Monday morning hangover hitch

Monday usually feels a lot like this:

10 Surprising Facts About the Hindenburg Disaster ...

And there are good reasons for that. Yesterday was St. Paddy's Day, which is basically an excuse for girls to put on green shit and get drunk:

Girls Gone Too Wild: St. Patrick’s Day Edition [PHOTOS]

This Monday, in particular, feels even worse than most, because of what happened in New Zealand last week. I will probably comment on it at more length later, but for now, let's just say that things are getting really bad, really fast - and this is just the beginning.

Nonetheless, in the spirit of helping y'all get through the day, I've assembled your usual rather long collection of thought-provoking videos, funny pictures, hot girls, metal choons, bullshido and gym idiots, martial arts badasses and gym beasts, and so on and so forth.

Therefore, go and (try to) be productive, get over your hangovers, drink some coffee - NOT DECAF, let's just be clear, because that shit is just murky brown foul-tasting sadness water - and gird your loins for the coming week.


We start with a great video from Bill Whittle explaining why it is that so many of the current generation of young people are such utterly inept, uneducated, illiterate, innumerate morons:


PJW explains the common features of civilisational collapse, going all the way back to Rome and beyond. It's truly scary just how far gone Western civilisation has become, when compared with its predecessors. The collapse, when - not if - it comes, is going to be far worse than anything else that has come before it.


#BasedTucker, again:

Tucker Carlson is a true MAGA Shitlord. This is the guy that the God-Emperor should be watching, religiously. He truly has balls, and he doesn't care AT ALL what people think of him anymore.

This, despite the fact that he looks like a soft tubby preppy type who has never punched anyone in his life. And yet, he has a lovely wife and four beautiful kids. This is a man with real skin in the game - which is why he makes it perfectly clear that anyone who tries to screw with him, is going to get hammered.


Been looking at old-school TOP GEAR videos again - here is one of my personal favourites:


Our friend from Canada - America's effete gay wimpy cousin - by way of Ukraine has some interesting thoughts to add about mummy wine culture:


Owen Benjamin was on a roll for a few days until his channel got demonetised - and this video here shows you why:

His rant about Jews is also worth watching in full - Jews have some serious questions to answer here, and they don't appear to be doing a very good job of it:

It should be noted that the SJWs at Google, YouTube, the SPLC, the ADL, and various other places, hate him so much that they are literally willing to burn tens of thousands of dollars worth of revenue that the guy was bringing in, in order to kick him off their platform:

SJWs aren't stupid, but they are masochistic. This decision is going to end up hurting them very, very badly.


In case you wonder what it's like to study at a bad inner-city school...


If you have watched some of our beloved and dreaded Supreme Dark Lord's (PBUH) Darkstreams, you will know that he is extremely sceptical of the idea that "demographics is destiny", especially in the case of a country like China.


Because the Chinese government has the ability to force Chinese women to breed the next generation of Chinese:

And here's the thing:

I can totally see this happening.

You have to understand something. The Chinese overall actually LIKE their government.

Now, before you guys go yelling at me about how Communists always distort polls in their favour - yes, I KNOW that. I hate Commies and would be perfectly happy to line up every last one of them against a wall and shoot them.

Young people in China are deeply distrustful of their government, in general. Older folks, by contrast, generally trust their authority figures. I know all of that.

Here's the thing, though:

Despite how much the Chinese youth distrust their government on a number of issues, they do generally like the fact that the Chinese Communist Party actually cares about preserving the social fabric and culture of China, especially against foreign invaders and foreign cultures.

So if the Chinese government tells its people that they need to force their own women to breed, "for the good of the nation"... you can bet that it's going to happen to more or less thunderous acclaim.

Even, and especially, from many of their women - who are increasingly becoming "leftover women", particularly in the big cities.


I was footling around on teh innarwebz a couple of nights ago when I remembered a couple of hilarious web pages that I saw many years ago, concerning the top 10 most ridiculously stupid black metal pics of all time.

It was so successful and brilliant, in fact, that the guy who put the collection together came up with a sequel.

Here are my personal favourites from those two:

Immortal (Again)

IMMORTAL were just... I mean... seriously, dude.

Oh, but wait, it gets better (or worse, depending on your perspective):

For those of you who don't listen to metal - black metal is a particularly absurd form of pure noise.

Seriously. That's all it is. I can point you to some good examples of really great melodic black metal - MITHOTYN comes to mind, given that two-thirds of that band ended up creating one of the best power/traditional metal bands of all time, FALCONER - but overall, the black metal ethos is simply stupid.


To give you some idea of how silly black metal is, in fact, here is another ancient gem - the 101 Rules of Black Metal!!!

Back in high school I used to mention the "Sodomise a virgin whore" line just to wind people up. It was actually quite effective at doing precisely that...


Pics from Power Line and other places:


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Dog of the week is the Doberman Pinscher:

Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed Info - Quiet Corner


Gym idiots time - sorry gents:


And now it's time for a couple of gym beasts. We'll start with a girl, who is genuinely seriously strong:

This is why you should:

Squat Workout


Deadlift - Because somewhere, a girl is warming up with ...

Don't worry, though, we've got a proper silverback to round out this segment:

Now THAT is a proper squat, gentlemen!!!


And here's your martial arts mauling of the day - a truly legendary fight between Mirko "Cro Cop" and Ernesto Hoost, from back when they were both at their peak:




And finally we have this week's Instathot - who well and truly is a thot.

Her name is Charlotte Kirk, and she is a British actress and model who - shockerooney! - actually admits to sleeping her way into her breakthrough acting roles. She is very much a homewrecker, having probably broken up the marriage of Warner Bros. Chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara. And she had sex with him because, well, she liked him and he offered her movie roles in exchange for sex.

This chick is no PoundMeToo "victim". She is living proof that the casting couch exists, and that women use their bodies and sex to maximum possible advantage.

She may be a whore, but she is one of those rare honest whores, and for that, at least, she earns a modicum of my respect.


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