse in the next fifty years if nothing is done.

Even so, I thought that the idea of offering a Russian passport - which is, in fact, quite valuable, vastly more so than the shitty one offered by my own country of birth - for more or less free, was a very stupid idea. There aren't many areas where I disagree with the Neo-Tsar, but immigration is definitely one of them.

Evidently the Neo-Tsar anticipated many of the concerns of ordinary Russians - who have far more "skin in the game" in that decision than I do:

He is, of course, absolutely correct about the fact that Central Asians - those from what you might call the "kstan" republics to Russia's south - do not integrate all that well. That is because their people are largely Muslim and speak Russian far more poorly than Ukrainians or Moldovans do.

Indeed, if you live for a few months in Moscow - as I have - then you can get to the point where you can spot the differences between these various peoples simply on sight. Armenians, Dagestanis, Georgians, and others, look and sound very different from the locals.

That being said... mass immigration IS NOT the answer to a population crisis. Never was. Never will be.

There is one good thing about the Neo-Tsar's policies. He has put sweeping changes to the Russian Constitution before the Russian people. Those changes make it impossible for anyone with dual citizenship to serve in any senior positions in the Russian government. And they stress the primacy of Russian law over international law - under the proposed changes, the latter can only be applied when they do not conflict with the former.

Would that the Western nations put their own interests first, as Russia does!


History lessons of the week:


Wazzocks gonna wazzock:

And now for some old-school wazzockery:


Kitchen Nightmares with the Angry Scot:


Comedy hour:

The first part in this next one is highly topical:

And a whole bunch of James Veitch sketches from The Male Brain:


Pics, guns, girls, starting with some from Dawn Pine:


Wouldn't it be nice if the Daemoncrats just breed themselves out of existence someday?

Headlines of the week tell us that we should be terrified of EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME:

Y'know, it says a lot about me that I initially read that last headline as, "Women do good physics (when sober)".

Sexist? Oh yeah. And proud of it.

Saw him play live back in 2004 at Download Donnington. Fun times. He was old and weird even back then. I cannot imagine what he's like now.

That's one of the funniest pictures that I've seen in weeks.

One of my readers lives in central Florida and has gone swimming with alligators before...

Not pointin' fingers, y'all unnerstand, jus' sayin', is all...


Your dog of the week is the American Spitz:

12 Things You Didn’t Know about the American Eskimo Dog ...


Gym beasts time:


Coach Ramsey has some exceptionally good advice to offer about combinations and the use of push-kicks, or teeps in muay thai lingo, to end a multi-strike combo:

The advice about changing one's position relative to one's opponent is superb. This is how you win fights. You have to keep your opponent off balance and out of his comfort zone - which keeps you out of his range, and knocks him off his game while giving you a lot of chances to follow up with strikes of your own once you reset.


Buakaw Beatdown of the Week:


For those of you who like a bit of shufflin':


And for some synthwave:

A lot of people (who don't know ass from elbow) tell me that I have a one-track mind when it comes to music.

I daresay my readers know better.




And finally here's your Instathot to start off the week. Her name is Taylor Lethcoe, age 22 from Boca Raton, FL - which just goes to show that this particular part of the Sunshine State has a little more to it than Ye Olde Phartes driving too slowly in the left lane in their creaky old Caddys.

That's all, folks. Get off your butts and get to work. Your economies will not save themselves - money doesn't grow on trees, no matter WHAT the Modern Monetary Theorists believe, and no matter what the Creature from Jekyll Island wants you to think.


  1. The Science is Weird portion:

    There can be other explanations for these creatures being so far in a dry land; all of which the article doesn't want to do much with:

    A. It's not an aquatic creature. We're just really blind to interpreting old bones in the dirt. The baselines are so difficult to determine and fraud is rampant. See: Lucy, Cro-Magnon, Brontosaurus, ect
    B. There was the global flood event that parked this big boy in the sands when the waters receeded. All societies except the Moderns subscribe to this notion and it aligns with the known divine revelation.
    C. There was a shift of plates that moved different regions of the earth across the globe. There are fossils of tropical animals in the polar regions after all. What if it isn't the climate that has changed but the location of the landmass? It's an oldish book but still a intellectually stimulating and thrilling one. All the hysteria around the Mayan long count ending the world in 2012 pretends to be based on this book, but it's just a derivative footnote in a very good detective novel: The Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock. He's not a christian but he is a courageous thinker.

    Interestingly, none of these 3 are mutually exclusive. Each represents a challenge to the intellectual orthodoxy. They are fully possible and maybe more probable.
    After all, what other creatures do we see today that stick sails up to navigate off the breeze? Avians, not aquatics, use the wind. There is deep evidence for a global flood. There is compelling rationality to global catastrophe moving the land in violent ways.

    Godspeed sir.

  2. That 'Why they hate us' video made me want to puke. The ingratitude is breathtaking.

    It's one thing to have your average poor vibrant fill full of envy, blame the honkeys on his plight, and pile on the hate. But these women have benefited mightily from the US, and for the most part grew up in an environment the rest of the world can only dream about.

    Being over educated, they can't grok that white people, by and large, aren't privileged whatsoever. In America, there's just more of us, especially if you add in the people that count as white - like some of my Mexican and mixed friends. I've had to work for whatever I've gotten, and know few who haven't. They argue my 'success' is built into the system, which is horseshit. I've lost more than a few jobs because my skin was too pale and I lacked a vagina. The most gyno-centric company I've ever seen bought my company out and they still kvetch about the 'ceiling' in tech for women. Never occurs to them that women simply may not be interested.

    I used to work as a consultant, which required wearing a suit, and I usually commuted. I've been accosted more than once for money, of which I had none, with the homeless dude bitching about that rich white motherfucker in $1000 suit. No conception that I was working my nuts off to feed and house three kids and my wife, not a spare nickel to my name. If I hadn't earned a bonus, I wouldn't have been able to buy the suits, shirts, and ties I had to wear. And notice, I bought clothes to fit in with my gig, and didn't blow the money on beer and smokes.

    But back to these women in the video. Leave. If you don't like it, think we're too racist, you can't get anywhere, leave. Go back the dark continent. Bring them up. Create Wakanda, FFS. We paid for your education, go do some good. But read the book 'Out of Africa' first. Here, you're elevated. There, just another schmoo. Matter of fact, if it weren't for the US, Most likely their asses would be pounding taro root, cooking over a fire, and doing laundry in a washtub in the heat.

  3. Penguins prefer Caravaggio to Monet, don't we all?

  4. Imagine living in the paleo era, going for a swim and seeing a spinosaurus in front of you. FUCK. I can't imagine how many prayers per second I would manage to say before I shit my pants.

    Girls with guns are superior to the instathot. The instathot didn't even tempt me to break my nofap streak :P Maybe switching back to the 50's playboy wouldnt be a bad idea.

  5. I made it as far as Quarantine Zone in my latest legendary Halo 2 run, and can't bring myself to fire up the monolith (my new nickname for the original XBOX since it's a dead ringer for a buried Necron monolith) to finish it. I know I'm going to die at least 50 times at the beginning of the next level (Gravemind) because it's the most hateful encounter Bungie's ever designed. The only others I can think of which come close are Into The Belly of The Beast from Halo 1 and that part after the broken bridge in Halo 3 where you have to kill like 30 brutes and two tanks with no cover before you get a checkpoint.


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