Rise of the machines

I have written several articles on the subject of sex robots and the impact that they will have upon male-female relations and power dynamics, over a span of five years. It is hard to believe that it has been that long - the time seems to have flown by - but when I first started writing on the subject, sexbot technology was very much in its infancy, and the contraptions that had been created up until that point were, to put it mildly, quite nightmarish.

Not any more.

I received these pictures from a woman that I know in Eastern Europe, who got them from one of her male friends:

And here, loosely translated, is the bumpf from the sales materials that go with the pictures - or so I'm told, I didn't go look this up myself:

These are pictures of a Swedish silicone doll.
Her skin texture is 99.8% similar to that of human skin.
She will last two years even if constantly and consistently used every day.
Fully adaptable to any position you want.
There are 100 sensors scattered throughout the body.
On her private parts there are 30 sensors.
Each sensor causes her to move in a certain way, in up to 20 positions.
When penetrated, she fakes a good orgasm.
She comes with a built-in sound in her throat and recognizes up to 16 commands that are exclusively personal, up to two metres from her ears.
When there is a pulsing from her private parts, she can present a complete orgasm.
In addition to all this, she gets wet with a light touch to any of the sensors.
Most importantly, it is protected by a voice password.

* Main characteristics: *
She has three orifices (vaginal, anal, oral).
She can move her head in any direction you choose.
She is fully customisable to your taste, so you can select the following:

She doesn't talk or nag.
She does not get fat.
She never has a period.
She does not fart.
She never goes shopping.
She can never get pregnant.
She has no mother.
She never has a headache.
She does not go to the hairdresser.
She doesn't watch soap operas.
She likes to watch something on TV.
She uses mobile data.
She never gets old.
She will never be jealous, even if you bring another woman home.
She won't grumble at you.
She doesn't care when you return home.
She will always greet you at home with open legs.

* She costs only 6000 dollars. *

Translation into plain and simple English:

Fairly realistic sex dolls that are within the financial reach of ordinary men, are already here, now, among us, and ready to cock rock.

Make no mistake, this is going to be a massive revolution in male-female sexual relations. I have consistently stated this for years, and will state it once again.

I will also state, once again, that this is not necessarily a good development for the Western world.

The reason why this development will be incredibly disruptive and destructive is straightforward. The single greatest power that women have over men is sex. Men take enormous risks of all kinds for the express purpose, whether consciously understood or not, to have sex with women. That is buried deep within our genes, hardwired through aeons of evolutionary pressures.

Women have so much power over men that most of them don't even fully understand how great it is. They hold such power over us that one of the best pickup artists around wrote perhaps the most pro-female book ever written in order to decode the secrets of attracting and seducing them.

And that is because women, and only women, have the capacity to conceive, carry, and give birth to children. Only women can offer men anything like a guaranteed option to continue our bloodlines and to ensure the survival of our genetic code - which is to say, that only women can provide us with the ability to achieve immortality of any kind.

The mechanism through which this is achieved is sex. The price that men pay for sex can be, and often is, considerable.

But what happens when women lose the exclusive ability to provide sex?

To be very honest, my predictions on this subject are probably worse than useless. When I first started writing about sexbots five years ago, I reckoned that it would take about 20 years for the price of a top-of-the-line sexbot to go from $10,000 for all of the (ahem) bells and whistles, down to about $1,000. Given that I wrote that in September of 2015, when those sexbots apparently cost about $10,000, and we're now down to at least somewhat realistic sexbots that are much more advanced and cost only about $6,000, obviously I was off by a huge margin.

Nonetheless, I stand by my prediction that this will result in the single greatest inversion of power between men and women ever witnessed in human history.

The term "hypergamy" gets chucked around rather too liberally by the spergy types who plague the PUA/game scene these days. Even so, its value as a a descriptive heuristic of how women think and act is immense. Put simply, women offer sex and loyalty to the highest-value male that they can attract.

Since men are attracted to youth, beauty, and fertility, and women are attracted to charisma, wealth, and power, it stands to reason that women will attempt to secure for themselves the best-value man that they can, given their natural genetic gifts, and will trade sex for material and emotional security.

Meanwhile, men will attempt to attract the highest value women that we can, and will trade material and emotional security for sex.

This approach works reasonably well - though not perfectly - when women are dependent on men for physical and financial security. That used to be the case for much of the existence of the civilised, Christian West.

Nowadays, though, given the overabundance of overeducated and overqualified working women in the West and other societies, women no longer need men to keep them financially secure. And since most such societies are safe, stable, and peaceful, they don't particularly need men to keep them from physical harm - well, so they would like to believe, anyway, until they end up setting fire to their own apartments by leaving the stove on for too long.

So the natural result is that, because of hypergamy, the vast majority of women end up seeking out a relatively small number of apex men - leaving the rest behind to wallow in miserably and involuntary celibacy, or forcing them to deal with the horrors of attempting to date and marry Western women.

That is the core principle behind the long-running Manosphere theme, "Alpha fux, Beta bux" - in which women actively seek out socio-sexually successful Alpha males for their sexual thrills, and then "settle" with lesser-ranked males for provisioning and security.

But what happens when a very large chunk of those lower-ranked males, from Omegas right up the way to lower-ranked Deltas, decide that they no longer have any interest in providing and provisioning for women who are simply not worth their time and effort anymore?

What happens when those men decide to spend their hard-earned money and time on a vastly more advanced form of pornography, that fulfills all of their most deeply held desires and has NONE of the drawbacks of a real-life woman?

The vast majority of women will then be caught between the jaws of a serious nutcracker.

