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Mondays are a real bear, dude. And I say that as someone who is called a bear by my own parents and sister.

Fortunately, I have your usual hair-of-the-dog to help you get through this miserable day, in the form of links, videos, funny pics, a dog, some great metal choons, and of course a hot babe.

We start with a screed from Katie Hopkins telling it like it is about that ridiculous ISIS jihadi war-bride with little, if anything, by way of brains, and even less by way of common sense, who wants to come back to Britain in order to raise her family on the public dime:

Actually, if you've never seen Katie Hopkins at her acerbic, sharp-tongued best, you're missing out:


Our feel-good story for this week should have red-blooded Americans everywhere in very high spirits:

President Donald Trump hugged the flag on the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Saturday, marking his fifth overall appearance at the conference and his third as president.

Shortly before he began his more than two-hour speech on Saturday, Trump paused to hug the American flag on stage to the song “Proud to be an American” by Lee Greenwood. The speech was the longest ever CPAC speech and the longest speech given by a United States president at the conference.

Ladies, I'll give you a little hint.

If you're looking for a good man, find yourself one who will hug you like the God-Emperor hugged the American flag at CPAC:

cpac ct-trump-cpac-20190302-001

As for the gentlemen... you may be cool, but you'll never as cool as...


Sci-fi grandmaster and genius John C. Wright turned a feminist's lament about the missing Sensitive New Age Guys of the current age into a pile of shredded toilet paper with what can only be described as sadistic glee:

Ladies, you have been legally equal with men now for three generations or more, and by every metric one can measure, it has made you miserable, suicidal, infanticidal and crazy.

You see, because there a natural role for women that no mere decision of society can abridge nor undo: by and large, you are better at being mothers than being fathers, better at being queens than being kings. Woman naturally look to strong men for leadership.

If that embarrasses or wounds you, my dear ladies, then you should retire from the conversation and let the menfolk talk it out. When men talk to men, we can be blunt, because we know facts do not care about your feelings. But when the fairer sex is involved, a genteel regard for your more delicate nature often makes us reticent to speak bluntly.

This reticence, since the 80s has been fashioned as a one sided weapon to use against all men of good will, called Political Correctness. The theory is that tender young girls, and grown men as emotionally immature as tender young girls, cannot hear anything which would offend their gentle ears.

What is overlooked, of course, is that, like all social institutions, the art of genteel speech in front of ladies has a reciprocity, a price, a quid pro quo. The ladies must be ladies and not salty-tongued whores, not termagants, scolds, or nags; and certainly not baby-killing monsters, like some witch in a gingerbread house from a fairy tale.

Feminists are hypocrites root and branch. The kind of tough, sober-minded, serious woman who is the equal in mind and soul with a man is a conservative, and probably carries a gun to protect herself. She marries young, and comes a virgin to the marriage bed, and does not cohabitate with her “boyfriend” before marriage.

This is because such women — let us call them “ladies” as befits their noble character — are not fools, not self indulgence, and do not act on impulse. For a lady, the erotic impulse does not justify fornication, and fornication does not justify the need to kill the unborn to suit one’s own convenience, and likewise the need to kill the inconvenient life within, does not, for sober and noble ladies, justify turning to the government and asking Big Brother to rob taxpayers to pay for the red crime.

Also ladies, real ladies, are wise enough to know the truth about the mating dance and the role of masculine and feminine spirits in life not to need anything said aloud.

For those of you who have not decided yet whether to be a lady or a nasty girl, however, perhaps you can grit your teeth and bear the truth if it is said briefly: crazy women make make weak, and weak men make woman crazy. Woman want leadership from men, and if they cannot get it in private life, from a lord and husband, they will get it from Uncle Sam or Big Brother, someone strong to take care of them and avenge wrongs and slanders done them.

You see, because any feminist who was actually equal to men, equally emotionally, would never ask anyone aloud to help them find equality. Not one would go to Big Brother asking for equal gender pay laws — if you wanted a higher wage, you would go earn it.

So feminism is just a lie. It is the pretense that the relation between the sexes is a mutually exclusive power hierarchy, a master slave relationship, rather than a mutually beneficial complementary relation, each supplying the needs of the other.


Our beloved and dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) savages the myth of equality between the sexes and leaves a tiny little pile of shredded bones and bloody scraps behind him:

I particularly liked the moment about three-quarters of the way into the stream where Annabelle Whatsit made a silly claim about how happy she was to have her degree and career, or something along those lines, and His Voxness slapped her down with something approaching truly savage glee - followed by his asking the numerous women watching the stream whether they were happy being stay-at-home wives and mothers.

The flood of positive responses from the high-quality ladies listening to our Dark Lord was most gratifying to see.

The reality is that women have tasted of equality, and they absolutely hate it. Women DO NOT want to be equal to men. They want to submit to men. They want to be led by men. They want men who stand up for them, protect them, provide for them, fight for them, and treat them well.

