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Rabbit Ramblings: Monday Bunny Meme*day (Over it)

It's Monday again - the weekly piss-bucket dump on our heads that just sets the tone for everything else, really.

That, of course, is why I'm here with a mop and paper towels, to help you get over it.

It's Monday, May the 4th, which means that it is also Star Wars Day - which actually kind of sort of meant something a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Nowadays, though, thanks to the never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed Devil Mouse and that awful hag Kathleen Kennedy, Devil Mouse Wars is simply awful and unbearable to watch. I haven't watched anything that the Devil Mouse has put out in this franchise since The Force Wakes Up and Goes WTFH, and I don't intend to start anytime soon.

So let's go back to what made the original trilogy so great - and a few of the moments in the prequels that were actually kind of pretty damned good.

As for the theme of this week's Great Mondaydact Browser Buster:


His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, is having a LOT of fun destroying the fake news (((media))) and the whorenalist classes:

After Politico posted a sensational report claiming that US President Donald Trump owes millions to a Chinese bank, all of the information in it turned out to be wrong, leaving the outlet struggling to explain itself.

The original story, published Friday morning, reported that Trump’s real-estate partner received a $211 million loan from Bank of China for a New York property back in 2012 – and was eagerly picked up and trumpeted by legions of the US president’s critics.

Politico had to correct it almost right away, however, when the Bank of China issued a statement saying the loan had been sold off long ago.

In a telling admission, Politico noted that they had not actually reached out to the Bank of China for comment. But the story was not retracted; instead, the publication changed the title to past tense, and left in the claim that the Bank of China was still listed as a creditor on publicly filed paperwork by Wells Fargo, another bank involved in the deal.

On Monday, Wells Fargo contacted Politico – again, it was supposed to be the other way round – to clarify the paperwork cited was incorrect. Even though that demolished the sole pillar on which the revised story rested, Politico refused to officially retract it, offering instead an editor’s note published three minutes before midnight.

Just like that, those who amplified the original story went strangely quiet and moved on to promoting something else critical of the president, leaving the more conservative pundits to marvel at Politico’s labored attempts to save face.


#BasedTucker is based:


Even in these troubled times, some based Aussies remain, and they are pointing out a very based truth:

There is considerable speculation, promoted primarily by Ron Unz and several of the writers at his site, that the Kung Flu was an epic Deep State misfire with catastrophic global consequences. I think that this is a highly idealised misreading of the situation - at best. The reality is that if this was a Depe State cock-up, the ChiComs should be the first to jump up and down and scream about "sinister forces" within the USA doing stupid things, and would welcome transparent investigations into the problem.

Instead, they are busy destroying evidence, disappearing dissenters, and covering things up.

That is not the behaviour of a regime that has been badly wronged and wants to set the record straight. That is the behaviour of a regime that knows it has fouled up, very badly, and wants to hide the evidence of its misdeeds.


Mark Dice points out that the God-Emperor might have been a bit inelegant with his phrasing when he talked about shining a UV light into someone's body, but he was NOT, in fact, wrong:

It is here that I have to stick up my own hand and admit that I too was wrong. I thought that President Trump spoke mistakenly and shot from the lip, so to speak, about using UV light and sunlight to sterilise the Kung Flu. Turns out, just like with the TrumpCure++ - Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin + massive doses of Vitamin C - the God-Emperor was right. Again.

At this point it is clear that betting against Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra is not only actively stupid, it is comically absurd. Far more often than not, he is right, and he will win.

Mark also had a good time discussing Michael Moore's latest film, which has resulted in a massive blue-on-blue firestorm:


Bill Whittle and his buddies explain the whole "Karen" meme:


The boys from Blue Collar Logic have evidently had some serious problems with YouTube of late, simply because they DARED to upload that long briefing by Drs. Ericson and Massihi about the Kung Flu.

So we'll skip over them and go straight to our friend The Male Brain, who has been quite busy supplying content over the past week, starting with the colossal cock-up over at Naughty Dog Studios with the upcoming release of The Last of Us 2:

Teh innarwebz has been absolutely blowing up over this issue over the past few days. I'll address that sooner or later, but it would appear that the management at Naughty Dog has seriously jumped the shark here.

Larry Elder asks a rather good question:

Dawn Pine doesn't quite agree with the thrust of this next one - as he points out, just because one specific culture is in decline, that does not mean that every culture is in decline or that humanity has reached a natural stopping point. And I think he's right. As I've pointed out before, upward progress is not inevitable, and human civilisations tend to evolve in waves, not straight lines.

