Didactic Mind, Ep 15: The Male Brain

It's podcast time again, and I am delighted to announce that this week's podcast features my very first special guest - none other than longtime reader and Friend of the Blog, Dawn Pine, aka The Male Brain. Dawn Pine is, as he describes himself, "a very happily divorced father of two teenaged daughters" living in Israel, whose excellent contributions to this very blog are seen every week in the Great Mondaydact Browser Crashes and elsewhere.

We discussed a very wide range of subjects:
  • The state of feminism in Israel;
  • Israeli history and social issues;
  • Relations with other nations within the region;
  • The current and future state of US-Israeli relations;
  • The nature of Israel's own "Deep State";
  • The Iron Dome defense system;
  • Israeli refinements to American weapons systems;
  • The threat of war with Iran and the fallout from the Soleimani assassination;
... and plenty more besides.

I very much enjoyed this interview. It does run a bit longer than my usual hour-long podcasts, but I would say it's well worth the listen. There are, unfortunately, some periodic gaps in the sound, but that is largely due to Skype being, well, Skype.

If ever there was a case study for why you should NOT turn working and serviceable software created by Western minds and hands over to Indians, that, right there, is the perfect example. And yes, Microsoft is basically an Indian company nowadays.

Anyway, here is the embedded interview from SoundCloud:

For those of you who prefer to listen on the SoundCloud website itself, the link is right here.

Please join me in thanking Dawn Pine for his time and valuable insights. I hope to have more of these interviews with readers over the coming weeks and months - partly because it means that I don't have to talk very much, and mostly because it's always refreshing to get a different point of view from others in this corner of teh innarwebz.


  1. It was my pleasure.
    First time being interviewed on a podcast.


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