A song to make ovaries explode

So there I was, cocking about on YouTube on a lazy day, listening to various metal songs, when I ended up clicking on this rather odd-looking thumbnail for a song by a band called HEIDEVOLK.

The name sounded vaguely familiar... Where had I heard that one before?...

Oh yeah, I remember now.

Back in the days when PaganFest used to be held at the Grammercy Theatre in NYC, I would occasionally buy tickets and drop in to watch various metal bands do their thing. I believe the first year that I went, that was when HEIDEVOLK were the headlining act.

Now, I didn't stick around that night long enough to see them play. I was there to see some other interesting bands, and I did - that was the night that I first came across ARKONA and ENSIFERUM, much to my delight, along with other various minor luminaries of the folk/prog scene.

But I didn't stay to watch the headliners.

Turns out, that might have been a bit of a mistake.

You see, HEIDEVOLK is the type of band that insists on playing full-blast folk metal, and singing only in their native language - well, with maybe one or two exceptions. And they do such a good job, in fact, that they have come up with some of the most epic and manly and badass metal songs ever recorded.

Like, say, this one.

I warn you now: if you listen to this, your muscles will grow muscles. If you are clean-shaven, you will spontaneously grow an epic beard. If you already have a beard, it will rapidly grow into a full bear-fur cloak.

And if you are a woman, you will be exposed to such a vast overdose of testosterone that... well, see the title of this post.

OK, I warned you. Listen on if you dare.

Woolly mammoths are f***ing METAL, dude. They just are.


  1. i have knowwn and loved this for years. glad to see it get wider play


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