Dawn also takes issue with Dave Rubin's assertions in this video - it is NOT more dangerous these days to state your opinions than it was in the past. It's just more public:

As Dawn pointed out, speaking your mind a few centuries ago meant that you lost your mind - literally, because your head would be separated from your shoulders in a big hurry.

It's a good reminder that there is no such thing as "free" speech - every man is ultimately responsible for the words of his mouth or pen.

Here's another PoundMeToo howler:

Moving on - apparently the film American Factory is an excellent one, and it reveals a vision of the future that is absolutely horrifying at every level:


Reader and viewer chiroro wrote in from Poland with a couple of videos to contribute as well:

That one is only in Polish, unfortunately. chiroro says that it is basically about how companies can get EU funding (read: corporate welfare) for themselves, at the expense of the taxpayer.

(Because I speak and understand Russian at a very basic level - actually I can follow along with a lot of conversational Russian, I just find it very hard to speak the language - I can hear the similarities between the two languages, but I have to say, to an ear trained to listen to Russian, the Polish language sounds really odd.)

This next one, however, is pure comedy gold. The first minute or so brought back horrible memories of dealing with corporate tech support in India:

I've complained about Indian tech support for years. Indian workers are not brilliant hard workers, and it's well past time that this stereotype goes the way of the dodo. In reality, Indian workers, especially in the tech sector, have a checklist mindset. That is, everything has to be done in accordance with a set procedure, and any deviation of any kind from that procedure is met with bewilderment, dismay, and a total inability to think their way through anything.

It is infuriating to deal with - basic problems simply don't get solved in any kind of timely fashion, because the people involved can't figure things out easily.


China Uncensored asks whether the ChiComs will use their money and influence to simply buy out the West:

They also ask whether the ChiComs have recovered from Corona-chan's pestilential blessings:


Paul Ramsey makes it clear that there is NO going back to the way things were before the Kung Flu:


Sargon has a LOT of fun explaining how a former Buzzfeed hack detonated his own career:


Jared Taylor from American Renaissance looks at the women who would be the Daemoncratic nominees for Vice President, and boy is it a depressing stable of candidates:


Terrence Popp does one of his hilarious "Pimptard/Wifestitute" episodes - with a twist, because this case involves Adele's divorce from her husband, and she is the one getting rodgered up the wrong hole:

Like every other guy out there, I love watching good ol' Popp break things down using MAFF. And in this case, it's particularly hilarious because he's applying that MAFF to a fat (well, she USED TO BE fat) pop-tart who is getting royally hoisted on her own petard.

There isn't a whole lot of justice in this world, but sometimes good things happen in very bad ways.


Our ursine friend has a lot to say about a "fat sex therapist" who has obviously let all those Twinkies go to her head:

I'd recommend listening to the audio without watching the video. You won't be able to stomach it otherwise.


The nerd-news headlines over the past week have been dominated by news about STAR WARS - whether it be the massive boondoggle that is the STAR WARS: Galaxy's Edge theme park, or the new Leslye Headland-written "female-centric" STAR WARS show. Every major geek news channel has been blowing its top about this, and they all have some great stuff to say about it.

Midnight's Edge reports that the supremely untalented and frankly power-mad Kathleen Kennedy may well have seriously jumped the shark with the handling of the new female-centric STAR WARS show:


Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock explains that Kathleen Kennedy ruined Galaxy's Edge for EVERYONE, not just old-school fans:


Gary from Nerdrotic takes on the ongoing disaster at the Devil Mouse that is Kennedy-era STAR WARS:


The Drinker explains how Kathleen Kennedy got to the top in the first place - through political savvy, not actual talent:


Your "Science is F***ING WEIRD" moment of the week comes from a link that The Mail Brain sent me a while back:

In the event a risk-based quarantine approach would be contemplated by decision-makers, the purpose of this document is to provide decision-makers a formal and tight bounds to investigate whether the health system can cope with the number of severe cases that would reach ICU. Embedded in the reasoning is the idea of selective quarantine (based on age groups and existing pre-conditions, but could be any other criteria) where the ”high-risk” group (the one we suspect will have a high rate of severe cases) is quarantined and the other is allowed to spread the virus under certain distancing protocols. The underlying premise is that a full population-wide quarantine is not a solution in itself — it is merely a step to buy time followed by a more managed (non brute-force) approach. The managed phase underlying our thinking is to create herd immunity of the low-risk group in a controlled manner while keeping the economy going. It is all about keeping the health system in check and not overwhelming its capacity to handle severe cases.

