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Some enterprising wag has had a look at the past romantic history of a certain A-list Hollyweird actor by the name of Leonardo DiCaprio - you may be familiar with the name - and has graphed his love interests by age through time. The findings are rather amusing and actually quite interesting, it must be said, when viewed through a red-pill-tinted gaze:

This graph created by Reddit user TrustLittleBrother displays Leonardo DiCaprio, 44, and his former flings and proves that he hasn't dated a woman over the age of 25

The graph lists eight of his ex-girlfriends, and out of all of them, three were 25, the oldest age he's ever gone out with.

Those women were Israeli model Bar Refaeli, who he dated from 2005 to 2010, model Kelly Rohrbach, who he dated in 2015, and model Nina Agdal who he split from in 2017.

In between those women DiCaprio dated German model Toni Garrn from 2013 to 2014 when she was 20 and 21.

He also dated Victoria Secret Model Erin Heatherton in 2012 when she was 22.

In 1999 when he was 25 he dated his youngest girlfriend Gisele Bundchen when she was just around 18 at the time. The two dated for five years until they split in 2005. She'd go on to date Tom Brady in 2006 and marry him in 2009.

Other patterns in the telling chart reveals DiCaprio has a taste for blondes and models.

Other girlfriends on the list include Bar Refaeli, an Israeli supermodel who he dated from 2005 through 2011.

The two split and Refaeli went on to marry business man Adi Ezra in 2016 and they shared two children.

The Wolf On Wall Street actor also dated actress Blake Lively - straying from his track record with models. The pair dated for just give months in 2011.

The graph ends with the Titanic star's latest fling Camila Morrone, an Argentine model and actress who is also 21.

The two were first linked in December 2017 and as of February appeared to be going strong. They were spotted together arm in arm in West Hollywood just last month.

The first and most important aspect of standard game that is proven, before our eyes, is very obvious:

Dudes dig youth, beauty, and fertility. Chicks dig status, wealth, and power. The rest is purely commentary.

This is not, I hasten to add, my own original observation. That particular phrasing of it belongs entirely to Roissy/Heartiste/whatever he calls himself these days. And it is not in fact his original observation either. The precise origin is lost in the mists of long-lost antiquity, but it is a basic truth that philosophers and students of human nature have observed again and again.

The other side of that equation is proven by looking at how ol' Leo has evolved over the years, from fresh-faced naive-looking teen heartthrob to a rather paunchy, often slovenly, balding and bearded hipster-douchebag body double:

A naive observer unfamiliar with the tenets of game might complain that it is ridiculous that such a slob should be walking around with dime pieces on his arm. To this, those of us familiar with the basics of socio-sexual dynamics would respond with a snort of derision and advice to go read a few books - or at least to pull one's head out of one's fundament and see the truth of things.

Leonardo DiCaprio may well be an unlikable liberal douchebag and a colossal hypocrite of a Greenie (Lord, forgive me my redundancies, for I committed at least five in one sentence there - and that has to be some sort of record for me). That does not change the fact that he is an absolutely stone-cold Alpha male in the socio-sexual hierarchy.

All you have to do is look at a photo of him meeting another absolutely undisputed Alpha, the Neo-Tsar, Vladimir Putin, to understand the power dynamics at play between the two men:

This is a classic image that Roissy analysed years ago, showing two definite Alpha males sizing each other up and trying to figure out in their own heads who ranks higher.

And, actually, it's not that easy to assign top trumps to either of them. Seriously, the only comparison that is more difficult is that between Presidents Putin and Trump - the Neo-Tsar and the God-Emperor.

Basically, you know you're the shit when the President of the world's second or third ranked nuclear power calls you a real man.

The next interesting truth about men and women is revealed by looking at what happened to the women that Leo dated after they broke up with him and went their own ways.

We all know what happened to Gisele Bundchen: she went and married Tom Brady, either the most loved or hated quarterback (whatever that means) in American football history (whatever that means), and had two adorable sprogs with him.

Bar Refaeli ended up marrying an Israeli billionaire and has two children with him. She is a little over a month younger than me, and married her husband at the age of 29.

Bar Refaeli shares wedding photo with Adi Ezra - UPI.com

Blake Lively married Ryan "Deadpool" Reynolds and has had two daughters with him:

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds And Other Celebrity Couples Who Kept Their Weddings A Secret (PHOTOS ...

