Are they really this dumb?

Hot on the heels of the latest idiotic announcement of wokeness from Marvel Comics with their SJWarriors lineup, DC Comics decided that they would quadruple down on the madness and sign their own death pact - by turning Bruce Wayne into a Chinese billionaire with a gay uncle Alfred in the new Gotham High spin-off from the main Batman mythos:

Bruce Wayne is the billionaire. He’s the richest man alive. [No, he isn't, dumbass.] So I thought, wouldn’t it be fun if his family was Chinese and from Hong Kong? That made it feel real,” she said. “There’s been a big influx of wealthy Chinese people who moved from Hong Kong to Arcadia in Los Angeles, and that’s where my mom lives, I’m part-Chinese, my brother lives in Hong Kong, so I thought it would be great to put what I know into Bruce Wayne.” [Fanfic alert!!!]

Gotham High, de la Cruz elaborated, is very much a Batman story, but it’s also infused with the energies of things like Crazy Rich Asians and Gossip Girl that lend themselves to the book’s central love triangle and the conflict it causes. Small details like Alfred being Bruce’s uncle (who happens to be gay) make Gotham High sound like a book much more rooted in our current world than a lot of DC’s other books, which gives us all the more reason to look forward to its release.

Okay, I've been reading Batman comics for something going on 20 years now. This sounds like a bad slashfic version of a Batman comic, with all of the naughty bits forcibly removed. It's just plain idiotic in every possible way.

Oh, but it gets much, much worse. Take a look at the cover from this new series:

The Batman adaptaiton moves the story to a high school

Right, so Selina Kyle is now some mystery-meat Latina, I suppose? And Jack Napier - the Joker, basically - is the stereotypical white-trash kid with "issues", lots of "issues"?

Sweet Mother of God, but these people are stupid. They are race- and orientation-swapping simply for the sake of looking "hip" and "diverse", but then they act all surprised when they realise that everyone who is not a whorenalist for the lying (((media))) absolutely hates their absurd creations.

And it's not just because of the abuse of established characters, canon, and ideas. It is simply because the writing is - let's face facts - atrocious.

There is legitimate room for topical political themes and ideas to be inserted into mass media. When Kirk and Uhura kissed on Star Trek, while under mind control, that was a big deal because it was the first interracial kiss on a major network TV show. When Stan Lee's X-Men series was first released, it was a fresh new take on the idea of superheroes and dealt with teenage angst and rebellion against established order in a very effective way. And when Dennis O'Neil turned Batman away from the campy cheesy 60s version and back to his original dark roots from the 1940s, he did so in part to capture the rising feeling of hopelessness throughout the USA at urban crime and decay.

The difference is that all of those IPs had really good writing with interesting plot lines. The social commentary merely flavoured the overall result - it was not an end in and of itself.

This new Gotham High imprint, on the other hand, looks and sounds insultingly stupid.

The artwork, in turn, clearly reflects the decline in the quality of the writing here. Here is an example of the art from this spin-off:

Now compare this with what Tim Sale (The Long Halloween) or David Mazzuchelli (Batman: Year One) or Dick Giordano (The Man Who Falls) were able to do:

Remember that these seminal works were written by legends of the industry - Jeph Loeb, Frank Miller, and Dennis O'Neil, respectively. Each of these three men got right back to the extremely dark roots of the character, and each of them left an indelible imprint upon the Batman mythos.

And that's before we get to the artwork that someone like Jim Lee was capable of pulling off:

Yeah. That artwork is AWESOMESAUCE. There appears to be a strong positive correlation between great writing and great art in comics.

(Yes, I am aware of the major exception to this rule - Frank Miller's All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder. And wow but what an exception that was! Incredible art from Jim Lee - and some of the most appallingly ridiculous writing ever.)

The artwork from this new series is ludicrous by comparison to the great Batman works of the past. It looks like someone from a high school art class drew and inked the panels.