The Alphas and higher Betas who are socially and sexually successful will have their pick of the best women - and they are already spoiled for choice as it is. They will have such an abundance of women practically throwing themselves at their feet that few of them will have the incentive, or desire, to commit to any one in particular - and if they do commit, they can do so in the reasonably sure knowledge that if it doesn't work out, they can jettison their current woman and find another one pretty easily.

As a result, relatively few women will be able to secure for themselves the "Alpha bux" type that so many of them want. Those few that do, will see their power radically diminished from what they expected.

But women will not be able to lower their expectations either - because women almost never do this. Women date and marry up, not down - though they can and do have meaningless sex with men beneath their station.

And those men with whom they could comfortably and easily marry and have families, now no longer want them. They are much happier with their sexbots.

That is a potentially catastrophic future.

The nuclear family is, and has always been, the essential building block of any successful civilisation. It does not matter whether we are talking about ancient Egypt, the Roman republic, the various Chinese empires and dynasties, or the entire span of Western civilisation - the single most powerful binding force, and the single most critical founding element, of all of them, was and remains the patriarchal family unit.

Marriage rates across the West are already in the shitter. An entire generation of men has grown up into a weird sort of perpetual adolescence, preferring to spend time on vidyagamesnpr0n instead of on acquiring real life skills and building up wealth. And three entire generations of women have been taught for fifty years to pursue material things and careers instead of husbands and families.

The introduction of sexbots into this already problematic environment will likely cause an already weakened and buckling society to collapse entirely.

Can this be stopped?

No. Previous experience with alcohol, drugs, prostitution, pornography, and gambling all indicate that banning sexbots is not only foolish, but unenforceable on a mass scale.

Should this be stopped?

Speaking just for myself, I am kind of on the fence about this. Yes, I see the severe moral dangers of sexbots, and I no longer believe, as I once did, that they would be a net benefit to Western civilisation. At the same time, I also believe that Western women will not shape up without a serious kick up the collective backside.

Since Western men and our institutions have so far proven weak and ineffectual at enforcing sensible patriarchal norms, endogeneous forces obviously will not be sufficient. A severe exogeneous shock is required.

And sexbots are that shock to the system.

Western women have absolutely NO IDEA just how bad things are about to get for them. Well, some of them do - which is why prostitutes have tried very hard to prevent sexbot brothels from opening in Europe and elsewhere. They are failing.

When - not if, but when - sexbots follow other once previously "fringe" and taboo ideas into the mainstream, watch what happens. Remember that internet dating was once considered the sole province of the weird and useless, the undateable dregs who could not get laid no matter how hard they tried - and look at what the culture is like today. That will give you some idea of the impact that sexbots will have on mainstream culture, within our own lifetimes.


  1. Wow. Only six bag? Imagine a high end escort once a week for a year. Roughly two monkeys a month, 12 bag a year. For only half of that, you get twice the value at minimum.

    Wonder if they're warrantied. "If she doesn't last two years, we replace at pro-rated cost."

  2. Also, just looked at their website. Base model for this particular one is $3100 Canadian.

    And that's when women truly were frightened/triggered.

  3. The Stepford Wives (1975) was a documentary. Huh. Who'd have thought it?

    1. I read the book, never watched either of the movies. Ad the thing is that the more that I look around at today's women - yes, even the more cosmopolitan Eastern European ones - the more that I think that The Stepford Wives was actually a brilliant subversive work meant to make us think that highly submissive, compliant, sexy, perfectly coiffed women are the best thing in the world.

  4. The guys who get lost in sexbots, in terms of alcoholics, vs those who may use them but can take it or leave it, or not use them at all, will be winnowed out, maybe.

    Alphas will still get chicks. Because.

    Women may have to step up their game for the beta bucks as fewer guys want to put up wit their shit. Maybe to the point of less alpha fucks?

    Even in the best world it can't help the birthrate any unless women really step up their shit.

  5. Good article but with one small error. The patriarchal nuclear family is the smallest possible stable family not necessarily the best.

    The reason its been pushed in lieu of the healthier extended family is the extended family has much less need of big business, big government or big religion .

    At times its a threat to all of these things and when you get a network of these families, you get clans and tribes which are the most stable human formation.

    However the stronger the clan the less powerful the centralizers are and with enough strong clans, you have a plurality of small states. This can lead to chaos although from a human needs perspective, its fairly optimal.

    In the end though so long a society holds out just as you said sex bots will accelerate the end of modernity. I figure they'll reduce the bastardy rate which is for whites 30% of all child birth. Upsides, more families are two parent, Downside up to 1/3 less families.

    White the overall TFR below replacement and declining the US will easily hit Poland level or lower.

    My guess is this will go on until it can't. This will be either when society can no longer support the complexity level required for these things or some kind of Right Wing Authoritarians take over

    I'd guess the former but by that time the US will resemble Brazil or on a long enough time frame 2219 will look more like 1819 than Star Trek and the majority of the population will be low tech freehold farmers

    This won't take long as the same tech will render a lot of jobs obsolete. That lack of ability to provide income enough for a family without impoverishing ones self is diminishing and its a huge chunk of the current fertility shortfall. No good stable jobs in modernity mean no babies

    The real nightmare is when young men decide they'll never be able to support a family and are to demoralized or too suppressed to eliminate the elite and decide to use the one that normally would go for family into that sex bot. A nice one might be leased for far less than the cost of a single child

    All that aside, a Cherry 2000 or the like especially one that could cook and was programmed to be actually pleasant and feminine would be superior to any modern woman in terms of company. Caveat of course for the religious

    How we deal with that no one knows. Maybe we don't and modernity comes to an end with a moan and a bang


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