Monday morning code compiling

Mondays just plain SUCK, man.

And this one, in particular, seriously sucks if you were once employed at Buzzfeed, Verizon's various media divisions, or Gannett, up until last Friday.

Of course, for the rest of us who don't hate Heritage America, the news that so many of them lost their jobs has had us practically choking on schadenfreude.

The previous week saw mass layoffs at A Failing Pile of Garbage Buzzfeed and The Puffington Host, and the responses to this fact on Twitter have been absolutely hysterical:

Just goes to show that the Lord has a very clearly defined sense of justice - and an extremely sharp sense of humour.

I've been laid off three times. I've suffered humiliation, misery, and psychological torment at the hands of employers who never gave the minutest quantum of a flying proverbial about me as a human being - they only cared about whether or not I was willing to be a good little corporate slave. And when they saw that I had rebellious impulses, even if I didn't often follow through with them, they got rid of me in the name of "cost-cutting".

So I learned. I adapted. I improved my skills. And, yes, I learned how to code. Got pretty good at it, in fact. I'm not yet a serious programmer, by any means, but I can code at least somewhat competently in... let's see... nine different languages - three strongly typed ones and six scripting ones, including one that is entirely proprietary to my previous employer.

As these useless wastes of blood and organs love to preach to Midwestern miners and factory workers who got laid off, it's not that hard to learn how to code. Seriously, it really isn't. So they jolly well can learn how to do it too.

As you can probably gather, I have less than zero sympathy for these enemies of the people, who spent years smugly and sanctimoniously preaching to Heritage America about their moral obligation to accept hordes of Dirt Worlders into their midst, and are now being replaced by those very same Brown Hordes.

Ironically enough, I was in the USA on the very same H-1B visa that is now being used to outsource media jobs to India and other places. For me, the schadenfreude is almost as tasty as a bloody ribeye steak with a good glass of well-aged Shiraz, topped with a heaping helping of AWESOMESAUCE.

To those whorenalists who lost their jobs recently: it's going to get a lot worse. Trust me on that. You spent years shitting all over ordinary Americans, and now you're experiencing the payback. Good riddance. Go to the Dirt World and see how much you like it there; after all, you spent so long telling ordinary Americans that they should die out and let themselves be replaced.


Here is a rather thought-provoking TEDx talk from somebody named Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, who has some very interesting points to make about how science has become a secular religion full of its own (incorrect) dogmas:

Now, I do not watch TED talks, partly because I don't have the time or inclination, partly because most of them are not that interesting, and MOSTLY because pretty much all of them follow the exact template laid out in this video.

But that was a genuinely good TED talk, not least because Dr. Sheldrake ignored virtually every single trope outlined in that parody video (except for that rather irritating gesture where people put their hands together at the fingertips). There is plenty of good stuff in that presentation, some of which might be pure wingnuttery, and some of which is definitely true - like the stuff about how the speed of light has changed over time.

Indeed, apparently it was so good that the leaders of the TED organisation straight-up BizANNED it and disavowed its content.

So, basically, they acted exactly like the religious zealots that Dr. Sheldrake was criticising.

Once you embrace faith and understand that true faith is not actually Man's quest for God, but is in fact God's quest for Man, it becomes much easier to understand also that science is not some sort of magic wand for helping us to understand the world.

What we understand as "science" is actually four different and distinct things under one label.

There is scientage, the body of transparently available scientific knowledge. There is scientody, the actual scientific method. And then there is scientistry, which is what SCIENTISTS!!! learn to do at universities.

On top of all of that, there is scientism, or sciensophy, if you want to get fancy. And that is a worldview that says EVERYTHING can be explained through science - by which the wizards behind the idea really mean, "everything that we learn to do at university".

Scientism is not scientific. It is a religious belief that lacks any sort of validity or foundation, because it rejects God and a Creator in favour of a foundationless temple that elevates a great deal of unsupportable dogma to heights that even the most supposedly rabid Christian zealots never dreamed up.


Sex and the City-style decadence and stupidity comes to India via a show called Four More Thots Shots Please:

Ugh. Imagine HBO's Girls, but with even less attractive women from India and really ugly accents. That tattooed biker - er, I mean, bisexual - in particular just screams "Herpegonosyphilaids With Legs".

There are a lot of things to like and admire about America. Your television, produced by the progressive "elites" on the Left and East Coasts, is not one of those things. That trailer just proves that exporting American-style sexual immorality and feminist lunacy is a great way to corrupt other cultures quickly.

To be clear, I am not defending Indian culture here either. There is a lot to thoroughly dislike about Indian attitudes toward women, marriage, and sex, especially from a Christian perspective. But when you merge the worst of America with the worst of India, the result is truly revolting.


This week in "Talking to Stupid People on the Streets":


On the subject of stupidity - here's PJW talking about how shitty modern art still is:

The level of sheer STUPID involved there is so great that I am amazed that PJW's brain is still intact.


I know that I wrote last week that the Chinese military is genuinely dangerous to the American one, but in the interests of being unfair, unbalanced, and thoroughly unmedicated, here is a little something to offset that:


Related - your long highly informative documentary of the week, which will give you considerable insights into the quite weird and Byzantine intrigues of the Chinese Communist Party and its brutal grip on power:

As thoroughly forked-up as America is these days - what with the recent cave by the God-Emperor, who is looking less Imperial by the day now, over the shutdown, which gave the Daemoncrats pretty much everything they wanted and made him look incredibly stupid and weak as a result - just remember, things could always be worse.

After all, you might be living in China, where the prevailing mood of what is and is not appropriate changes on the whims of a tiny, unaccountable, supposedly "enlightened" clique of "benevolent" rulers.

Come to think of it... that's what Commiefornia and much of the East Coast is going to look like within a decade, if the social justice warriors get their way...