It would appear that, in fact, SJWs really are stupid enough to try to fundamentally reimagine a legendary character like Batman, simply because they want to insert themselves into the mythos.

That is because of three fundamental SJW traits, which any of you who have read the works of our beloved and dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) will immediately recognise:
  1. SJWs are MASSIVE Gammas, which means that they constantly try to imagine themselves in heroic roles for which they are physically and psychologically unsuited;
  2. SJWs are almost always physically very weak, and as such cannot handle real conflict particularly well;
  3. SJWs are nearly totally incapable of creating anything unique or interesting on their own, despite having greater than average intelligence in general;
The first trait applies mostly to male SJWs. Female SJWs evidently are far, far more dangerous. The second trait applies to both the male and female SJWs. But it is the third trait that is the most important.

This total lack of imaginative and creative capacity makes it impossible for SJWs to innovate. They are, basically, nothing much more than Shoggoths, only capable of imitating, very badly, the works of far superior creators.

This is not at all a Bad Thing for the rest of us. This is actually fantastic news.

The steep decline of the comics was already readily apparent long ago. Sales were declining rapidly while overall revenues remained constant, which meant very plainly that the Big Two were jacking up prices to compensate. That is the classic sign of a failing industry.

One of Corona-chan's more pleasant side-effects has been the rapid acceleration of this decline. The decline is taking place much faster with the outbreak shutting down distribution chains and completely destroying sales. And now, with comics demand completely frozen and nobody buying anything other than basic necessities, and comics shops closing down at a record rate, it is clear that there will be a massive bonfire of deadwood in the industry in the coming months.

All of the SJW-centric, gender-swapped, race-swapped, rainbow-peopled, totally unreadable BULLSHIT that these companies have produced, will have to be binned. They will no longer be profitable, at all.

And that is a VERY Good Thing.

For one, it means that we can look forward to alternatives, like, say, the ALT*HERO universe, supplanting a lot of the nonsense that is out there.

I'm not just writing that because I proudly backed both the original ALT*HERO campaign, and the follow-up ALT*HERO: Q campaign. I'm writing it because nature abhors a vacuum. And we see a major vacuum forming in the comics industry right now, where anything that is unprofitable will eventually be ruthlessly purged and destroyed.

That means a whole lot of hack writers and bad artists being tossed out of work. Given the damage that these people have done to beloved characters and pop-culture icons, I cannot muster much, if any, sympathy for them. I know what it's like to be out of work for long periods of time even when you're competent and skilled, so I don't really have a whole lot in the tank for those who are useless and stupid.

And, of course, one of the great things about this new "Chinese-American" Batman is the fact that there is endless room for hilariously offensive memes:

Wonderful. By all means, DC, carry on. Let's see you turn Superman into an Iranian, Green Arrow into a pre-op transsexual, and Green Lantern into a gender-fluid "it". The results will be hilarious to watch.


  1. I have to disagree a little bit.

    Bear in mind, I consider Batman to be hilarious. I mean, here's the ultimate Ninja, super detective, absolutely perfect Gamma Icon that dresses up like a friggin' winged rat.
    To me, the 'batman' that takes himself seriously is ridiculous. even his name. To me, Batman will always be epitomized by Adam West... all the rest are just overdark wannabes. Yes, it's very Gen X, but Batman as he stands is basically Rey without the magic. a ninja costume would have been much scarier. The idea of bats inspiring fear is ridiculous.
    I think people take Batman WAY too seriously.

    The artwork is at the very least clean, compared to the 80's 'artsy' crap and the japanese-style manga garbage that a lot of comics are putting out, compare it to say... the 80's New Mutants #31 or the horrifyingly crappy DC turn towards Manga-style art.

    That all being said, however, the second part I completely agree with. Batman is Bruce Wayne, rebooting it as some multiculti mashup is incredibly stupid.

    If this were a NEW superhero, I figured it would be about neutral and have to build up a new following... likely it would be about as popular as that Marvel black kid with the flying skateboard that nobody remembers, but it would at least have the opportunity to succeed or fail on it's own merits.

