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Bloody hell, another Monday - one where I have some gnarly allergies, to boot. And here I've gone over 30 years without having severe allergic reactions to anything - other than Leftist stupidity, that is.

But, time marches on, and so too does the Great Mondaydact Browser Crash, brought to you by yer very 'eavy, very 'umble servant, the Didact. So, onward and downward.

We start with a meme that has really taken off all over teh innarwebz of late, thanks to the self-appointed scolds that we know of as "Karens", who go around telling the rest of us how to behave while under Chinkin Pox lockdowns:

Our friend Adam Piggott has a handy breakdown of the precise nature of the Karen as we see her today during the Great CommiePox Pandemic, as well as a solid solution to help her keep her stupid trap shut:

The Karen is an Anglo-Saxon creature. It does not exist in other cultures. I never met a single native Karen in the decade that I lived in Italy. Nor in the three years that I have resided in the Netherlands. These countries certainly boast women that sport short and unattractive haircuts. But the corresponding attitude, the unquenched thirst to speak to the manager, is entirely absent.

The ubiquity of the Karen in countries like Australia is prime evidence of why women need to be disenfranchised. Anglo-Saxon women are not able to handle any sort of power for the simple reason that Anglo-Saxon men do not have the skills to keep their women in check. It is not in their nature. Their cultural upbringing does not allow it in a manner that is acceptable in any social milieu.


We need to bring back boundaries for women, and by we I mean men. A curtailing of their supposed rights in favor of their very real responsibilities is what is needed. Those that are still not able to function in a reasonable manner should be sent to convents or camps where they cannot do any more damage. The ludicrous notion that women should have the right to vote, let alone lead, must be abolished. Only thus may your precious democracy be saved.

Y'know, I just realised during the final editing of this gigantic browser-killer that I used to have a swimming coach named Karen - she was a Sefrikin, and she was a bit of a dragon-lady, and I didn't much like her.

And she had a bowl-cut.

Damn. I've actually met and been influenced, badly, by Karens.

As you can see, the Karen is a grave threat to our liberties and way of life as Men of the West. Therefore, today's entire post will be full of things that severely piss of the Karens and make their heads explode in sheer outrage.

We start, of course, with a man GUARAN-DAMN-TEED to make any Karen melt down from sheer outrage with every utterance from his mouth:


His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, honoured America's dead in WWII in commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of VE Day last week:

He has also very obviously made a superb choice with his new Press Secretary, who absolutely mauled the lying presstitutes of the whorenalist (((media))) the other day:

The new Press Sec - definitely NOT a Karen.


#BasedTucker is based:


Somewhat related - here's something that in more rational times would go under the "NO F***ING SHIT, SHERLOCK!!!" category, but we don't live in very rational times:


Mark Dice can barely mask (sorry) his glee at the sheer stupidity of some of the folks out there as the Kung Flu eases up a bit:

That nonsense from Don Lemon about how the God-Emperor is insecure and constantly threatened by his predecessor, Odumbass the Lightworker, is pure comedy. All you have to do is to look at a picture of Moochelle the Beast side by side with a picture of Melania the supermodel, and you know immediately who has the better deal.

The God-Emperor is an UR-ALPHA among Alphas. Odoofus was at best a high Bravo while he was in office - on a very very very good day - and probably a low Delta if not an outright Gamma now that he's out.

Barry Obarmy married a Karen, too, by the way, the very same Karen who kept telling kids what to eat. The God-Emperor most assuredly did not marry a Karen.


Dave from Blue Collar Logic asks exactly who it is that we're trying to help by shutting down entire economies - it certainly isn't Ye Olde Phartes, that's for damn sure:

And Jason points out, in the wake of the Flynn backfire, that the Daemoncrats simply cannot handle the truth, at all:


Bill Whittle takes on the idea that the God-Emperor's Administration could invalidate the entire Affordable Care Act:


The Male Brain is back with plenty more good stuff for the week. We'll get to the Karen memes that he forwarded to me down in the pics section. We start with Laura Definitely-Not-A-Karen Ingraham, who has definitely been crushing it of late with her commentary:

John Stossel has been really killing it too:

Here's a good video from Prager U pointing out that social justice simply is not justice at all:

Dawn knew that I would get my hackles up at the mention of "Judaeo-Christian" values - as he himself points out, there are only Jewish values and Christian values, and the Neo-Palestinians who run Prager U mean the latter. As far as I'm concerned, they conflate the two deliberately and for not particularly good reasons, but that's another post.