The TOP GEAR wazzocks doing what they do best:


Related - the gorgeous, amazing, stunning, magnificent [3,000-word superlative-laden screed deleted for sake of brevity] E-Type Jaguar:


Our favourite MMA coach looks at a "traditionalist modern martial art" called taido:


When in doubt, remember, boys - Jesus loves knockouts!!!

Okay, that is undoubtedly mildly blasphemous, given what the Big JC said about loving your enemies and turning the other cheek, etc., so I hope you will forgive me for that. But you have to admit, it's a great line.


There is an MMA fighter and coach in China called Xu Xiaodong, who has made something of a name for himself in the country by challenging wushu and kung fu "masters" to ring fights in an effort to prove that traditional martial arts are full of crap.

His latest victim was a 56-year-old kung fu master named Tien Ye (who looks a bit like the title character from Kung Fu Panda, if we're honest).

That went about how you might expect, really:

Oof. That fight was uglier than watching a rhinoceros give birth. And, by the way, with that ridiculous... thing on his nose to stop all the bleeding, Master Tien actually looked like a rhinoceros by the end of the first round.

This simply proves what real mixed martial artists and street fighters have been saying for years: you fight worse than you train, and if you train in a traditional martial art, you will not be prepared in any way for the realities of combat under pressure, in a ring or a cage.


Our beloved and dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) talks with the Big Bear in one of his best ever Darkstreams:


Jeff from ATHLEAN-X has hit upon an absolutely INGENIOUS diet plan that is 100% effective for everyone:

Damn, that was funny.


Pictures from Power Line and other places:


Dog of the week - the Saarloos Wolfhound:


Gym idiots time - sorry boys:


And now for a gym beast to help you get over that horror:


Plus, here is a true martial arts legend - Rob Kaman, one of the greatest kickboxers who ever stalked the ring:

He was known as "Mr. Low-Kick", because that was exactly how he setup his most devastating combos. He would punch you twice in the face, and then smash his shin into your leg like a baseball bat. And if you tried to defend the kick on one side, he would simply smash his other shin into your undefended leg.

In that fight with Marek Piotrowski, he busted his right lower shin open on the Polish guy's leg and it started bleeding. His corner taped it up with something resembling cotton wool, but Rob Kaman decided to keep hitting his opponent with his bleeding leg.

That's how dedicated he was to the art of crippling his opponents - he would literally beat them half to death with his own bloody limbs.




This week's Instathot really IS a thot. Her name is Oksana Voevodina, and if her name is at all familiar, it is because she is a Russian beauty queen, aged just 25, who won the Miss Moscow title at the age of about 22 - and who recently seriously traded up and married the king of the Malaysian kingdom of Kelantan - aged 49.

Yeah. She converted to Islam (excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor after collapsing from laughter), because that would allow her to marry a really-for-real Western-edumacated king (of a kind of piffling state, as it happens) of a state where they accept gold and silver as official currency.

And then she managed to get herself knocked up by the former king, who had to abdicate both the throne of Kelantan and the rotating monarchy of Malaysia itself (long story).

If there has ever been a better case study in hypergamy and the fact that men are rational while women rationalise, I would love to see it. You know where to stick 'em.

Anyway, Ms. Voevodina and her new husband apparently have been getting into frequent rows, which doesn't surprise me too much. Slavic women have this saying among themselves, where they want to treat their men like kings - but they expect to be treated in return like queens. And some of them are worth it, make no mistake. But too many of them are extremely strong-willed and demanding, and that is where they run into serious problems.

Let that be a lesson to you, boys: if you marry a really beautiful Eastern European woman, you'd damned well better keep your frame rock-solid and refuse to back down before her crazy moments, because she ABSOLUTELY WILL HAVE THEM. (Speaking from experience here, trust me on this one.)

That should not stop us from observing and appreciating her flagrant hotness, of course:

Good on You King! Randy Bastard!!! - STEADYAKU47 ...

Former Miss Moscow who married Malaysian king has ...

Former Miss Moscow who married Malaysian king has ...

Титул «Мисс Москва» завоевала студентка РЭУ Плеханова ...

"Saya Tak Tahu, Tiada Pengesahan Rasmi" - Tun Mahathir ...

Malaysian king and new wife has travelled to German ...

Malaysian news portal said that the former beauty queen converted to Islam on April 16, 2018

Reports in Kuala Lumpar say she will be known in future as Rihana Oxana Gorbatenko

Russian beauty queen marries Malaysia's Sultan Muhammad V ...


  1. Didact,

    Don't forget if you can't code you can always deliver!

    Walmart is desperately looking fopr truck drivers and paying up to 90 000$
    I dunno about them but I'd certainly take the job. Better yet it'd be awesome: write about flyover country on the road while delivering stuff all over the country.
    Imagine doing a youtube broadcast while driving and then doing vingettes about each town you stop at. Or blogging or whatever other reporting form you can combine

    It certainly would open the coastal eyes at the decencyof the deplorables and how the interior is pretty OK.


    1. You know, done anonymously, reporting on the state of American from an 18 wheeler could be a lot of fun.

  2. It's not over for cuck news unfortunately. They are still backed by billionaires parasites, so there is still some way to go.

    Economists keep talking about the 'everything bubble', but there is no mention of thot 'inflation' and it doesn't look like that bubble is going to burst soon.

    The Blind Guardian singer sounds like he is singing about heroes' tales every time I hear him. Never mind the lyrics. It's just that he has that kind of voice. He needs to do a collaboration with Buckethead.

    1. Thots will always be in demand, no matter what. Even in a slow economy, there are some things that people just will not cut back on.

      Hansi Kursch has an amazing voice. I've seen BLIND GUARDIAN play live twice (I think), and each time they just blew the roof off the place.


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