Friday T&A: Two Million Edition

This 'ere blog full of rants and tumbleweeds, hosted by yer own very 'eavy, very 'umble servant, mine own good self, the Didact, just crossed the TWO MEEEEEELLION pageviews mark yesterday. There was a big spike in traffic which shot me right over the line sometime late in the day, and now the blog is sitting pretty at somewhere around 2.003 million or so views.

Now, two million pageviews in 7.5 years isn't actually very impressive, to be clear. There are plenty of blogs that manage that in one year. There are plenty of websites out there which manage two million pageviews every single DAY. Two million in 7.5 years amounts to less than 750 views per day.

The number itself isn't that impressive. Two other things, appropriately, make the achievement impressive.

One, I've managed to keep this going for SEVEN AND A HALF YEARS without getting bored - or, I hope, becoming boring. Most blogs fold after a few months; very few survive for more than six months; and almost none survive past one year. Most people take up blogging as a hobby and then just leave things at that, and run out of things to say.

For whatever reason, I never did and still haven't. It's still fun for me to write on a daily basis, so I keep doing it.

And two, I actually have a dedicated and loyal readership that turns up every single day to read what I write. I never imagined that would happen when I started, but nowadays I can count award-winning published authors, entrepreneurs, tech workers, and quite a lot of non-American, even non-Western, readers among my readership.

That's quite an achievement, but it happened because you guys, the readers, made it happen. So my heartfelt thanks to all of you as well, because without you, this blog never would have hit two million.

Why? Because it doesn't matter if you post every day - if nobody reads what you write, your blog stagnates. I've long maintained that I write for nobody but myself, and that is true - but I have always said that the readers are a huge part of this blog because without them, there would be no point to write anything. I could just keep a journal and write rants in that.

With an audience reading what I write, though, it's a whole different story, and a much more rewarding experience.

I do think that this calls for a bit of a celebration, and I'm sure that all of my Loyal Readers agree. So we're going to do something slightly different this week - with two Instathots instead of just the usual one, and twice the number of pictures as a result.

That should be plenty to get your weekend off to a great start.

On with the Instathots:

The first one is named Anna Katharina von Staehle, age 28 from the USA, standing 5'10". She apparently has a Master's degree in graphic design and studied at the University of Oregon, and now she's dating some guy who appeared on The Bachelorette - whatever that is, as far as I'm aware that's not even a word in the English language.

The second is named Hannah Cozette Palmer, age 22, probably from Prescott, AZ, standing 5'5". She attended the University of Arizona. Judging by her Instathot page, she's good mates with this thot, who I featured back at the very end of February.

Also, it's Memorial Day on Monday, so take some time to remember those who fell so that you could enjoy the freedom to protest against little tyrants who think themselves your master, and then get out there and get to work - regardless of whether or not your dumbass blue-state governor wants you to.

And when the time comes, vote those assholes OUT OF OFFICE.

Happy Friday, lads. Thanks again for all of the views and comments and links and suggestions and everything else that y'all have provided over the years. With a bit of luck, I'll keep this blog going for many years to come.


  1. Eduardo the Magnificent22 May 2020 at 21:57

    If we have to create a bot that hits refresh every five seconds until we get you to 3 million views, so we can have triple-thots next time, I would consider it to be God's work.

    Congratulations, my friend.

    1. Now that is a brilliant notion - I thoroughly approve. We're going to have to look into that.

      Thank you kindly, sir.

    2. @Eduardo the magnificent please turn the bot off after a week though. We wouldn't want Didact to spend all week looking for like a dozen Instathots.

    3. Believe it or not, I have a post with something like 80 Instathot account names in it which provide feeder material for the Monday and Friday thots.

      Sometimes the thots miss the mark a bit, but usually, my tastes are pretty spot-on. Especially on Fridays.


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