The post-election shitlord schadenboner

Not that anyone really cares, but... what did the ol' Didact think upon learning that the Republicans had lost control of the House of Representatives, but kept the Senate and improved upon their majority?

"Bummer. Oh well, looks like that 'Blue Wave' was not much more than a ripple after all - pretty much as I, and most everyone else I listen to, predicted. Now WHY THE !@#$ WON'T THIS ПИЗДЕЦ OF A JAVA PROGRAM COMPILE AND RUN?!?!?"

OK, I'm being slightly facetious - but not by much. The reality is that the Left and the Right have fundamentally different ways of looking at politics.

The Left regards everything as political these days. To them, a political defeat is a personal insult of the worst kind, and they only have one way to respond to such insults - by promptly and completely losing their shit.

Witness the mature and dignified responses of the professional whorenalists and chattering classes after yesterday's Blue Ripple:

As for my thoughts about what could happen now that the House is in Daemoncrat hands, and the Senate stays firmly Republican:

First, the Daemoncrats are obviously completely bug-shit monkeys-flinging-poop crazy.

That much is very clear. They are putting their biggest nutcases in charge of all of their main committees. Jerry Nadler is probably going to be the next House Judiciary Committee Chairman, and he wants to impeach Justice Kavanaugh and investigate the God-Emperor. Mad Maxine Waters will likely become the head of the House Financial Services Committee. Skeletor Nancy Pelosi is going to be the Speaker (again), and she says that she will someday step down in favour of Bug-Eyes Adam Schiff.

These Daemoncrats want to impeach the President, destroy his Administration, throw open the borders, tax the hell out of the productive sectors of the economy, and reverse all of the positive gains over the last two years - all in the name of raw, naked political power.

They have spent truly jaw-dropping amounts of money in various races around the country - and yet most of the candidates that their biggest luminaries supported, lost.

And what did all of that hype, all of that money-raising, all of that hysteria, all of that campaigning, and all of that yelling and screaming, get the Daemoncrats?

A tie.

A dead heat.

The Daemoncrats - which is to say, the Left, since they are synonymous now - can start impeachment proceedings, which they almost certainly will. They can, and will, block every one of the God-Emperor's fiscal priorities - which means that the BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL!!! is dead, for now. (To be fair, it never had much of a chance with the Republicans in charge either. There are few things more despicable and cowardly than a RINO.)

Those two things alone are a huge problem for the God-Emperor, because when - not if he is impeached by the House, his political credibility will take a huge hit. And his signature promise from his campaign was, of course, to build a big southern border wall, but to do this, he needs to secure funds from Congress, and that means that his budget has to pass through the House, which it was never going to do even with the spineless and watery-kneed Republicans in charge.

And yet... the Left has not really won anything, and they know it.

They will impeach President Trump, but their impeachment will fail in the Senate.

They will impeach Justice Kavanaugh, but again, they will fail in the Senate - and that will be a monumentally dumb idea, because it was their appalling treatment of then-Judge Kavanaugh that lost them several Senate seats.

They will launch a flurry of subpoenas and investigations to cripple the ability of the President to get anything done, but they cannot stop him from fundamentally altering the courts of the country and putting conservative judges in every available vacancy - and that, really, is where the important stuff happens these days, given the lengths of their tenure and the power that they wield through the judiciary.

And the civil war that is tearing the Daemoncrats apart is only going to get worse. There basically are no more moderate Democrats left, at all. The pro-business sort-of-sane wing of the party is being overwhelmed and subsumed by the radical Leftist wingnuts, and this is only going to get worse in the days ahead.

This gives the God-Emperor plenty of ammunition for his re-election bid in 2020. All he has to do is point out how crazy - or, rather, how much crazier - the Left has become, tell the American people that he needs their help to break through the gridlock and get things done, and not do anything overly stupid.

This may be something of a tall ask for someone as flamboyant and hot-tempered as President Trump, but we shall see. One characteristic that defines this President is his amazing ability to learn quickly from his mistakes.

Overall, there is no question or doubt that the election results from last night represent a mild-to-moderate setback for the Right.

However, as the ever delightful and insightful Ann Coulter points out in her always delicate manner, this is not a particularly big deal.

As Ms. Coulter states clearly: the Daemoncrats picked up less than 40 seats, they have a slimmer majority than the one that the Republicans just lost, they benefited immensely from having more than 40 wobbly Republican House members retire, and we now have a pack of complete and utter goddamn lunatics running the lower legislative body that the God-Emperor can hammer relentlessly for obstructionism and partisanship before his re-election bid in 2020.

This loss was largely inevitable; this is just what happens in the middle of a President's term, and that should not worry or dishearten us much. The God-Emperor is still in power, and his executive priorities remain the same. He is still capable of doing his job as Commander-in-Chief, he now wields almost complete control over the appointment of judges and the ability to have treaties advantageous to the United States ratified, and he is immune to removal from office.

All things considered, he is still in a pretty good position - though unquestionably weaker than he was before. And he could never really count much on strong Republican support in the House to begin with.