    But this? Beanspiderman, chickthor, muslim Quadroon Iron man, Captain BlackAmerican, handicapped Marvel?

    It marks the end of the big two. And I couldn't be happier.

  2. WHO GIVES A FUCK. Seriously. Who gives a fuck. All the cool shit with comic books and Star Wars and whatever was done years ago. Stop giving fucks. It's not cool anymore.

    1. I do, because that's how you win the culture wars. The Big Two are making epic mistakes, and that opens up tremendous opportunities for people who aren't idiots to create better content that people will actually read.

  3. @Dire Badger There is a mayan god that looks almost exactly like batman, so the writer thought that maybe it would be scary to base that character from that god. Im just speculating, but regardless, I found the animated dc movies to be very entertaining. Just when you thought that there are no more roles for batman to fill, they always find some new and exciting concept and turn it into a great animated movie. Compare that to the crap that comes out of the Hollywood movies...

    1. I am not saying he's not entertaining, I am just pointing out that Batman, as a phenomenon, is so over-the-top skilled in everything that he's almost a Caricature. The only real challenges that are not self-inflicted are those that come from those with actual superpowers (which, of course, Ben Affleck's Batman countered with magical power armor).

      Dark Batman is not a Hero... He keeps sticking his villains in Arkham, and they get out twice as bad, twice as lethal, as when he put them in. In a very real way, thousands of Murders can be laid directly at his feet for failing to follow through with his villains, many of which he was more or less directly responsible for creating.

      Lighthearted Adam West style Batman suits his 'code against killing' in a way that Gritty Batman simply doesn't. Gritty Batman is a broken antihero, and is so psychotically illogical that it's nearly impossible to get into his head in an empathetic way... He's one of the reasons why I never really cared for DC comics.

      However, I will admit that Batman vs TMNT rocked.

    2. Batman is indeed basically Gamma wish-fulfillment. The Jeph Loeb iteration of him in the Hush arc was so ridiculously over-the-top Gamma that it actually hurt to read the dialogue sometimes.

      Funny thing is, though, that Loeb's The Long Halloween was amazing.

      I think the only person who ever got Batman truly right was Frank Miller. He didn't consider Bats to be a super-amazeballs detective or ninja or whatever; he considered Batman to be a flawed and fallible human in Batman: Year One, and into what he called a "Dionysian force that imposes an individual order" in The Dark Knight Returns.

      Oh, and that Mayan bat-god? That would be Camazotz.

  4. Badger the original Batman had no code against killing his enemies. He gunned down whole criminal organizations. The stupid code was a retcon so they could do the whole rotating villians thing.

  5. "that was a big deal because it was the first interracial kiss on a major network TV show. "

    it always amuses me to no end when this canard is repeated ... since when did Desi Arnaz get his Hispanic Cuban card revoked?

    this is rendered EVEN MORE ironic by the fact that Star Trek was made by the DesiLu Production studios.

    as to the Batman re-imagining:
    if you read the article in question, it's clear that this is going to be a Romance Comic fixated on Selina Kyle / Catwoman.

    which i ... really don't have a problem with. there aren't many RomComics around today ( in the West, Manga is a different story ) but back in the 60s and 50s they were a major segment of the Comic Book market.

    what i have a problem with is the violence being done to the Bat mythos and titling the book as if it's going to be about Bruce. also, apparently, the whole avoidance of Bruce's being molested by his faggot uncle.

    whether Gamma or no, the normal Stuporhero comic is an exploration of the "male adolescent power fantasy". Feminazis have at least been getting this one characterization correct.

    however the corresponding analog, the Romance Novel ( in this case, Comic ) is an exploration of the "FEMALE adolescent power fantasy".
    "the hottest girl to ever walk the halls of high school "

    so you can see that unless they can figure out some way to get chicks to buy this comic, it was always doomed to end in a smoking crater.


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