Friday T&A: El Matador Edition

Friday has rolled around once more, as we bid farewell to the dying days of autumn, and brace ourselves for winter. And if the latest actual mathematical modeling from people who know what they're doing is any indication, we had better start getting used to some very harsh winters, because it appears as though we are headed straight for a new Grand Solar Minimum.

In the meantime, though, I have yet another superb entry for all of my Loyal Longtime Readers in this most beloved and eagerly anticipated series on my blog. Her name is Clara Alonso, and she is a bona fide globally recognised model from Spain.

Yeah, I've been branching out a bit of late. The globalists keep telling us that MUH DIVERSITY!!! is a Good Thing, so I figure I might as well test out that proposition. Based on the evidence, at least as shown in the Friday T&A series, very small amounts of the very best people are definitely a Good Thing.

Then again, that's probably "selection bias" at work.

At any rate, it's Friday, and nobody is in the mood to talk about highfalutin statistical terms. Enjoy the weekend, relax a bit, try to stay warm, and spend some good times with friends and family.


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