The Forever War

In most civilised nations, eighteen years is the span of time required for a child to go from a squalling wailing helpless little blob, through to the wobbly walking and falling over stage, up to actual controlled movement and motion, onward into having a real distinct personality and character, then into the horrible rebellious teenage years, and finally into full-grown adulthood.

At eighteen years of age, a child is - presumably - old enough to work, drive, drink (at least, in most parts of the world that aren't the USA and don't have America's idiotic laws concerning booze), smoke, vote (God help us), marry, have children, own a house, and generally be functional human beings.

It has now been 18 years since mostly Saudi Muslims from the Al Qaeda Islamist organisation piloted jetliners directly into the World Trade Centre towers in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and were thwarted in their efforts by the passengers of United Flight 93.

In that time, literally an entire new generation of Americans has grown up knowing nothing but this strange new reality, where their government has arrogated to itself the right to listen to all of their phone calls, tap their phones directly, use their phone cameras without their knowledge, read all of their emails and electronic communications, and eavesdrop upon them without a warrant.

That generation of Americans has never known what it is like to go through an airport smoothly and without hassles from arrogant security agents who believe that they have a God-given right to pat them down, strip-search them, and even cavity-search them if they feel it necessary. Many of them have not experienced how crazy American airport security is relative to that in other countries with less actively stupid policies. Examples that come to mind are Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and - believe it or not - Russia.

This generation has never known a life without war.

America has been at war for all of the past 18 years, against one enemy or another. This is not the kind of war that previous generations fought, with a clearly defined enemy and a clearly visible set of outcomes - ending in either outright victory or utter defeat for America, with little if any continuum of events involved.

The "enemy" in this case is the nebulous, and frankly ridiculous, buzzword of "terrorism". As more than one commentator has remarked - I forget exactly where I read these words, so I will paraphrase them - declaring a "war on terror" is pretty much the same as if the US Pacific Fleet had declared war on Japanese dive-bombing tactics after the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941. It makes literally no sense whatsoever; the entire concept is tautological.

Since this blog and its writer are about seeking and spreading truths, let us speak the truth here.

The enemy was Islam. The enemy has always been Islam. The nations that follow Islam as a religion are America's enemies - and yet, Saudi Arabia, the very nation that birthed many of the men who flew those planes into the WTC towers, has never been punished for its role in the atrocity, nor has it ever had to suffer the consequences of its Wahhabi ideology at the business end of American laser-guided munitions.

The Ka'aba still stands. The great mosques of Mecca and Medina still stand. The supposed birthplace of their fictitious (as far as modern archaelogy can tell) "prophet" still stands.


The Saudis produce pretty much three things in abundance - oil, dates, and Islamic bullshit - and export all three to the rest of the world, with the first two subsidising entirely the dissemination of the third. They are not prevented from doing so, at all. In fact, a not insignificant percentage of that very same generation that grew up in the world created by 9/11 have been fooled and brainwashed into thinking that it was America that brought the attacks on itself, thanks in no small part to that very same Saudi-exported Islamist bullshit.

Did nearly 3,000 people die so that the generation that followed them could live in a world defined by endless war, brainwashing, and a total disconnect between action and reaction?

It is easy to wave the American flag and proclaim with teary eyes and quavering voices that America will "Never Forget" what happened on 9/11. We keep being told by our "betters" that we must not forget the lessons learned on that day.

I sure as hell haven't forgotten. I cannot say the same for most Americans - but I'm not sure they ever learned the lessons in the first place.

I remember exactly where I was that day. I remember what happened like it was yesterday. I remember walking downstairs in the house in Singapore where I lived at the time to see my parents sitting in the living room, transfixed to the TV, where either CNN or the BBC were showing live footage of the planes slamming into the towers.

I remember thinking that it had to be some kind of wacky action movie, and remarked something along those lines, commenting on how realistic the special effects were.

It was no movie. It was real. And all of us saw our lives change irreversibly that day.

I was but a teenager at the time. I came of age in a world defined by that event. And I have watched for 18 years as America has not only forgotten the lessons of 9/11, but has shown that it probably never learned them in the first place.

More years ago than he probably cares to remember, a certain retired Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Army wrote a book called Caliphate, in which he sketched out something of an alternate history. In that version of the 20 years or so following 9/11, America not only forgot the lessons of 9/11 completely, but bent over and let herself be raped by the very forces that allowed the forces of dar al Islam attack her in the first place.

In his book, four of America's greatest cities are hit by nuclear bombs detonated by Islamist suicide bombers. Instead of going to war with the true enemy, Islam, America's politicians and leaders desperately beg forgiveness for their own sins and seek "understanding" with the very Islamic world that tried so hard to destroy them.