And a few pretty graphs from the same:

Graphs done with the R statistical programming language, if I'm any judge - it's one of my personal favourite programming environments.


Your long read of the week comes from Ron Unz and discusses the ways in which the bloodsucking elites of America and the West have destroyed the very soul of Western civilisation - and why the extractive elites of China have succeeded in at least preserving their particular vision of "culture":

Against the backdrop of remarkable Chinese progress, America mostly presents a very gloomy picture. Certainly America’s top engineers and entrepreneurs have created many of the world’s most important technologies, sometimes becoming enormously wealthy in the process. But these economic successes are not typical nor have their benefits been widely distributed. Over the last 40 years, a large majority of American workers have seen their real incomes stagnate or decline.

Meanwhile, the rapid concentration of American wealth continues apace: the richest 1 percent of America’s population now holds as much net wealth as the bottom 90–95 percent, and these trends may even be accelerating. A recent study revealed that during our supposed recovery of the last couple of years, 93 percent of the total increase in national income went to the top 1 percent, with an astonishing 37 percent being captured by just the wealthiest 0.01 percent of the population, 15,000 households in a nation of well over 300 million people.

Evidence for the long-term decline in our economic circumstances is most apparent when we consider the situation of younger Americans. The national media endlessly trumpets the tiny number of youthful Facebook millionaires, but the prospects for most of their contemporaries are actually quite grim. According to research from the Pew Center, barely half of 18- to 24-year-old Americans are currently employed, the lowest level since 1948, a time long before most women had joined the labor force. Nearly one-fifth of young men age 25–34 are still living with their parents, while the wealth of all households headed by those younger than 35 is 68 percent lower today than it was in 1984.


Linkage is good for you:

And some more from The Male Brain:

The Neo-Tsar talks about the ways in which Russia will honour its fallen heroes on May 9th - what they call День Победы, or "Victory Day":

If you want to understand Russians, you must understand that they view WWII very differently from the way that Western powers do.

The West views WWII as a climactic battle between good and evil that they won. That narrative is blatantly incorrect.

The Russians view WWII as "The Great Patriotic War" - for them, it wasn't merely a fight between good and evil, it was a war for their very survival. They paid in buckets of blood for every inch of ground that they held against the Nazis. They lost over 20 million people in that war, mostly men, and that was on top of the bloody purges, famines, and horrors committed by Stalin that very nearly broke the back of the entire country before Operation Barbarossa took place.

So when they finally broke the German sieges of Stalingrad and Leningrad, and destroyed the cream of the German Panzerkorps at Kursk, they viewed it as an epic victory over an existential threat. And they viewed the final victory in Europe as their victory.

They have never liked the fact that Westerners co-opted that victory for their own. They have never believed that the West could have defeated Hitler's Germany without enormous sacrifice and pain from the Russian people. And they have never forgotten the fact that Churchill wanted to go to war with Russia right after the war with Germany was finished.

That is a big part of the reason why Russians and Western Europeans are so different. They are very similar in many respects, but Russians find Europeans to be rather effete and shockingly naive about history, while Europeans find Russians to be standoffish, cold, and abrupt.

Both stereotypes have roots in truth. Once you learn a few things about the realities of WWII, and you begin to understand how and why the Russians think and act the way that they do, you'll find that they are truly a delightful and wonderful people.


History lessons of the week:


Kitchen Nightmares with the Angry Scot:

And now here's a video of a multi-award-winning Michelin-starred chef doing what he does best:

The only problem that I have with that recipe is the eggplant. I CANNOT F***ING STAND eggplant. That shit is disgusting.

Also - those videos are MUCH better when he's getting constantly BTFO'd by his daughters, who do not give him a moment's peace or an ounce of credit.


Wazzocks gonna wazzock:


Comedy hour:


You might be cool, but you'll NEVER be as cool as David Hasselhoff singing a music video that is very nearly 80s enough to bring St. Reagan Magnus of the Right back to life:


Pics, guns, girls, starting with an entry from reader Quartermain:

Here are a few XKCD slides sent over by Dawn Pine as well:


Oy vey. Poor doggie.

Now THAT is a school that I would love to attend.

Certainly that is true in Finland - not so much in Russia, though, they consider Ketel One to be little better than lighter fluid.

Talk about making use of lemons...

It is not a coincidence that I've been watching John Wick recently.