Also - damn but Allie Beth Stuckey has aged fast!!!


The folks at China Uncensored point out that while the rest of the world is preoccupied with the Kung Flu, the CCP has re-occupied Hong Kong:

To be brutally honest, I cannot find it within myself to care much about the Hong Kong protests.

The Western media has painted the rioters as heroic resisters to a brutal authoritarian regime - though they refuse to say so outright, of course, they simply imply it through that infuriatingly smug way that they sell us their subtle propaganda.

Other global media outlets, like RT, portray the protesters as violent thugs and hooligans.

The truth is, as always, somewhere in between. The Hong Kong protesters ARE furious, rightly so, about their rights being trampled. But they are also fighting a losing battle - and they know it. China outnumbers them by thousands to one. If China decides to roll into Hong Kong with tanks, well, that's it, the Basic Law is over and done with.

That's the reality. Hong Kong is done. Smart Honkies - yes, that's a racist term, and I don't really give a flying weaselpecker's ass about that - have been looking for ways to get out and flee to Australia and Canada for months now.

Should the West intervene to save Hong Kong from the Chinese? HELL no!

What the West should do is to start deporting all Chinese immigrants from their shores, and sending them right back to China. If the Chinese like their system of government and culture so much, well hey, great - let them enjoy the fruits of that civilisation in their own country.


Paul Ramsey talks about living in the world of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged during the Kung Flu Crisis:


PJW gives us his usual multifaceted take on the current age of stupidity and panic:

He actually managed to post up two videos in one week, which is a bit unusual for him:


Jared Taylor from American Renaissance offers up some serious realtalk about race to white people:

I'm not white. I just happen to like white people, a lot, because I grew up in their countries and feel very comfortable around them. So believe me when I say:



Terrence Popp reminisces about being the "Old Dog" in the Army, where unfortunately there are quite a few Karens in the ranks:

There are so many great stories that he has to tell, and so many great points that he makes. The most important one, for me, is the value of experience. You simply CANNOT beat experience. The old hands who know how to use the system to get things done are always the most valuable in any organisation.

While they can also become problems, because sometimes systems simply need to be torn down and replaced wholesale, in my experience (heh), the old guys who know exactly what's going on at any given point in time are always the ones that you really need on your side.


Midnight's Edge looks at the very interesting possibility of Netflix taking over the Star Trek franchise from ViacomCBS - along with ALL of the parent company itself:


Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock takes a closer look at the rapidly unfolding financial disaster at the Devil Mouse, caused in no small part by their insistence on hiring Karens:


Gary from Nerdrotic is unable to look away from the self-inflicted and probably fatal headshot wound at Marvel Comics that is the "SJWarriors":


The Drinker explains in detail why the Justice League film was such a massive flop:


When you become a massive internet meme, you might as well make the most of it:

Speaking of the meme itself:


Your "Science is F***ING WEIRD" moment of the week comes from Dawn Pine:

What astronomers thought was a planet beyond our solar system, has now seemingly vanished from sight. Astronomers now suggest that a full-grown planet never existed in the first place. The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope had instead observed an expanding cloud of very fine dust particles caused by a titanic collision between two icy asteroid-sized bodies orbiting the bright star Fomalhaut, about 25 light-years from Earth.

“The Fomalhaut system is the ultimate test lab for all of our ideas about how exoplanets and star systems evolve,” said George Rieke of the University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory. “We do have evidence of such collisions in other systems, but none of this magnitude has ever been observed. This is a blueprint for how planets destroy each other.”

The object was previously believed to be a planet, called Fomalhaut b, and was first announced in 2008 based on data taken in 2004 and 2006. It was clearly visible in several years of Hubble observations that revealed it as a moving dot. Unlike other directly imaged exoplanets, nagging puzzles with Fomalhaut b arose early on. The object was unusually bright in visible light, but did not have any detectable infrared heat signature. Astronomers proposed that the added brightness came from a huge shell or ring of dust encircling the object that may have been collision-related. Also, early Hubble observations suggested the object might not be following an elliptical orbit, as planets usually do.