In response, a new political party called Wake Up, America! is formed, reflecting the sheer inchoate rage of the heartland at the cowardly betrayal of everything that America holds dear. The Presidential candidate from this party wins the Presidency by a landslide a few years after the atrocity, and spends a couple of years very quietly laying the groundwork for a truly massive retaliatory strike.

Eventually, the signal is given and the missiles let fly. The most important cities and monuments of Islam are burned to ashes in terrible nuclear fire, and the United States of America is no more. In its place rises an empire, designed specifically to bring war straight to the part of the world that obeys the "prophet" - which now includes vast swathes of Europe, for that continent has failed to understand that the enemy that was once at the gates is now inside the walls and destroying the European nations from within.

LTC Kratman (who reads my work - and I feel really honoured and not a little amazed at the fact that I can write that) might have been a smidge off in terms of his timelines. But his "alternate history" is fast becoming reality in certain aspects.

He was, unfortunately, correct about America's inability to pick out its true enemy, despite the fact that this enemy has declared itself and its intentions repeatedly. Instead of slamming the door shut on Islamic immigration, deporting all Muslims currently in the USA, and making Mohammedanism a serious felony offence, America has encouraged ever greater numbers of Islamic immigrants to come into America and bring their poisonous religious ideology with them.

I ask again: did nearly 3,000 people die so that the generation that came after them could know a war without end, with no victory whatsoever, and with American defeat made more likely through the cravenness of politicians and the ignorance of the people?

When I sat down with my parents to watch the events of that horrible day unfold, my father turned to me and said, "Your mother and I had really hoped that we would be able to spare you from having to live in this kind of world".

I asked him what he meant. He said something along the lines of, "We never wanted our children to live in a world where there was no sense of safety - which is the world that will now exist because of these attacks".

He was not wrong about this. All of us who were teenagers at the time saw our entire lives change in the course of a single day. Everything that we had taken for granted about the world we lived in was immediately subjected to question. Everyone became paranoid and terrified, demanding protection at all times and insisting on subjecting everyone to arbitrary security measures that, on balance, did far more harm than good.

Nobody had the balls or the sense to say what was obvious from the start:

One specific group of people, from very precisely delineated parts of the world, believing in very particular things, was responsible for all of it.

And, for the most part, they were never held accountable for their beliefs. They still have not been.

This is folly. This is madness. This is exactly the right way to fight a war without end.

And so that war will continue, until the nation that was attacked on 9/11 simply ceases to exist de jure, as it already has de facto.

There was no "victory" after 9/11. There is only war without end, followed by the destruction of America itself.

Will Islam finally be held to account for its 1,500-year history of violence, oppression, slavery, terror, barbarity, backwardness, and anti-scientific nonsense? Perhaps. But you will have to look to a different generation to achieve these things.

The generation of the Forever War cannot do it, because they have no idea what it is they are supposed to fight.


  1. I think people believe that it was America who orchestrated the attack using Islamist because of the way the building fell. I always hear someone say 'My uncle who is engineer (or whatever) said blah blah blah...'. Upon hearing this it sounds very believable, but then again other experts who join in the subject will give contrary evidence. The best one so far was 'All the Jews were on leave that day' .

    I'm not discounting the deaths of the victims, but I do think that U.S politicians have greatly dishonored them by using 9/11 as an excuse to attack their own citizens. Ever since then you hear about periodic Islamic attacks that the FBI or some othe shady government branch knew about it but not done anything. It just looks as if the goverment allows those attacks to take advantage of every 'crisis'.

    1. I always hear someone say 'My uncle who is engineer (or whatever) said blah blah blah...'. Upon hearing this it sounds very believable, but then again other experts who join in the subject will give contrary evidence.

      There is an awful lot of that stuff going around. The 9/11 Commission Report apparently argues very strongly against the conspiracy theory that the buildings fell because of controlled detonations. I haven't read it so I don't really have strong views one way or another.

      I do think that U.S politicians have greatly dishonored them by using 9/11 as an excuse to attack their own citizens. Ever since then you hear about periodic Islamic attacks that the FBI or some othe shady government branch knew about it but not done anything. It just looks as if the goverment allows those attacks to take advantage of every 'crisis'.

      Absolutely. Governments always use crises to arrogate to themselves more powers and more authority than they should reasonably be given.

      The people who attacked America on 9/11 were Muslims - but instead of actually screening Muslims more thoroughly and preventing them from entering the USA and discouraging or even outright banning the spread of Mohammedanism, the US authorities decided to make life difficult for EVERYONE. Really brilliant idea, that...

    2. On the issue of how politicians and governments take advantage of people during crises - the late, great author Michael Crichton dealt with this in a very good novel called State of Fear, which tackled the whole issue of Anthropogenic Global Warming - sorry, "climate change" - and pointed out that it was just the latest in a long series of boogeymen designed to keep us scared and compliant. Well worth reading.


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