Good advice.

Apparently the Norks have seen their Grorious Reeduh go missing all of a sudden...:

Holy shit, that was hilarious.

Of course, when he actually does kick the can, you just KNOW that the New York F***ing Times will cover it exactly like this:

This next one is absolutely TERRIFYING, so if you have small children or a weak bladder, I warn you, this is going to be really bad for you:

Yep. Pretty sure some of you need new diapers now.

Speaking of the Lizard Queen:

F*** CNN at this point. Just shoot the lot of them and let God sort 'em out.

Your headlines of the week suggest that Floriduh Man has gotten so bored with the lockdown that he's teaching Floriduh Dog to drive:

Your "Why Private Browsing is Good" moment of the week:

Your "Social Distancing Whale Fail" moment of the week:

Your "Hippie Beating" moment of the week:

Your "Pommes Frites" moment of the week:

Your "Farting Oysters Hurt the Planet" moment of the week:

I'm not even going to try to understand this one:

Or this one:

Your "Government Is Here to Help You" moment of the week:



What does it say when you have to drink instant coffee because either you live in a country where they don't understand the concept of hot delicious brown life-giving caffeine-filled goodness, or you live in a country without access to a coffee grinder?


Your dog of the week is the Weimaraner:

Weimaraner Dog Breed » Information, Pictures, & More


The Trap Lord is back with some great new gym fails:


The ONLY thing worthy of discussing in this week's Gym Beasts section is Thor's successful 501Kg deadlift on May 2nd:

This is where I need to eat some crow.

I've said several times here on the blog that I thought Eddie Hall's 500Kg deadlift record probably would never be broken. Not only was I wrong, I was REALLY wrong. I believe that Hafthor could probably have deadlifted another 10Kg and made the lift. And it looks like he didn't have to go to quite the same terrible dark place that Eddie did in order to make his lift.

There is simply no getting around the fact that Hafthor Julius Bjornsson is easily the strongest man on the planet right now, at least in terms of the deadlift - and I consider that to be perhaps the ultimate test of a man's strength anyway.

However, before we get too excited about all of this, let us remember that this is, and can only ever be, an UNOFFICIAL world record.

Eddie Hall, Brian Shaw, and other legends of the strongman circuit have all gone on the record arguing that a world record lift needs to take place in a competitive environment in front of an audience with the whole world watching. A competitive environment is VERY different from a home gym. The pressures are totally different. The timing is totally different. And it is the only way to make a record valid and correct.

Let's see Thor pull that weight in a competition. And THEN we can give him the full plaudits that he deserves.


Buakaw Beatdown of the Week:


For those who prefer more chilled-out music than metal:

My LORD, but the 80s were awesome...




And finally here's your Instathot to kick things off this week. And we're going for broke here with a plastic fantastic Russian who goes by the name of Anastasia Skyline, age 32, and based in America now (I think). Judging by the look in her eyes, she's been smoked-and-poked harder than a halibut hanging on the wall of a salt-shack - which, of course, is a common affliction among Instasloots. She's apparently a foster mother to a bunch of cats, so she is DEFINITELY on the fast track to hit the dreaded Wall at about 200mph and then become a crazy cat lady.

I really love Russian girls, but not ones that look like they've taken dick by the foot.

That's all for this Monday. If you're in a state that isn't terminally stupid - that is to say, isn't ruled by f***ing DAEMONCRATS - get out there and start with the CRUSHING!!! already, because the US economy isn't going to rebuild itself.


  1. Eduardo the Magnificent4 May 2020 at 08:41

    The Hasslehoff video comes from a short film from 2015 called Kung Fury, and epic ballad of 80s awesomeness. Spoiler alert: Barbariana

    1. I just watched it. holy carp! It is truly so horrible it's great.

    2. There is so much 80s cheese in that movie that watching it rips a hole in spacetime that drops you right into an episode of Miami Vice.

  2. Finally someone talks about Indian customer support. When will the incoherent speaking accent and the copy-paste e-mail responses end?

    Memes are great on this post.

    Pics with guns and girls are good, but something looks very off with the first one

    1. Finally someone talks about Indian customer support. When will the incoherent speaking accent and the copy-paste e-mail responses end?

      When Indians finally learn how to be British. Which, given that the Brits left India in 1947, strikes me as highly unlikely.

  3. thought you might like to know, E;R is back for Star Wars day.