Obligatory AWESOMESAUCE space pic:

Fomalhaut b Dust Cloud


Your long read of the week comes from one of the greatest living military and political historians, Martin van Creveld of Israel, and discusses the impossibility of feminism's quest for equality, in a direct shot at the Karens among us:

Starting around 1890 and continuing thereafter, the greatest single victory feminists have ever gained was that of the suffragettes. Today in every country where men are allowed to vote, women enjoy the same right. By the ordinary rules of social life, it should never have happened. Why? Because, at the time, men occupied all positions and held all the cards. So in the executive. So in the legislature, and so in the judiciary. So in the military and so in the police. So in the universities. And so in the media, of course. Not to mention the financial world. As late as 1999, when eleven countries formally inaugurated the Euro, the assembled ministers of finance did not include a single woman; it was only in 2018 that a woman became head of the NYSE for the first time. It happened because, women being women, men did not have it in their hearts to fight them. Least of all in the way they often fight each other.

The fact that men are so reluctant to fight women/feminists as ruthlessly and as brutally as they do each other has been taken for granted much more often than it has been investigated. Perhaps it is because they well know that, had they done so, the human race would have come to a quick and inglorious end; after all, they themselves started life inside women’s wombs and almost all of them sucked at women’s breasts. Or because, nature having made them physically stronger, for a long time they closed their eyes and refused to take women seriously. Or because, bemused by the ocean of accusations aimed at them by modern feminists, they could not believe it had anything to do with them. After all, almost every one of them thought, he had never done women any harm. On the contrary, wishing to attract them and please them and keep them he had done them all the good he could. Perhaps, as Aristophanes’ Lysistrate put it, it was because, when everything is said and done, a man’s pleasure is in a woman’s hand. Or because, since most men are considerably stronger than most women, when a man fights a woman and loses, he loses; when he wins, he also loses.

A century later, the tables have been turned. Feminist bloodhounds and their self-hating male supporters have constructed a monstrous propaganda machine, trained it straight at men, and made them pay heavily for the gratuitous concessions their great-grandfathers made. Day by day, tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of them are being penalized for offenses they did not commit and which, even a few years ago, not even the victims themselves would have considered offenses at all. They are prosecuted, put on trial, convicted, and incarcerated and/or fined. So much so that, as used to be the case and sometimes remains the case in Muslim societies, even looking at a woman in the “wrong” way can be considered sexual harassment. And so much so that defending the accused in court has almost become a crime in itself; which is one reason why so many lawyers who specialize in doing so are themselves female. As to the alleged victims, so mentally retarded are some of them that they take years, decades even, to understand that whatever was done to them; or which they thought was done to them; or which (in at least one famous case) they dreamt had been done to them; or which others told them had been done to them; did indeed constitute rape, or abuse, or harassment, or whatever.


Two Sundays ago I did a podcast in which I talked about the radically different responses between "red" states and countries, and "blue" states and countries, to the CommiePox. In it, I pointed out that the red states are going to do considerably better economically because their cultures are high-trust, high-respect ones that emphasise individual rights and fealty to God.

The evidence is already showing that I was right:


Linkage is good for you:
And some more from Dawn Pine:

The Neo-Tsar celebrated День Поеды (Victory Day) in very muted fashion in Moscow last week:

To understand how Russians think and act, you must understand what happened to them in WWII.

The Russians regard with deep cynicism and anger the Western attempts to paint VE Day as the day that good triumphed over evil, where the West won out over a genocidal and fanatical regime. The West did NOT win that victory, and the Russians know it.

What really secured victory against Nazi Germany?

It wasn't just the enormous outpouring of America's industrial might, which alone among the Great Powers saw its manufacturing capacity completely untouched by the ravages of bombing and invasion.

It wasn't just American soldiers pouring into the battlefields of Europe - the Germans regarded them with amusement and scorn, actually, and considered them to be poorly trained and badly disciplined compared to their own Wehrmacht.