However, there is a bargain involved here that most Western women have forgotten.

If women want those good things from men, they have to act in ways that are worthy of it. They need to be chaste, loyal, feminine, submissive, loving, and keep their own natures strongly in check. Women have a hidden desire to dominate and subvert that they must constantly fight against.

And most Western women these days don't do this. Which is why they delude themselves into believing that they are happy, when in reality they are loveless and alone, with nothing more than a long series of unfulfilling lovers and bad-boys to fill, very temporarily, the voids in their lives.


While we're on the subject of women demanding equality, let's have a look at what two genuinely feminine women, happily married with kids, have to say about women who act like men:


Oh my raging schadenboner:

One illegal invader gone - another, oh, I dunno, 20 MILLION to go.

Arrest the lot of them, and then throw them all out, dammit. There is NO justification for letting them stay in America. Send 'em right back to the shithole countries that they came from.


Our boy Razor does a superb job of tearing apart the entire Mueller-Cohen ball of yarn apart:


You can always count on Blonde to tell it to you straight when it comes to entitled WAMENZ and their crazy eyes:

I have to say that she has definitely hit the Wall a bit, if you compare her looks now to how she was in her earliest videos. But, on the plus side, she's married to a Marine (I think), she looks really happy and feminine, and she's genuinely interesting to listen to.


Here is a bit of old-school TOP GEAR to get you into the proper mood for this Monday morning:

Man, I miss that show... THE GRAND TOUR is brilliant, don't get me wrong, but somehow the old TOP GEAR series were simply unequaled in their sheer genius and over-the-top hilarity.


Pics from Power Line and other places:

One of my readers - you know who you are - is going to look at that one and just spew coffee all over his computer screen.

Yes, that's a real place.

Speaking of "immigrants" and "refugees" - credit for these next two go to my good buddy Last Redoubt:

90 Miles From Tyranny : Girls With Guns

Spurs Realm: Girls & Guns

Gallery: Girls With Guns: Best of 2014 - Girls With Guns


Dog of the week - the Dalmatian:


Lawrence Kenshin and the BJJ Trickster break down one of the classic "size vs skill" matches that helped cement the reputation of Brazilian cuddling among martial arts afficionados:

Now, as I've said many times before - I have a LOT of respect for BJJ. I regard it as a genuine combat art and have immense regard for its top practitioners.

But - is it relevant in a street fight?

Against ONE person, yes.

That is not the typical street fight.

Against multiple opponents, or worse, against opponents using weapons, BJJ gets you killed.


Gym idiots time, sadly. Watching these is a lot like watching a slow-motion train crash; somehow, you simply cannot look away:

Real men do real work with real good form. The end.


And now for some good old-fashioned gym beasting-out to wash away the poison:


Anyone who knows anything about muay thai knows about the impact that Dutch fighters like Rob Kaman, Andy Souwer, and of course Ramon Dekkers had on the sport. They brought in a much more punching-focused, stand-and-bang approach to the art that, initially at least, had the kick-focused traditional Thai fighters in all sorts of trouble until they adapted.

Ramon Dekkers was, and remains, a true legend of that Dutch style of kickboxing:


While we're on the subject of legendary Dutch kickboxers, here's a new highlight reel video of Rob "Mr. Low Kick" Kaman doing his thing, complete with great retro 80s soundtrack:



Right when I thought that IN FLAMES was getting back to being a great melodic death metal band with their track, "I Am Above", they released utter dreck like "This Is Our House" and "Burn" from their latest album. At least that latest track isn't too terrible. But overall, IN FLAMES has definitely declined a long way since Come Clarity.


And to round things off, here is this week's starting Instathot, via Romania (apparently). She reminds me a bit of a young Ellen Ripley from Alien, back in the days when Sigourney Weaver could actually act and wasn't just another howling-at-the-Moon liberal fruitcake (Lord, forgive me my redundancies):


  1. Didact,

    Great post about equality. I wrote some time ago at Vox's blog that deep down women don't like to work out of the house, They realize that it really is a man's world whereby it's exhausting, dangerous and tedious. Woman are strong but not in the same way as mens. Their strengths are multitasking and networking. They can still work from home as mompreneurs.
    Deep down women really know that they're happier and better off staying at home.
    Lord know guys do. Nothing worse than coming home to an irritable, worn out wife who bitches at you because you didn't take out the garbage or didn't leave the kitchen spic and span. Then begins the diatribe that never ends.
    I hope future generation repudiate the lies we've suffered from


    1. Nothing worse than coming home to an irritable, worn out wife who bitches at you because you didn't take out the garbage or didn't leave the kitchen spic and span. Then begins the diatribe that never ends.

      Yep. Cue DRAMA FROM HELL.

      Not for nothing is it written in Proverbs 21:9 to the effect that "It is better to live on a corner of the housetop than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife".

      And nothing makes a wife more quarrelsome than having to be "equal" with her husband. The two are just NOT equal, at all.


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