    1. I watched it all the way through. It's truly depressing how bad The Fall of Skywalker is.

  4. Your comments on Indian workers really hit close to home, since I've had extensive experience with them directly in my chosen profession. I've compared them to computer programs with my colleagues, in that they just freeze up and stop working in the same way when they encounter an unexpected situation. There are definitely a few good ones, but I can't tell you how many times I've come in in the morning to find an assigned critical project unfinished with a bunch of "we weren't sure how to do this, please guide us" questions in the log.

    1. I've compared them to computer programs with my colleagues, in that they just freeze up and stop working in the same way when they encounter an unexpected situation.

      Yeah. This is partly due to their culture and partly to their education system.

      Their culture is very much based on the "shit rolls downhill" approach to government, cultural cohesion, and so on. In Indian companies, you go up the ladder through connections and greasing the palms of senior managers. That is not universally true - there are plenty of Indians who have risen through the ranks by being damned good at their jobs. But overall, it's pretty accurate. And they then bring that culture of mutual back-scratching with them to other countries.

      And their men are MASSIVE blue pill Betas at almost every level, thanks to the very dysfunctional sexual and marriage dynamics of the country.

      Their education system requires them to learn everything by rote. They are GREAT at reciting back facts and figures and writing things according to preset formulas. But the moment you try to get them off script and actually THINK, they can't do it. They freeze up. They have very little imagination and even less spontaneity.

      Indians have a lot of good points. Plenty of Westerners go to the country and enjoy their time there. But you would NEVER want to live there full time, and you absolutely DO NOT want to have them coming over to live among you en masse.

    2. Well, I haven't trusted an Indian tech since I had problem with my cable lines, and explained step-by-step all the troubleshooting I performed (I was a+ certified and had been doing their EXACT job for comcast for two years) and explained exactly why they needed to send a tech out to replace the badly-damaged line between my house and the pole.

      And the Tech sounded confused and then explained that the problem was at my end, with my computer, because it sounded like my computer's Flux Capacitor needed to have it's quantum drivers replaced.

      I mean, it was sorta funny, I started laughing, but it was still deeply offensive to the point where I chose to show up at their local depot with the damaged cable in one hand and a hand-typed transcript of the recorded conversation in the other. And funny enough, despite the thick accent of the 'tech' on the phone (and the other techs yammering in the background), there wasn't a single Indian working in their 'call center for Maryland'.

    3. "And their men are MASSIVE blue pill Betas at almost every level, thanks to the very dysfunctional sexual and marriage dynamics of the country."

      I always got that vibe just by being around and talking with them, but why is that the case? I think there's a very strong matriarchal bent in their society, but are Indian mothers just that incredibly overbearing?

    4. A most excellent question. I'll get around to that in a Domain Query podcast soon. There are several major reasons for it, and one of them has to do with the massive gender imbalance in the country. India is missing anywhere between 30 and 100 MILLION women due to the very strong Hindu prejudices against female children, and thereby the prevalence of sex-selective abortions.

  5. In most cases I do not blame the indians for this. It's the American companies outsourcing, they know what they are buying, it's their fault that they are cutting corners.

    And Indians are actually very, very good at saying "No". So if you have a company where basically the entire basis of your inbound is people trying to rip off your company (which actually happens a lot... No Kay Jewellers customes need 'technical support', they almost always call in trying to con free shit) Then by all means, set up your inbound centers in a place where Saying No in various ways is almost an art form, and where the would-be extortionists are made uncomfortable by their lack of ability to penetrate a thick foreign accent.

    But in most cases, those companies are entirely to blame... And in some cases (Gateway, e-machines) the companies fail hard... and appropriately... because of such corner-cutting.

    1. In most cases I do not blame the indians for this. It's the American companies outsourcing, they know what they are buying, it's their fault that they are cutting corners.

      I agree. Indians didn't set American corporate policy. And in fact, if you actually ask real Indians what they think about American attempts to bring back those outsourced jobs, most of them support the idea.

      Indians believe that it is the Indian government's duty and mission to encourage investment in India, and it is the American government's duty to do the same for Americans.

      Indians DO NOT believe that Americans owe Indians jobs.

      The only people in favour of the ridiculous notion that America should give every Dirt Worlder and his dog a job, are the people who make a lot of money from perpetuating the outsourcing racket.

      It's not beneficial for Americans, and it leads to a crippling dependence among Indians on American money and resources, which has stunted India's growth in other areas.

      (Well... that, and the fact that the Indian government is a plague upon its people, regardless of whether it's Congress or the BJP in power.)


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