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I appeared as a guest on reader JohnC's podcast, which is now up and available to listen on SoundCloud here. JohnC has been reading my work for a while now, and as you will hear from the podcast itself, he is a former atheist turned Christian who started his journey back to God and the truth in much the same way that I did.

We worked out this collaboration after he read my post from a couple of weeks ago concerning the way in which the Lord uses us, broken tools though we are, to achieve ends that serve the truth. He was inspired by that post and read it out in full on his podcast last week. This week, you can listen to the two of us discussing a very wide range of topics, from libertarianism and its failings, to immigration, to culture, to faith, and many other things besides.

The full podcast is about 1.5hrs long - honestly, we could easily have talked all night (by JohnC's time, anyway - he is down under over in Oz) and probably not have run out of things to discuss.

Unfortunately the sound quality isn't great - the connection drops out from time to time, which is probably due in part to the distances involved, and there are numerous moments where you will hear cut-outs in the sound on my end. I can only apologise for that; hopefully the next podcast that I do will have better and clearer sound quality.

If you are not subscribed to the podcasts that I have already appeared on, then you are missing out on some great content and ideas from men who have taken some very hard knocks in life to turn themselves into strong, wise, humble, and resilient examples of manhood. Whether it be Kyle Trouble, Adam Piggott, or JohnC, give them a listen and glean their wisdom.

Many thanks indeed to JohnC for providing me with the opportunity to appear on his podcast. I really enjoyed the experience, and I hope that we will have a chance to do so again in the future. And I hope that you readers will also enjoy it and gain some wisdom from it.


  1. Eduardo the Magnificent30 September 2019 at 13:02

    Excellent podcast. You have the voice of a very intelligent man. Calm and reasoned, and more British than I expected. I suspect you'll do fine if you ever start your own.

    1. Thanks man, I appreciate that. I've been planning to start up my own podcast for a long time now; it's high time I delivered.


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