Friday T&A: Pho Metal Jacket Edition

Ah, Friday. The best working day of them all. Mind you, that's not a difficult choice - there are only 5 to choose from.

Yet another one of them is upon us, to be greeted with joy and revelry, of course - unless you are a Daemoncrat, in which case you'll be nursing an awful headache after watching those 10 loonies that you call "Presidential candidates" in that last clown car crash of a debate.

I didn't watch it, of course - I have standards, boys, no matter how tawdry these pages might become. But I did watch Mark Dice's summary of it, and I have to say that when Robert Francis Padraig McTavish Hamish  McGarrity Shamrocks Begorrah O'Rourke said, "Hell yeah, we're going to take away your AR-15s!", I knew that the Daemoncrats really have been mixing LSD into their sniffing glue.

That moron cannot possibly be from Texas, can he?!?

Well, apparently he is, and apparently he really, really, REALLY wants to lose the nomination for the Presidency. It should be quite hilarious to watch him do so.

At any rate, seeing as it is Friday and that does mean that it's time for an Instathot, here she is. Her name is Jenna Kaey, she is at least half Vietnamese, and she calls herself a "content creator, fashion blogger, foodie, and fitness model".

Translation from Thotinese to English: "Horny guys send me money to take my clothes off."

Happy Friday, gents. Eat, sleep, lift, shoot, drink, and get thy hindeth parts to church...eth. See y'all on Monday for the usual collection of awesomesauce.


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