I am a realist. I am not trying to put an overly positive spin on anything. I am not happy at the fact that the God-Emperor lost the House, but nor am I particularly surprised.

And it is very clear that the much-hyped "Blue Wave" that the (((media))) had been ramming down our throats, was nonsense.

Indeed, the best method we have of figuring out whether the God-Emperor took a serious blow to his power and credibility, is to look at what his opponents are saying. And even they admit that the Blue Wave, which was supposed to drown President Trump's achievements and credibility in a flood of voter repudiation and "good sense", was almost a complete fizzle.

Even the most pathetic of the mainstream whorenalist outlets admitted that, within hours of the results coming through.

Even the most cucked of the presstitutes have been forced to conclude that the God-Emperor's bid for re-election in 2020 is actually in a stronger position than it was before the midterms. The Left has not one sane voice, not one breakout superstar (other than Alexandria Whatsername, the socialist nutbag from New York), and not one sensible idea between the lot of them.

Yelling, screaming, and throwing temper tantrums is not really an electoral platform, and even the worst of the idiots in the mainstream (((media))) concede this now.

Delivering peace, prosperity, security, freedom, and a return to basic Constitutional values in a majority-White nation that believes in itself, is a proven and winning approach that the electorate likes and appreciates.

Guess who is doing the latter? Yep - the Chaddest of Chads who ever did Chad into the public spotlight, the Lion of Midnight, the God-Emperor of Mankind: Donaldus Triumphus Magnus himself.

I do like that picture...

And what does all of this mean for the Hard Right?

In the short term, it means that we pause, evaluate, learn some lessons - and then go hunting or fishing or lift heavy shit or spend time with loved ones.

That's the nice thing about being a right-wing nutjob, after all. We actually try to enjoy life while we can, because we know that it is fleeting.

In the long term, it means that the war carries on. No matter what happened yesterday, the fact is that the war for the West has not stopped. We will not win or lose it based on the outcome of a single election or President. We will certainly lose it if we do not show up to fight it, though.

Make no mistake: there WILL be war. There is no "American" nation anymore. That concept is dead. The spirit of America lives on and endures in the hearts and souls of the descendants of those who founded the original country, but the actual nation itself is nothing more than the rotting corpse of a dead multi-ethnic, multinational empire. And empires always break apart eventually.

The very best outcome that we can hope for is for a more-or-less peaceful breakup of the former USA into anywhere from two to four different new countries. The Left will own the urban centres and the coasts, and will likely promptly try to turn those areas into socialist paradises - with the inevitably horrible results.

As for the heartland, that will probably endure, though at a terribly high price. White America will have to figure out how to band together and fight for a core identity and country - which is something that whites are notoriously bad at doing without centralised direction, given how individualistic and independent they tend to be. The last time that they did it successfully was in WWII; since then, they have had a rather poor record of curb-stomping their enemies, mostly because they have bent over backwards to show how nice and tolerant they are.

Following on from those comments, it must be noted that some of the most based and sensible realtalk concerning the results of the elections came from - not surprisingly - Tucker Carlson, who is rapidly moving from the squishy flavourless decaffeinated Alt-Lite to the full-blown howling-at-the-moon explosive quadruple-espresso Hard Right:

We shall see what happens. In the meantime, do not be particularly downtrodden or disheartened. This was not a particularly bad outcome, and the God-Emperor was correct to declare a form of victory over his opponents. The fact is that Trumpism as a governing philosophy works. Pretty much all of the God-Emperor's favoured candidates won, his agenda is still chugging along - though significantly slowed down - and his policy of #WINNING!!! is still very much in place.

And now, with all of the political commentary out of the way, I plan to get back to some slightly more philosophical and non-political posts over the coming days and weeks. I've had a belly-full of politics, enough for quite some time, and I hope to be able to spend some good time writing about other things for a bit.

So, to round things off, here are pictures and a few pin-up girls to keep you happy until Friday. Ya needy bastards...

And, to round things off, a beautiful photo of a certain Melania Knauss from back in her modeling days:

Crikey. No wonder the God-Emperor has such vim and vigour, even in his early seventies. He's married to, and gets to tap, a woman who used to look like THAT, and is still very beautiful in her late forties. There must be something about banging hot Eastern European women that acts as a magic age-defying elixir of some kind...


  1. There appears to be a subtlety to the dem's seat flipping winners that is being lost. A lot of them won/flipped a seat because they are not rapid lefties. In other words, the center of mass of the Democratic Party, Occasional-Cortex notwithstanding, has moved a little bit right.

    1. Perhaps - but one thing that we have seen consistently is that even moderate Democrats vote in a bloc for their party's nuttiest policies and ideas. Joe Manchin was one of the few exceptions. The Democrat Party is in the midst of a pretty bloody civil war, and it looks like the nutbags are winning.

    2. I think this was more of a statement to nevertrumpers by the voters that if they don't get on the trump train in 2020, they won't get elected.


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