It certainly wasn't Allied tactical acumen or prowess; the initial years of WWII saw cock-up follow blunder with monotonous regularity as the Allies categorically failed to respond to the German blitzkrieg tactics.

And it definitely wasn't the British bombing campaigns against Germany, which murdered tens of thousands of civilians with very little gain and which actually served to bring Germany to war against Britain, something that Hitler actively wanted to avoid and did his best to do so.

No, it was the fact that twenty-seven MILLION Russians died defending the Родина, their beloved Motherland, from Nazi invasion.

That is more than pretty much all of the other European powers lost, combined.

A good chunk of those many millions died because of Stalin - that is true and well known. But the majority died because of what the Germans did to them in the three-year-long nightmare of the German invasion of western Russia.

The 900-day Siege of Leningrad reduced the population there to rags and cannibalism. Stalingrad was utterly destroyed and turned into an abbatoir. The Eastern Front turned into a charnel-house of horrors that left deep scars upon the Russian people, right to their very souls.

Even today, 75 years after the end of the war, you will find that the Russian people have a deep and abiding horror of war and try very hard to avoid it when they can. That mindset has permeated their top ranks as well, all the way up to the Neo-Tsar, who has spent twenty years rebuilding his country's shattered military into a potent weapon of self-defence.

I reiterate: the Russian military is geared primarily toward defending the Motherland, not toward invading other countries.

That is why, despite repeated provocations in the Crimea and repeated attempts by NATO powers to encroach upon Russia's borders, the Russian military has never been mobilised as an army of occupation.

And that is also why Russia maintains very few overseas bases - they just don't have the logistical support, numbers, or capability to maintain huge LOGs overseas, unlike America or China.

I'll have to expand upon this further in a future post or podcast, but I can tell you, as someone who has spent nearly 9 months in total living in Moscow among Russians: you are more free in Russia, under the supposedly iron rule of the Neo-Tsar, than you are in much - most - of the USA these days.

And a big part of the reason for that is because the Neo-Tsar has put nationalism at the very heart of his platform for governance:


History lessons of the week:


Wazzocks gonna wazzock:


Kitchen Nightmares with the Angry Scot


Comedy hour:

Here's one of a guy making fun of Karens:


Pics, guns, girls, starting with a bunch of Karen memes from The Male Brain:

karen memes, karen meme, i want to spek to the manager meme, karen manager memes, funny karen memes

Karen Memes

Karen Memes

More from Power Line with a new meme that's making its way through teh innarwebz:

Boy howdy, but that's a good one - Meghan Markle really is the first woman in history to kiss a Prince and turn him into a frog.

Time for your headlines of the week, and good LORD but they are weird this time around. It would appear that Floriduh Man is desperate to get his drunk on with the lockdown ending:

Your "I F***ING TOLD YOU SO!!!" moment of the week:

Your "Queen in the Garden" moment of the week:

Your "Kebabs To Go" moment of the week:

Your "Early Day Motion" of the week:

Your "I'm With Stupid" moment of the week:

Your "Monkey Business" moment of the week:

Your "Rock Out" moment of the week:

Your "I am the Klansman" moment of the week:

Your "Vegan Violation" moment of the week:

Your "Beaver Breakdown" moment of the week:

Your... dude, I can't even attempt to caption this one:

Onward, then:

Can't believe I didn't add the girls with guns - I KNEW I'd forgotten something when I posted this...:


In case you're curious as to WTF this whole obsession with "Murder Hornets" is, watch this video for your weekly quota of the Circle of HOLY SHIT THAT'S STRAIGHT-UP F***ING MURDER!!!:

Don't be too sad about the bees, though - they have their own methods of destroying the invaders:


Your dog of the week is the Cane Corso:

Cane Corso Dog Breed | Facts, Highlights & Buying Advice ...


Unfortunately we've got a pretty sad story for our Gym Beasts segment this week. One of the fastest-rising prospects in the bodybuilding community, Luke Sandoe, died at the age of just 30 (!!!) last week:

I'm not a fan of bodybuilding, at all. But Luke Sandoe was known to be one of those guys who was just a genuinely decent human being and an extremely hard worker.


