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Reader Sardaukar had an interesting question for me from a few weeks back related to an offhand comment that I made in my post about the possible futures for the Western world:

“Having lived among and dealt with Slavic peoples for a decent chunk of time, I can tell you from personal experience that while they are a fun bunch, and they are quite intelligent, and their women are absolutely stunning, they are NOT really compatible with Western Europeans and their descendants”.

Just curious Didact. Why do you think that the Slavic’s are not really compatible with Western Euros and descendants? Inquiring minds want to know!🙂

I decided to do something a bit different in answering this question, and did so by using a podcast instead of a written post. You can listen to it using the embedded widget below:

If you prefer to listen on SoundCloud, the link is here.

And if you want to see a somewhat more lighthearted comparison between Europe and Slavdom:


  1. dude, I've avoided yoko types for 50 years...

  2. Thank you Didact for your in depth reply to my question. Much appreciated. In a funny coincidence I’m currently reading ‘Lost to the West: The forgotten Byzantine Empire that Rescued Western Civilization’ by Lars Brownworth. Well written if you or others are interested.

    1. Good tip. Once you're done with that, take a look at John Glubb's The Fate of Empires. There are actually (at least) two books by that name, one by Arthur John Hubbard. I've tried reading the second one, but it's a bit dense.

  3. Very good episode. I like the comparison to the West and the East. Especially when it comes to the invasion. I think we will have look at the differences of South Europe to Northern Europe sometime. The history of Sicily reminds me lot of the Eastern history of invasions but with only minor different of having Romans in its early, and not having mongols.


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