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Reader JohnC911 asked an interesting question in relation to the Scripture that I posted up on Sunday regarding the compatibility of Christianity and libertarianism:

Is it possible for a Christian Libertarian society to exist if they chose to put Jesus as their King? and could it last?

In my view the only reasonable answer to this question is: "Not possible and not for more than about 3 generations, on average".

The first part of that answer has to do with the fundamental incompatibility between the libertarian ethic of individual as sovereign and the Christian ethic of God as sovereign. The second part of that answer has to do with the evidence on hand, which shows that every attempt to setup a Christian republic where people are left more or less free to live their lives in peace, has always ended quite badly, because of the fact that we are a flawed and broken creation.

Here's the full podcast for those of you who are interested in hearing the details:

For those who prefer to listen directly on SoundCloud, here's the link.

The more "freethinking" takes on this question tend to be astonishingly inept and ignorant of what the Bible actually says. As usual, the Christian takes on the subject are far more educated, enlightened, and cogent:

That video takes the opposite argument, actually - a society under Christian law, under the new and eternal Covenant sealed between Man and God by the perfect blood of Jesus Christ, would be more free than virtually any libertarian society imaginable.

That's true - because ultimate sovereignty rests with God, not Man.

Anyway, have a look (or listen) and tell me what y'all think in the comments below.


  1. Eduardo the Magnificent5 May 2020 at 20:13

    Zen Buddhist philosopher Alan Watts thought it was strange that America, which takes a democratic view of government, would overwhelmingly favor a religion that had a monarchical view of the universe. Of course Watts was British, which is officially Anglican, and America was founded by Protestants, so I could see where he had a disconnect, Protestants being less hierarchical than their older brothers.

    True libertarianism requires freedom of religion, and true Christianity requires us to defend the faith, with our lives if necessary. The two ideas are oil and water.


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