In all three cases, the pattern remains consistent. The women in question were and are all extraordinarily beautiful, talented, and high-quality ladies - Blake Lively is apparently a great cook and an excellent baker, which by all accounts is what attracted Mr. DiCaprio to her. (Well, that, and her excellent rack and superb figure.)

And all three women went and married, in the terms of our beloved and dreaded Supreme Dark Lord's (PBUH) Socio-Sexual Hierarchy, high Betas or low Alphas.

You only have to observe the body language and facial features of the men in those photos. They are not punching above their weight at all - the women in question are comfortably within their league, to be sure, in terms of looks and status and social circles. And indeed at least two out of those three men - Ryan Reynolds and Tom Brady - are highly sexually successful themselves.

I haven't done the analysis on the rest of Mr. DiCaprio's conquests, but I am confident that a similar pattern holds in the majority of the remaining cases. Every time, the women in question realised that they would never get the commitment and stability that they craved with Leo, and went hunting for easier game instead, and found it.

And, remarkably, many of those stories seem to have had happy results.

Mr. Brady's marriage to his missus has been stable for at least a decade. Mr. Reynolds seems to be blissfully happy with his lady. The jury is still out on Ms. Refaeli's relationship, but it seems to be going fine, and long may it stay that way, really.

This confirms another basic maxim of game: women always chase Alphas until they realise that they cannot get them, and then end up settling for Betas who can provide them with the stability and security that they crave.

Where things tend to go wrong is when those Betas are unable to keep their women sexually excited and uncertain. That is when boredom, bitterness, and anger sets in - and, unfortunately, most modern women, especially the really beautiful ones, seem to be unable to do a single damned thing about it.

It needs to be clearly understood that female discontent is NOT the man's problem to solve. If a woman is discontented in her marriage, absent any serious deficiencies in her man, who is correctly and properly fulfilling the role that the Lord Himself conferred upon him, then that is HER problem. It is HER job to rein in her dissatisfaction and find ways to fix herself.

If the man is doing his level best to provide for her, protect her, and love her, as it is commanded repeatedly in the Good Book, then she has nothing to complain about. Yet, complain she will. It is inevitable, a story that is literally as old as humanity itself.

No man can be responsible for the actions and heart of both himself and his wife. Not for nothing is it taught in Scripture that marriage requires the two to become one flesh. If one of those two is actively pulling away from that requirement, that oneness can never occur and discord and dissension is the inevitable, and tragic, end result.

Now, that is not to say that Leonardo DiCaprio's life is one that the rest of us should envy, by the way.

Every Alpha lady-killer reaches a point in his life where loneliness and deep dissatisfaction sets in, and where things start to go rather horribly wrong for him. Ironically, Leo himself played such a character in that Howard Hughes biopic from all those years ago, The Aviator. Howard Hughes was the classic case of an eccentric genius of an Alpha who lived for fast cars, fast planes, and fast women. And he died basically as a recluse, considered batshit insane by everyone around him.

A similarly high price is paid by most lone-wolf Alphas toward the end of their lives. There is a lot to be said in favour of chasing tail all of one's life - but there is far more to be said for the company, love, and warmth of one good woman.

And, though the price seems extremely high at first, the greatest joy in life is not the thrill of bedding a beautiful new woman every few months and wearing her out to the point where she is ruined for other men. No, the greatest joy in life is to fill such a woman with your seed (yes, I know, that sounds really weird, bear with me), and then watch new life form and grow within her belly, and then to see that life come into this world in a torrent of noise and blood and pain.

To watch that new life grow into its own unique person, with a unique soul and spirit - knowing that it is a union of your own body, soul, and spirit, and that of your wife.

To watch that child become a reflection of all that is both best and worst in you.

To watch that child go forth into the world as a fully-grown man or woman, carrying with him or her the values that you inculcated and passed on - just as your parents did with you.

This, my brothers, is the greatest and truest joy in life. It comes at a staggering price - but then, it must, for that which is best in life is never free, and cannot possibly be.

And that is the joy that unreconstructed Alphas like Leonardo DiCaprio will never know. They spend their time chasing after temporary pleasures of the flesh, not understanding that there is a greater purpose in life for a man than mere sensual and hedonistic pleasure-seeking.

That is their blessing, and also their curse.

Most men love the idea of being an Alpha male - but very few understand the real price that such men pay. If you want to be an Alpha in the sexual or social sense, then best of luck to you - and indeed you will benefit immensely from copying and internalising a number of Alpha traits.

Understand, though, that there is a price to pay for these things, and that you are likely not equipped to pay it when the time comes.


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