Buakaw Beatdown of the Week:


Time for a bit of relaxing synthwave/retrowave/cyberwave/Sovietwave - wait, WUT?!:

I really don't know why everyone rips on the 80s so much. The music that came out of that era was AWESOMESAUCE.



Lot of chick-fronted bands this week, kind of in line with the whole "Karen" theme, but the major difference is that these chicks are actually fun to listen to.


And finally here's your Instathot to get the week started. Her name is Ella Orten, almost 21 years old from Commiefornia. I don't know much else about her, but she ain't no Karen, at least.

All right, that's it for today, boys. Off your butts and keep away from those idiot Karens and their ridiculous hair.


  1. Ella Orten.... I came. I saw. I came. Ahem.

    I'm guessing the ostrich with the attitude reflects the Karen situation. So far I met two Karens i my life. One was crazy and the other was one of the kindest people I met in my life. Normally, there is some loose association with names and attitude, but Karen seems like it's dabbling in duality.

    1. Ella Orten.... I came. I saw. I came. Ahem.

      Way, WAY TMI, bro. Whatever happened to your no-nut pledge - came to nuttin', didn't it?

      Just kidding, man - busting your balls, so to speak.

      I'm guessing the ostrich with the attitude reflects the Karen situation

      Weirldy, the ostrich was actually a random image selection. I went looking for "monday ostrich", DuckDuckGo came up with that as one of the results, and I rather liked it and picked it on the day I published the post. It was only afterward that I realised that it was a highly appropriate image for the post.

      It's one of those rather happy cosmic accidents that happens from time to time, really.

  2. 'Way, WAY TMI, bro. Whatever happened to your no-nut pledge - came to nuttin', didn't it?'

    It was a comment on Youtube on a video and I just had to copy it. It was too good not to share it.

    Jokes aside, as far as the porn avoidance thing, I managed to get two weeks clean and I fell into temptation, not in a moment of weakness, but in a moment of happiness. I was happy I accomplished a significant step toward building my own business and I happily fell into it.

    Come to think of it, a lot of self harm or societal harm comes from being enthusiastic or willingly happy to do something that is cloaked in literal or metaphorical 'sugar'. The devil really is in the details.

    1. Well, I do have to aree with you that Ella Orton is SEVERAL cuts above the usual monday hose-beast.

    2. *shakes head* there's just no pleasing you lot...

    3. Jokes aside, as far as the porn avoidance thing, I managed to get two weeks clean and I fell into temptation, not in a moment of weakness, but in a moment of happiness. I was happy I accomplished a significant step toward building my own business and I happily fell into it.

      The devil is quite literally in the details, to a degree that you may not realise at first. Porn is indeed a tool used by Lucifer to control the minds of men, and unfortunately it has proven successful beyond the wildest dreams of the daemons who created it. Catholic priests who have performed exorcisms upon the poor victims of daemonic possession have reported that, during the casting-out process, the daemons within the tormented people would gleefully tell them that they entered their hosts through porn, their greatest invention.

      The only way to stop being dependent on that stuff is to go cold-turkey, entirely. It will be far more effective if you have actual women in your life to approach and romance. Porn cannot and will never be a substitute for a real woman providing real warmth and companionship and sex; like all things Luciferian, it is nothing more than a twisted and perverse mockery of those good things.

  3. In the former USSR and now Russia, WW II is called "the Great Patriotic War".

    Knowing the devastatingly heavy losses the Soviets suffered in that war and knowing the Nazis came within a few miles of Moscow and threatened to do to it what they had done to Leningrad (once and again St. Petersburg), puts a fresh light on why the Warsaw pact happened and why the Soviets insisted on a hard buffer zone of the Eastern European Communist bloc following WW II. And why the Soviets said "no united Germany" for a long time.

    The Russians were, and are, determined that WW II is never, ever going to happen to them ever again.

    1. You are entirely correct on all of these points. I have maintained for years that one cannot understand Russians, therefore Russia, without understanding that every single invasion of their country, except for those by the Mongols, came from their Western borders. And the scars that the Great Patriotic War left upon them linger to this very day. The Russians resolved long ago that no one would ever harm the Motherland to that extent ever again, and that attitude has guided their foreign policy thinking ever since.


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